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Friday, September 8, 2017

New Group Launches to Defend the Faith!

Well it's the laity's job to defend the faith as well as the clergy, and who better to take it on in the local market place than you and me? Visit Serviam's website here.

New Catholic group: The Church is being abused and ‘we are stepping in to defend her’

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TLM said...

Yes, I left my info for them to update me. We somehow have to 'organize' in order to defend the Church. As I saw another blogger say: "The Devil now has the Church in a choke hold." Obviously true. Now there is a new 'Motu Proprio' on diversifying the Mass translations, according to what each 'region' wants, which possibly could affect ordinations and sacraments, you name it. The dust hasn't settled yet, and it has been posted on the Vatican website, but not translated into English. (as of right now) Fr. Z first broke the news, I believe, but it's now on Rorate and other sites. Yes, indeed, Satan is having a 'field day.'