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Thursday, February 20, 2020

The Church and the New World Order

I watched this video by Michael Matt today.  Twice.  

There is A LOT to take away from it.  Looking at "the big picture"  I see a situation similar to the one the Church faced when it signed the Lateran Agreement with Italy.  In this present situation, one has to wonder, who and when, exactly did the Vatican sign an agreement with the powers of the unilateral globalist movement.  We know they signed agreements with the USSR, for instance, that hardly anyone speaks about to "supposedly" protect the Christians there, but we, or I don't, at least know for sure what has gone on behind the scenes to put the Church in line with the New World Order with no nations, no borders, no personal sin, no fixed dogma.  

I suppose if I had to guess I would say it goes back to those Jesuits who first embraced communism and Theillard Chardin and saw in that a path toward a heaven on earth.  While the rest of us slept, they were busy lining up their ducks to have the Roman Catholic Church play a role in a world government they, as lovers of evolution, knew was the inevitable course of history.  (Read:  The Jesuits by Malachi Martin)

To make this marriage with the world work, they plotted the way to make the Church completely inoffensive to its partners---a world bank, a world court, a world health organization, a world governing body.  All things truly Catholic had to be bleached, destroyed, removed, eliminated, shoved aside, and reformed to a point people could call themselves Catholic while believing and doing anything they pleased.  

Catholics did not invent the concept of a New World Order.  Catholics in the hierarchy in Rome did, however, at some point decide to cease resisting all "modernist" ideas----which the Church had battled for decades and decades, and embrace the evil errors of the "City of Man." A city where God either does not exist at all, is of your own making, or a world in which you are your own god free to establish your own morals and code of ethics.   

While I believe this is the primary concern Michael Matt presents in the video, also troubling is the obvious disdain of Vatican insiders including Bergoglio for the United States.  The realization that our long and beautiful relationship with the Vatican has ceased to exist is heartbreaking. It is sad to know we are viewed not as friends and defenders of the Church but as the only real enemy of a futuristic agenda that reduces the faith of millions of Americans to an empty shell and values us only for the funds we continue to provide those in position to betray us.  

Imagine a Catholic Church that would tell the world to go pound sand.   Imagine a Church that would stand like a rock against the storms of revolutions and modernist ideas.  Imagine a Church that would give comfort to the oppressed, like the faithful Chinese Catholics and tradition loving Americans who defend Christ’s teachings with their holiness, rejecting what the world accepts and promotes.  Imagine a Catholic Church that hasn’t lost its salt, a Church that rids itself of heretics, pagan rituals, and worldliness.  Imagine a Church that depends and trusts God to deliver it from its enemies when the signs of the times say the future looks bleak.  Imagine that, if you can, because it is a far cry from what Rome looks like today.  What is easier to imagine is a very angry God poised to punish us for our lack of faith and obedience. 

Less important but telling nonetheless is the elephant in the room that won't go away, two popes in Rome.  Did this situation "just happen" along at this point in time?  Is it part of a plan?  As Michael says, we may never know in our lifetime, but we must not let it divide us.  Don't get "bogged down" in the details.  Simply stand for the truth against WHOMEVER is trying to destroy the Church, whether they are or are not the pope.

This video is a MUST SEE.  Put a flag on this post and find the time to watch it.  Ask yourself WHY a Jew (not that there's anything wrong with that) is meeting with Vatican officials twice a month when conversion is not his goal.  WHY he his opinions are so warmly received and WHY high officials of the Church are yukking it up and applauding his every word.  Jeffrey Sachs is an enemy of the Church, a traitor to the United States, and a lover of power and human control methods that embrace methods unthinkable to any Catholic with even a grain of faith in God.


  1. I completely agree with Michael Matt. And this is exactly why I won't get into the debate about whether Francis is a legitimate pope. We don't need to be arguing with each other about that. We need to keep lifting up the rock and revealing the evil. There's enough of that to keep us all super busy!

