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Wednesday, February 5, 2020

The Papacy Suspended - A Secret of Colossal Importance for the Church

The papacy suspended above time
will resume - or not - after the deluge.
This article is a collaborated effort between Chriss Rainey and Susan Matthiesen after reading Antonio Socci's book The Secret of Benedict XVI: Is He Still Pope?

Antonio Socci's two epigraphs:
If the Church were to be removed from the world, in a short time the world would end. - John Henry Newman

They call to me from Seir: Watchman, how much longer the night? Watchman, how much longer the night? Isaiah 21:11

(Haydock's Catholic Bible Commentary says: Night. Instead of joy, I must announce dreadful things.)

Part One - The Mystical, Economic, and Political Origin of the Drama
And God seeing that the wickedness of men was great upon the earth and that all the thought of their heart was bent upon evil at all times, it repented him that he had made man on the earth. And being touched inwardly with sorrow of heart he said: I will destroy man, whom I have created, from the face of the earth, from man to even beasts, from the creeping thing even to the fowls of the air, for it repenteth me that I have made them. But Noe found grace before the Lord. Genesis 6:5-8

Is the Church ever safe? The answer is no. From the early days it was persecuted by the pagan world with the nod of its leaders who felt threatened by this growing movement of Christians and their own way of life. After the Emperor Constantine’s orders to leave the Christian people alone, the Church prospered but not for long. The enemy ("the diabolical force behind all revolutions that have swept the world since the beginning of the age of apostasy, that is, the Protestant, French, Modernist, Marxist and now Islamic, are all kindred spirits and come from The Lord of This World") became internal disobedience, disloyalty, and rebellion, which, centuries later led to the Protestant Revolt, but the Church moved on still protected by many European leaders - those Catholic monarchs who remained faithful.

By 1717, Freemasonry, a new enemy, had formed and was ready to attack. The Masons work in secret in well coordinated efforts to not only undermine governments with strong moral footing but the actual Roman Catholic Church itself and all she stands for. Freemasonry was responsible for the French Revolution and every uprising in Christendom that followed with the aim of establishing a godless Europe. Lenin was a Mason, sponsored by them to go to Russia and begin the Russian Revolution that eventually claimed the lives of millions of people and the loss of untold numbers of souls. 

And what has this to do with the Catholic Church? When the Church is abandoned and left unprotected, unable to stay alive for the benefit of Christians and society at large, since we are the salt of the earth, the powers of the Communism and Marxism of the globalist elites can and will most certainly seek to complete their mission of destruction. Communists failed to take Spain during the vicious Spanish Civil War of 1936-1939. The advocates for Church and King won, led by General Francisco Franco. The Left has never forgotten that defeat and has vilified General Franco ever since. Franco died in 1978; the Left has presently taken control of Spain, so once again the Church is currently under persecution there. The devil never ceases trying to destroy his adversary.

The USA, being the last stronghold of Catholicism that the Church could count on after World War II, was infiltrated by what had been a fledgling body of Communists during the administration of FDR. After WWII, they decided that infiltration of the ranks of the State Department, the FBI, and the CIA as well as Congress was their best tactic for success and there has been no one stopping them so that Marxists have risen to the top where they are nearly untouchable. They work in well coordinated networks to undermine religion and most especially the Catholic Church which refuses to “progress” with the times. 

Socci says that "the weakness of George Bush and the moral force of the pontificate of John Paul II did not come together to accomplish the White's House's effort to transform the Catholic Church into a chaplaincy of the White House as one of the many evangelical Protestant denominations. After that, the going got tough. With the presidency of Barack Obama/Hillary Clinton - in continuity with the presidency of Bill Clinton in the 1990's - a secularist ideology was imposed on a planetary level, masquerading as political correctness, with the support of the planetary hegemony of the USA and of financial globalization." Thus, in 2005, the pontificate of Benedict XVI became an obstacle.

"The idea gathered strength of transforming the Church into the image of one of the (dying) Protestant denominations of Northern Europe, all in support of a German-dominated European Union - along with the Maastricht Treaty (the 1991 Treaty of the European Union) and the Euro - as a pillar of market globalization, all in line with the new Obamian ideology."  (The Secret of Benedict, page 10)

Note that the leaders of both the Church and the most powerful country on earth, that is, the Pope and the President of the United States need to morally align in order for mankind to advance toward salvation. Benedict XVI and Obama were moral adversaries while conversely, Francis and President Trump are moral adversaries.

