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Saturday, September 30, 2017

How many times has Pope Francis trolled this video?

Francis, looking for new talent
I've had a great time sitting here sipping coffee and thinking of captions for the video below. Here are some:

"Pope Francis trolls YouTube looking for his next Cardinal appointee."

"Sorry, Francis. He cannot be a new Cardinal. He's already in jail."

"Pope thinking: Fraudulent tax return?! I've found Libero Milone's replacement as the Vatican Bank Auditor!"

But some of the comments by Muslims are more interesting:

"Love Islam, the true religion. Spread Islam - the peace religion."

"I hope all unbelievers find their way to Islam, InShaAllah."

"How dare he! Calling his mother kafir! Allah knows her heart." 

"Remember Rohingyas in your duas, brothers and sisters. " [How did Rohingyas get into this?]

"The strong Muslims in Burma are holding onto their deen and Western Muslims complain it's too hard and leave their religion." [Another comment about Burma - which is Myanmar - and reference to Rohingyas]

"Support Burma. O Allah, support our brothers and sisters in Burma as well as all Muslims of the world." [Myanmar and Rohingyas again.]

Grab your hankies and be prepared for an emotional experience, because as we know, Islam is all about emotion and not rational thought and reason. Here is Marcus Dwayne Robertson aka Abu Taubah at his best.

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