  2. If he then be risen with Christ, seek those things which are above, where Christ sitters at the right hand of God.

    Set your affections on things above, not things on the earth.

    For ye are dead, and your life is hid in Christ in God.

    When Christ, who is our life, shall appear, then shall ye also appear with Him in glory.

    Mortify therefor your members which are upon the earth; fornication, uncleanness, inordinate affection, evil concupiscence, and covetousness, which is idolatry:

    For which things’ sake the wrath of God cometh on the children of disobedience:

    In which ye also walked some time, when you lived in them (Col 3: 1-7).

    The struggle is always between God and Satan: creation and anti-creation; truth and lie; treasure and counterfeit. True belief or ignorance do not change the underlying reality: God and Satan are in conflict for every soul and at the core of every religious impulse. The only variable is which choice by every individual free soul in the field of combat.

    This is why we elevate Jesus Christ to the world. God entered the world and became Man. No other fact even matters in comparison to that.
    Any impulse to hide or minimize this fact is a temptation from God’s enemy, Satan. Any effort to expand the reach of a Church across the globe, without Christ as its life and its Word, is a satanic attempt to produce a counterfeit Catholic Church. Any cooperation between the members of the Catholic Church and this counterfeit satanic church is the greatest of all evils.

    Jesus Christ and the Blessed Mother and all the Apostles throughout time *in union with them*. That is our side in this struggle. Raise high the Cross!

  3. But isn't the legitimacy of Francis' pontificate rather fundamental? If he is Pope, then what he says and does matters; if he is not, it is simply one opinion among many that you can take or leave and his actions have no binding authority. It reminds me of another question asked before "Who do you say that I am?" The answer to that question mattered a lot, even though there was plenty of corruption among the Sanhedrin and who knows what else to keep 1st century AD Jews "all busy."

    Isn't that precisely one of the Deceiver's favorite go-to plays? Keep you busy on things of relatively secondary importance (not unimportant, but secondary), while hoping you ignore a fundamental issue?

  4. Unfortunately the video does not describe *how* to oppose Francis. I agree with C Matt that the first thing is to establish who to listen to.


  5. Always follow the money........

  6. Why would I listen to others, other than to gather information in order to form an opinion, on the scandalous situation of having two popes? My motto is to listen to my own self because I have a brain and can think. But more than that, I have EYES, and no one has to tell me what I see in plain sight with my own eyes. I can see what is in the Vatican, in plain sight - it's all RIGHT THERE IN FRONT OF US! - but people cannot translate that into the fact that something is terribly abnormal and wrong?

    In the Vatican I see two men dressed in white, two men calling themselves pope, two men giving apostolic blessings, two men signing their names as pope, two men addressed as Your Holiness. People ignore what is in PLAIN SIGHT which is that there CANNOT BE TWO POPES.

    I'm waiting for Benedict to calmly say "Checkmate" to Bergoglio. I think he already played that move but no one is seeing it because they get their chess pieces mixed up.

  7. Susan, you listen to Socci. Part of discernment is listening to the Holy Spirit who speaks to us through others. We need to test the spirits, but I appreciate the opportunity to bounce ideas off of others who are trusted friends -- like you and Chriss. In the meantime, I'm praying that those with the RESPONSIBILITY from the Holy Spirit to guide our beloved Church will their duty to teach, govern, and sanctify.

  8. I love Socci! But I do have eyes and I can see what is before me and the entire world. The Holy Spirit does not need to tell me to "Look and see" because what is before me/us is not a mysterious message from God, but in PLAIN SIGHT! and the whole world is looking at it...and "those with RESPONSIBILITY from the Holy Spirit to guide our beloved Church" are doing NOTHING.

    NO ONE can deny that Benedict is still in the Vatican. No one can deny that he still wears white. So...two men...two popes? If not two popes, then two WHAT then?

    There cannot be two popes. So......

