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Saturday, February 22, 2020

Islam Produces a Darkened Intellect

L - Islamic Intellect; R - Christian Intellect
Belief in Islam produces a darkened intellect. Islam does not reveal God and His infinite perfection. Christians “honor God by faith, which is of the mind, by hope, which is of the will, by love, which is of the heart; and thus the whole man is subjected to the Supreme Maker and Ruler of all things.” – Saint Pius X.
But Islam is the opposite because Allah is not God, the Maker and Ruler of all things. Allah is Satan, the Liar and Destroyer of all things, therefore Islam honors Lucifer by faith (in evil) which darkens the mind, by despair which leads the will to commit rash actions, by hatred which leads the heart to destruction of Truth, beauty and goodness.
Therefore a person inspired by Lucifer’s Islamic religion and taking up a knife and slitting another person’s throat or beheading journalists, raping children, pillaging, and destroying are all par for the course. They are all actions which are natural consequence of love of evil, death and destruction. 


  1. Excellent observations.

    I especially appreciate the discussion of how the Holy Virtues are inverted in Satan’s religion. It ties into the fruits of the spirit, which can be objectively known (Gal 5: 13-23). Those inverted “virtues”, when loosed, are truly a frightening thing to behold in one fully given over to them. This we can see more and more clearly as Christian restraint is withdrawn.

    It is a binary choice: God or the Devil. All “religions” of all people come down to this choice; even atheism or Darwinism (etc): God. Satan.

    True God entered the world and revealed Himself and gave us the one, true religion built upon His Vicar. Any religion or choice that deviates from what God revealed and willed is of Satan. Even if one doesn’t believe in Satan; even if one believes in a different “god”, or no God - every living man or woman makes a choice for God or God’s enemy.

    And God is found *only* in the one, Holy, Catholic and apostolic Church.

  2. This helps describe the foundations of Mohammedism.
    a quick informative read.