Therefore with the development of the European Union, which opposes the Church, and a very adversarial USA, on the one hand, and the threat of radical Islamic forces on its other, the Church is between two overwhelming forces for which there is only one solution prayer and fasting. These - basically the current state of the world with its globalist elites and the ascendance of Islam - are the demons referred to by Christ that require prayer and fasting in order to oppose and eradicate them. No efforts of mere mortals, however well intentioned, can overcome them. Benedict knows and has accepted this. 

Part Two - That Which is Not Understood: Benedict is Pope Forever
The sovereign is the one who decides on the state of exception.... Here, the "state of exception" is to be understood as a general concept of the doctrine of the State, and not as an emergency ordinance or a state of besiegement.... In fact, not every unusual power, not every emergency police measure or ordinance is thus a state of exception: it is rather a competence unlimited in principle, that is the suspension of the entire order of law that is in force. If this situation occurs, it is clear that the State continues to exist, while the law is lost

The reading seems rather clear: The pontificate of Benedict XVI became a "pontificate of exception" by virtue of his resignation and at the very moment of his resignation. But why was this expression reported in German as Ausnahmepontifikat?...Aus-nahme: literally, "outside the law." A state of affairs that cannot be regulated "a priori" and thus, if it occurs, required the suspension of the entire juridical order. An "Ausnahmepontifikat" would thus be a pontificate that suspends in some way the ordinary rules of functioning the Petrine office. And, if the analogy holds, this suspension would be justified, or rather imposed [upon the Church], by an emergency that was impossible to address in any other way. - Guido Ferro Canale quoting from Carl Schmitt's Teologia Politica, found on pages 83-85 in Socci's Secret of Benedict XVI.

"As you may be intuiting at this point, the choice to become 'pope emeritus' represents something enormous and contains a SECRET OF COLOSSAL IMPORTANCE for the church (see part III). It is stupefying that everyone in the ecclesiastical and media world has sought to ignore such resounding facts - even to the point of dismissing them.The 'actual status' of Benedict was deliberately ignored, one could almost say 'silenced,' when it should have triggered a huge debate within the Church, which says a lot about the climate surrounding the question of the papacy."

We ask ourselves, what has Benedict XVI done to help this situation of cross purposes? How could abandoning us when we needed him the most have possibly helped anything? Isn’t that what we’ve all asked ourselves for the last 6 years under Bergoglio? Well, perhaps we’ve been looking for the answer in the wrong places and just maybe things are not what we’ve hastily assumed. 

Repent and believe in the Gospel...or we all die.
According to Socci, “Stefano Violi, professor at the Faculty of Theology of Lugano and at the Theological Faculty of Emila Romagna, published a study in the Rivista Teologica di Lugano entitled ‘The Resignation of Benedict XVI:  Between History, Law, and Conscience'."  Socci reminds us that Benedict never mentioned the section of the Code of Canon Law that regulates the resignation of the papacy, curiously enough. Stefano Violi in his study presents a possible reason why this was left out of Benedict’s final words to us. Violi says, “The formula with which Benedict XVI declared his decision, departing from the dictate of the Code, introduces an innovative juridical precedent in the history of the Church, a final solemn act of his magisterium.” Socci quotes Benedict XVI himself who said, “I have taken this step with full awareness of its gravity and even its novelty.” Violi and other writers believe when Benedict said, “my strengths, due to an advanced age, are no longer suited to an adequate exercise of the Petrine ministry", that Benedict never meant to mean he wanted to no longer BE the pope, but only that he would not be involved in the munus itself.

What is munus? It means office, but not only the service generally associated with it but the spectacle and public show of it. The exercise of it. There is far more to being the pope than meets the eye and it is the spiritual side of his duty that Benedict has not abandoned. In essence, he remains the pope. He holds dear and is faithful to all the things a pope should be for us, the representative of Christ on earth. Violi writes, “In the first place he distinguishes between munus and executio muneris, evoking the distinction of Gratian between potestas officii and its executio, between an administrative ministerial executio and a more spiritual executio.

Socci reminds us that the suffering John Paul II endured long after he was not to be seen and carry on a public ministry, is still a part of the Petrine ministry and is not in any way an inferior part of it. Benedict's is a “different kind of resignation” than we may have thought and it explains perhaps the reason why Benedict continues to wear the robes and symbols of his office. It is difficult for many great men to get off the stage when they should. Few have the choice, being limited generally to term limits or retirement requirements, but the choice of Benedict to do so from an office he holds for life, took deep reflection and a bold choice because it meant walking into a new and different life, for which there was no precedence. 

