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Friday, February 21, 2020

If Anyone Wants to Slog Through the Financial Audit in the Wheeling-Charleston Diocese.......

St. Joseph Cathedral, Wheeling, WV
Go for it.... The independent Audit Report for 2019 is out.

Please pray for this poor diocese. Breaking trust results in serious repercussions that have a long life.

May those who've left the Church because of the scandals, return. May those whose faith is weakened, persevere and grow in faith.

And may those who have always hated the Church and use this as an excuse to hate her even more, be converted by the holy witness of serious Catholics who remain faithful through every storm!


  1. A real eye opener...........


  2. The sickness runs deep

  3. Dear Mary Ann. You can publish this or not but you should have susan take a look at this

  4. Maryann, many of my friends including priests ,who seem to have left the church, in reality have not. Nor do they hate they hate the Church. Rather, they are disgusted with the enemies within. They are angry with the lies , the coverup of child and seminarian abusers and ,whether you can believe this or not ,they live in areas in which they simply cannot find a solid priest , Bishop or reverent Mass.
    There are far too many sodomites in the Ministry.No one wants their children to go to them to Confession !
    FYI, they are known to say some very filthy things to children. We had two of them in where we used to live. One abused prepubescent girls. In the other parish every family who had children exited and the former pastor told me why. The one perverted pastor erected a headstone dedicated to the aborted babies . He was pro life ! NOT!!!! Because he attempted to murder the innocent little souls who came to him for Confession.
    It REALLY is THAT bad !
    So please do not paint all non observing Catholics with the same broad brush because we all cannot travel great distances and to other states like VA where others may have a decent parish.We suffer patiently awaiting a miracle.

    1. Yep. When the shepherds are false and leading to death. You go your own way to survive.