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Thursday, February 6, 2020

No Class Nancy Practiced Her Petty, Pathetic, Political Performance!

Watch her practicing to see how many pages she can rip at once!

Now watch her Petty, Pathetic Political Performance at the end of the speech.

Pelosi hit a new low last night. She also demonstrated how much she:
  • Hates president Trump!
  • Has no respect for the decorum of her office!
  • Lacks even a modicum of Christian courtesy!
  • Has no respect for the American people!
  • Showed how petty she and her political party are. 
Not that anyone is surprised. Nancy is pitiful (and to be pitied). Remember the movie A Man for All Seasons when Thomas More confronts Richard Rich for his perjury and, after looking at the chain of office Rich wears to be Attorney General of Wales, says, "Why Richard, It profits a man nothing to give his soul for the whole world...But for Wales!"

As I watched Nancy last night, I thought of that. She has sold her soul for the Democrat Party and her paltry little position. She has offered the bloody sacrifice of millions of babies pandering to party positions. The only positive thing one can say about Nancy is that she demonstrates how NOT to behave toward ones enemies. What an embarrassment to show yourself a pathetic little person unfit for polite society.

She claims not to hate Trump or anyone because, "I'm a Catholic." 

No, Nancy! Just because the mouse is in the cookie jar doesn't make him a cookie! You have neither a Catholic heart or Catholic mind, nor do you behave with the dignity of an adult Catholic woman. In fact, your performance last night reminds me of the scene in the Screwtape Letters when, responding to one of Wormwood's reports, Uncle Screwtape becomes so passionate he turns into a centipede. 

That was you last night, Nancy, an ugly pitiful little insect. And you demonstrated it to millions of Americans watching. We all thank you for taking the mask off the disgusting Democrat party one more time and taking Donald one more step toward re-election.


  1. Right on!LOVE the Screwtape analogy!

  2. I pray for her often with gritted teeth. The impact of a converted sinner, especially someone committed to monstrous evil like she is can be monumental. I think of Bernard Nathanson. In fact, I'm asking him right now to intercede for her. I wonder if Mary Magdalene had any abortions. It certainly was not unknown in the first century using herbal methods.

  3. Just learned that Nancy and I share a birthday. Well, that will kind of spoil my birthday this year. She was born severn years before me and we both received Catholic educations through college. We share the same alma mater, Trinity in Washington, D.C. which has sunk into a post Christian moral relativism. They were well on the way when I attended the school.

    1. Not to fret - I share a BD with Fidel Castro.😪😪😪

  4. It would have been hilarious if Trump had given her a copy written on plastic coated paper or something too hard to rip up. He will know for the 2021 SOTU.

    Better yet, when he turns to hand her a copy, he can just say out loud with the mike on "Maybe I better just hold on to this copy for you Nance."