  9. There cannot be two popes. Nor two kings, two queens, not if lineage and successorship is followed.
    George VI of England died. The royal consort Elizabeth became the queen mother whilst her daughter Elizabeth became EII. All because her uncle, George's brother, Edward abdicated to marry Wallis Simpson.
    None of these changes carry religious implications as fraught with confusion as Francis and Benedict.
    I suggest it is how followers and Catholics either acknowledge the process and that Francis is pope duly elected by cardinals or they insist that two men are wearing the miter of Peter.
    Either the lineage that the Roman Catholic church has claimed running from Christ to Peter to all of the pursuant popes is still there, as wielded with the election of the cardinals and heralded by a puff of white smoke, or it is not.

    You have eyes, but insist on overlooking what the Church claims is its one solid quality that no others can claim - the inheritance of the seat of Peter via the cardinals voting in one of their own.

    Two men can wear the same clothing, titles, or bear the same allegiance in their devotees' hearts but only one is the king, or the pope. By process and by tradition.

    Anarchy arises when the true prince is overthrown because disbelievers think they know better. Martin Luther and John Knox and John Calvin and Charles Wesley, thanks to good King Henry VIII, left a protesting and schismatic mess that flails and splits to this very day.

    Sometimes sucking up reality hurts. If the prior two millenia of Catholic history and selection and dogma and tradition mean anything, then perhaps stop believing your eyes. After all, faith is believing in what we cannot see.

    You rely on Mother Church and the keys given to Peter by Christ Himself? Or flounder around in rebellion?

    Maybe Francis' greatest work will be making traditional orthodox Catholics trust in the system again. Has it worked all these years or not?

    If he is anti-pope, and unseated by another cardinals' vote...three popes then? Where does it stop? The process to remove him takes us all back to the process that elected him. And all the popes before.

    It approaches the absurd if you step off into adherence to Benedict's non-emeritus status.

    He created that title for himself. He spent months before he abdicated renovating the old convent for his new home in the Vatican grounds. He retired with plenty of forethought and preparation. Here you are, undermining his self-proclaimed status and as Emeritus, retired, former, etc.

    I wonder if you could sit with Benedict and say these same things if he would admonish you. If he would advise you to lean on the pillars of the Church and its foundation and not so much on your own perceptions and bias?

    I call it beating a dead horse.

  10. What? I should tear my eyes out of my face? Not going to do that so, yep, here I am with a ton of other people who say that two men "wearing the same clothing", creating the impression of two popes, is by "process and tradition" clearly not... um... a traditional papacy. And you say that Bergoglio was "duly elected"? Where have you been? So, yeah, I guess anarchy is rising.

    PS - Do you worship Pachamama? Do you love Islam because it's, according to Bergoglio, on the same level as Christianity? Do you revere Muhammad because he and Christ are, according to Bergoglio, equals?

  11. Martin Luther, John Knox, John Calvin, Charles Wesley, King He day VIII left a protesting and schismatic mess ... how?

    By disconnecting from Sacred Tradition in some minor or large way. That disconnect became the center of their “denomination”.

    Who is disconnecting here?

    A man named Jorgé Bergóglio demands we include Pachamama Baal in the pantheon. He has declared that all religions are similarly valid pathways to God. He has decreed that sodomy should not separate anyone from Holy Communion. Protestants are now admitted to Holy Communion in some nations. The nature of the Priesthood is under consideration. And ... he is one of two visible Popes - perhaps the most obvious, blatant, devious protest against the will of a Christ who gave us one Holy Father until natural or martyred death, and did not allow “retirements” because it is too hard.

    So, who once again, is protesting and creating a schismatic mess?

    Not those who insist Sacred Tradition holds and that Pachamama Baals should be removed, broken and burned as an affront to Holy God.

    We do not worship the Pope and the Hierarchy. We worship God. We venerate His Blessed Mother. We stand with all the Saints in a straight line. We live in the universe of the Word which never changes nor can change. There is a “Protestant” deviation at the top - Protestant because it is dreamed up from their own minds and not from Sacred Scripture or Tradition.