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Sunday, September 3, 2017

The Left is No Longer Liberal

Dave Rubin, a gay "married" classic liberal,
speaks out against the Regressive Left
Below is an interesting 8 minute video from liberal Dave Rubin talking about today's Modern Left, defined as the Regressive Left, which include those idiots dressed in black (Antifa not ISIS). He defines the Regressive Left's thought movement for us in clear language.

"It's a backward ideology which puts groups before people."

"The only thing that can replace the regressive descent of the Left is a return to true liberalism - a liberalism which defends free speech and expression, a liberalism that is for liberty and rights of the individual, and most importantly a liberalism that is for human liberty."

"The Regressive Left uses violence as a tactic."

"The regressive/control/illiberal left is a group of people who place identity, usually based on immutable characteristics in a pecking order of social importance such as race, gender and religion where victimhood is the highest virtue to be had."

"This oppression olympics allows groups to compete for who is most oppressed, thus the most virtuous."

"If someone isn't as oppressed as you, then you have full authority to oppress them accordingly."

"Therefore Black Lives Matter can protest a gay rights march in Toronto, white gay men can be banned from leading LGBT organizations, pro-life women can be kicked out of women's rights marches."

"This puts the collective ahead of the individual."

"All minority groups must behave as monoliths, so if you're a true individual - if you don't subscribe to group-think - you must be cast out."

"The individual must be sacrificed at the altar of the collective."

"The Left loves diversity in skin color, just not diversity in thought."

"The left would rather silence and dismiss their opponents rather than engage them in an honest way."

"The new center, filled with liberals, conservatives, libertarians and others is rapidly growing."


Anonymous said...

For his own sake and his friends, Ruben needs to stop practicing sodomy, and that is what so-called same-sex marriage is all about. One does not damage the body of someone one loves. If they are just friends than wills and other documents can be drawn up, without so-called marriage, to leave ones property, etc., to whoever one wants.

Anonymous said...

I might have misspelled David Rubin's last name in my previous post.