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Sunday, February 9, 2020

Sunday Meditation: God is Our FATHER and Jesus is the SON of God!

The lying tongue of Bishop Bode on display
Bishop Franz-Josef Bode of Osnabrück, the vice president of the German Bishops’ Conference is a man. If he weren't, he couldn't be a Catholic bishop. He's a little confused these days on the nature of Jesus Christ, the God-MAN.

Bode is head of the German "synodal path" forum on Women in Ministries and Offices of the Church along with Professor Dorothea Sattler. Recently, in an interview with the diocesan newspaper Kirchenbote, Bode said:
“For us, Christ became a human being, not a man.”
Well, yes, Jesus was definitely a human being. He didn't come among us as an ape or a lion or a Venus fly-trap, but He also took on flesh as a MAN. He was born of woman, but was NOT a woman. He also always referred to God as His Father! One gets the impression that the German hierarchy are embarrassed by Jesus and believe He was a misogynist guilty of toxic masculinity. As a mom and grandma, I want to wash their lying mouths out with soap! Bishop Bode has demonstrated once again the moral degeneracy of the German Church! One wonders if the next thing out of his mouth will be to claim Jesus was "gender fluid."

As Fr. Gerald Murray (one of the "papal posse" on Raymond Arroyo's World Over) tweeted, in response to this....excuse me for being crass....asinine statement:
A human being is either a man(male)or a woman (female). To deny that Jesus became a man (male) is heretical. The German Synodal Way is a fraudulent usurpation of the Church's teaching authority as this comment shows. Shut it down.
Bishop Strickland of Tyler Texas also tweeted writing:
Bishop Bode...I respectfully call you as one bishop to another to return to the truth of the Deposit of Faith for your salvation and for the good of the Church. Your statement that Christ became a human being but not a man is ridiculous & heretical. I cannot stand by in silence!
He also included an earlier tweet in his response.

Bishop J. Strickland@Bishopoftyler · Nov 3, 2019
On this Lord’s Day it is appropriate to offer Deposit of Faith #2, Catholics believe that Jesus Christ is God’s Divine Son, the 2nd person of the Blessed Trinity, fully God, fully man. All power in Heaven & on earth has been given to Him by the Father, Jesus Christ is Lord!!!
 Something insidious is going on in the German Church and the "synodal path" exposes it. What exactly would cause a bishop, presumably well educated to make such a patently stupid comment?

Well...what do the German bishops want? Women priests, among other things, but primarily they want doctrinal independence and influence over Rome. Vatican correspondent, Edward Pentin, wrote this describing an interview with one of the "chief architects" of the synodal path, Jesuit Father Hans Langendörfer:
He said a “particular goal” of the process is its “binding nature” in relation to decisions that are the responsibility of the local Church. But he said that “what is new” about the synodal path is that it “can also come to decisions which concern the Roman level — not the level of a council, but the level of the Holy Father and his Curia...We believe that proposals can and must be brought to Rome from the different regions of the world, in order to allow a balanced approach, and consideration of different cultures at the level of the universal Church,” he said. This would allow the Church to acquire “new credibility and persuasive power.”
The synodal path is a two-year program. Most of those participating favor heterodox positions on everything from sexual morality to intercommunion to ordination of women. Judging from its poisonous beginning, I echo Fr. Murray's call to "Shut it down!"


Bring Back St Pope Pius V said...

Such monstrous evil. The Holy Father should place all of Germany under Papal Interdict, silencing all dissenters and excommunicating all those in that place who foment rebellion there against the Holy See. Long has she been the Church’s tormentor, the corrupter of the Gospel, the womb of apostates, the sanctuary of heretics, the synagogue of Satan, and the most polluted of Holy Mother Church’s daughters.....the pagan whore of all Europe.

Since before the reign of Pope St. Gregory VII, who excommunicated and deposed that spawn of Lucifer, Henry IV, and continuing long after the horrific atrocities of Luther’s betrayal and the hellish scourge of two cataclysmic World Wars ignited by her, Germany and her diabolical heresies remain the putrid, pustulous pestilence which plagues the whole Church. And now, the apostate German episcopate has taken on the mission and vision of their spiritual progenitor, Luther, and raised his banner of obscenities in their quest to obliterate the Bride of Christ and remake her in Satan’s image.

It is an unspeakable outrage.

These sons of perdition, who, by the madness of their dog-rabid babblings spewed forth during this so-called “Synodal Path,” seek to betray the Truth in their vain attempt to make void the Deposit of Faith as it has been handed down and entrusted to Supreme Pontiffs, Saints, Holy Martyrs and Doctors of the Church for 2000 years. The depravity of their abomination knows no bound, as they labor, in their loathsome debauchery and devotion to all things Sodom, to abrogate the Natural Law of God and to eradicate the natural family as defined and established by Him; replacing it with the vile excrement of their sodomite culture.

They only convoked this demon-conceived assembly so that they could vomit all over established and immutable Dogma and Doctrine, and call their vomit “mercy,” "accompaniment" and “pastoral solutions.” May Saint Michael, the Archangel, and all of his glorious Host of Heaven strike down these foul and accursed reprobates, enemies of Our God and of His Christ, along with all those who seek to rape and ravish His Holy Bride.

God help us, we are in the midst of utter darkness, and in a time of great peril for the whole Church. We must pray fervently and constantly for our Holy Father now as never before, remaining spiritually close to him, and standing with him against these spiritual harlots and their incessant whoredom. Direct intervention by Our Most Virgin and Immaculate Lady is our ONLY hope now. Let us renew our deepest devotion to her, binding ourselves to her promise of ultimate victory. The rosary, the Brown Scapular, First Saturday Devotion, and frequent novenas are among our most potent weapons. Abiding in holiness and charity, remaining in the state of grace, praying, fasting and doing penance, offering up our sufferings as reparations, is what Our Lord and Our Lady requires of us in this hour of unparalleled apostasy.

“August Queen of Heaven, Sovereign Mistress of the Angels, who, from the beginning hast received from God the power and the mission to crush the head of Satan, I humbly implore thee to send thy Holy Legions, so that under thy command and by thy power they may drive the imps of hell away. Everywhere fight them, subduing their rage and impudent boldness, and thrust them back into the Abyss from which they erupted. O Glorious and Tender Mother, thou will always be my love and my hope, the nurturer of my soul, my light in darkness. O Mother of God, Most Holy and Ever Virgin, come now, by thy unfathomed grace and vast mercies, to our rescue and save us. Command thy Heavenly Angels to protect us and defend us; keep us ever in thine sweet embrace and under the veil of thy protective mantle from this present evil, and from that which is to come.” Amen.

Praypraypray said...

The Cardinals who truly love the Holy Catholic Church need to get together and call an imperfect council and get Bergoglio and the other heretics and idolaters out of the Church. If they truly care about God and His Holy Catholic Church, they will face the truth and do their duty, before the heretics, idolaters, masons, homosexual pederasts, communists, and other evil doers amongst the clergy do any more harm and damage.
They must look into the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI, which according to canon law and canon lawyers is said to be in error and therefore, null and void. Don’t let the name calling detractors and distracters keep the Cardinals from looking into the truth of it all. The name callers do not argue on all of the facts, but instead attack the people asking for the truth to be revealed and for an imperfect council to investigate and follow through with everything. The Truth will set you free.
Regarding this German Sin-nod which is attacking the Holy Catholic Church, as Fr. Murray said, it’s time to, “Shut it down”!
In regard to this reign of terror in the Vatican, it’s time to Shut it down!