"Benedict's supreme act of self denial that constitutes in reality the supreme act of power has embodied the highest form of power in the Church, following the example of the One who, holding all power in his hands, laid aside his garments, not thereby relinquishing his office, but rather carrying it to fulfillment in the service of men, that is, for our salvation." (Socci, page 83)

Archbishop Georg Ganswein, the personal secretary of Benedict, in an address given on May 21, 2016, which has not been refuted by Benedict, made several things clear. He said this situation that the Church is in is “an epoch without precedent in the history of the Church.” Ganswein continued, “As in the time of Peter, so also today, the one, holy, catholic, and apostolic Church continues to have one legitimate pope. And yet for the last three years, we are living with two living successors of Peter among us.” And this is the thing pointed out by Ganswein to which we must pay close attention: “Many people even today continue to see this new situation as a kind of God-willed state of exception.” 

Ganswein also said, “Since February, 2013, the papal ministry is therefore no longer what it was before. It is and remains the foundation of the Catholic Church; and yet it is a foundation that Benedict XVI has profoundly and permanently transformed during his pontificate of exception. Socci says regarding these statements, “In effect, what Ganswein goes on to affirm - even interpreting the lightning that struck the cupola of St. Peter’s Basilica on February 11, 2013, as a ‘dramatic’ sign - demonstrates that we are at a historical turning point framed by the (literal) conflict between the Salt of the Earth party (which supported Ratzinger in the conclave of 2005) and the St. Gallen Group (which instead supported Bergoglio).” Would this be the massive geopolitical and cultural conflict between good and evil and of those who lead humanity in one of the two directions...towards God or Satan, to Heaven or Hell? Repent and believe in the Gospel or continue down the  wide path to destruction?

Part Three - Fatima and the Last Pope
I saw the Holy Father in a very large house, kneeling before a table, holding his face in his hands, in tears. Outside of the house there were many people. Some were throwing stones, others were swearing and using much bad language...There were many streets, many footpaths and fields full of people who are weeping from hunger and who have nothing to eat.. And the Holy Father in a church in prayer before the Immaculate Heart of Mary. And many people with him. - Saint Jacinta Marto (the youngest of the three children of Fatima)

"The Queen of Prophets enters into the history of the 20th century" in 1917 at Fatima, a remote village in Portugal, "asking for the help of three children - nothing less - in order to save humanity. In order to obtain the conversion of sinners, that is, to save the world, she asks the three children for their prayers and sufferings in order to obtain the conversion of sinners. Thus, the little and simple save the world unbeknownst to the newspapers, the intellectuals and the chanceries... The Blessed Mother's words highlight the immense power of every Christian."  (Antonio Socci, The Secret of Benedict XVI, page 144)

The Blessed Mother told the children that "mankind must not offend God any more, Our Lord, who is already so offended". When questioned about these words of the Blessed Mother by Father Jose de Lacerda, Jacinta answered: "if people do not amend (their lives), the world will end." That was in 1917. Yesterday, in 2020, over 100 years later, we saw the Super Bowl halftime show of dancing crotches, women's naked rear ends flashing the screen, stripper pole dancing innuendos and then the Islamic tongue wag, the jihad battle cry ululation. It's definitely looking like there is no advancement of man in the area of repentance.

Fatima also links the fate of the Church and mankind to the pope and the papacy, that is, Jacinta's vision (stated above) of a future pope makes us think of Benedict XVI in the Vatican silently interceding for the Church and the world, debating with God over our fate, negotiating what's to be done.

Today we are in the age of apostasy, but before the man of iniquity can reign, that which restrains him, that is, the Roman Catholic Church, must first be removed. "For as long as the Church is strong and powerful, for long as it is a pillar of strength" Satan cannot "appear with that power with which he seeks to conquer." Only when the Church ceases to be strong will Satan gain the power to tread within the Church herself. That time is now.

Therefore there lives a dramatic conflict between Christ and the world, the Church and the world, and between faith and non-faith. When the Son of man comes will he find any faith on earth? It seems that if Christ returned this very day he would hardly find any faith on earth. If we are approaching the end we shall never know but we need to be prepared. We need to repent and believe in the Gospel for every moral code has been broken, every Sacrament has been besmirched as man laughs with brazen insolence, blowing his evil breath into God's face - as New York legislators did, like a scene from Hell, when cheering for lethal injections for full term babies in the womb and pulling them out in pieces. Globalist elite Democrat Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who signed the bill, called it a "historic victory for our progressive values" and ordered the One World Trade Center to be lit in pink to mark the occasion." You see, everyone must participate in man's culture of death.

Man has changed himself into the wicked image of Satan with transgender ideology, same sex "marriage", abortion, and euthanasia. The Church herself is filled with the filth of homosexual clergy, up to the highest level, even to the Vatican, who have committed grave sins against the young and they have been extremely poor stewards of our money. Currently the USCCB is being sued for fraud. Combined with the entertainment business, the mass media and the political arena of the Left, man thinks more of how to commit evil than of trying to repent and believe in the Gospel. Man goes the way of Satan, loving evil, hating God.

Benedict XVI's agony is like Christ's.
So what is to be done to stop God from destroying the earth and everything in it? He did it once yet today the evil state of mankind has returned to what it was in the days of Noah, deserving of God's wrath. The Ark is sinking, and sinking rapidly. Where is Noah?

He's here in the form of Benedict XVI, for when the time of the great deception and tribulation comes (Is that now?), God will not fail to grant the light of discernment to him whom He has placed at the head of the Church. That person, that pope, is Pope Benedict XVI who, at the command of God, has placed the papacy outside of time and space to wrestle with God about the future of the world.

While Divine Providence placed a man of colossal strength in the form of President Donald Trump, figuratively with his finger in the dike to hold back the massive flood of evil that will rush in if he is removed, God has simultaneously placed another man of colossal strength - massive spiritual strength - as the head of the Church, Pope Benedict XVI, to hold back God's wrath against man. (See how evil rushed in when Benedict stepped aside...and note that he stepped ASIDE, not down.)

The Papacy as it has always been known is suspended in time for the moment while colossal decisions are being made for the future - or not - of the world. Benedict was called by God to have The Big Talk which would take all his remaining attention, sweating blood as Christ sweated blood in the Garden of Gethsemane. Therefore with the power given to him as pope, Benedict suspended the papacy above time and space - for the moment. It may or may not resume as normal. That depends on where he and God are in their negotiations. 

What will the two of them decide? Where are we now in the timeline of man's existence? Will God shut the door of the Ark (Gen 7:22) whereby time shall be no longer? Will He decide to let the Ark, and all of us in it, sink? He - God - put tar on the outside of the Ark, while Noah put tar on the inside so that the door was sealed and would not leak. The Ark would not sink. It did not sink. Note that the sealing of the door took CO-OPERATION between God and man. We have to co-operate with God (repent of our sins and live holy lives according to the Gospel) in order for God to continue giving life to the world and all in it.

The question is: If God decides to let the world continue, will we co-operate? Will the hierarchy of the Catholic Church co-operate? Will they repent of their misdeeds? Will a future pope of the Catholic Church once again lead the way of salvation for mankind?

Or will we refuse to co-operate whereby Christ will find no faith on earth? If that is our decision then God will shut the door from the outside adding no tar, and let the Ark fill with water and sink. "And all things wherein there is a breath of life on earth, died" (Gen 7:22). Then as, Apocalypse 10:6 states: Time shall be no longer.

Finally, there is the conundrum of Petrus Romanus. Who is Petrus Romanus? Is he Bergoglio or a future pope of the Church? Petrus Romanus, the last of the popes listed in The Prophecies of Saint Malachy, is described as follows: In the final persecution of the Holy Roman Catholic Church there will reign Peter the Roman, who will feed his flock among many tribulations; after which the seven-hilled city will be destroyed and the dreadful Judge will judge the people."

Although Antonio Socci provides evidence that Petrus Romanus might be Jorge Maria Bergoglio, it seems to many that this is not the case since Bergoglio himself is persecuting the Church. He isn't feeding the flock and is certainly leading the Church into tribulations he himself has made.

It seems more to the point to compare what Bergoglio has said and done with what Soloviev's Antichrist says about himself: Christ as a moralist divided men into the good and the bad alike. I shall be the true representative of God who makes His sun to rise on the evil and the good and sends rain on the just and the unjust. Christ brought a sword, I shall bring peace. He threatened the earth with the dreadful Last Judgement. But I shall be the last judge, and my judgment shall be one of mercy as well as justice.

Peter the Roman will FEED the flock. Bergoglio is not feeding us. So you decide who Petrus Romanus is - if he's Bergoglio, or a pope of the future when once again the papacy is restored to normal, that is, If it will be. After all, it depends not only on Benedict XVI, but on YOU as well. On all of us, each and every person, therefore we need to AMEND OUR LIFE and REPENT and BELIEVE IN THE GOSPEL because, as it is now, the Church is hanging in the balance.


  1. In order to get to the heart of the matter I submit that Pope Francis is plainly a heretic for proclaiming and teaching that “abortion is not a religious issue”. A heretic cannot be Pope, he loses the office automatically, therefore Francis is not Pope. Benedict is heretic because he intentionally has made the Papacy a dual position – two Popes simultaneously, which is heresy and therefore Benedict is not Pope (he was never a good theologian or Pope anyway).

    So we are without a legitimate Godly Pope. The Cardinals must act to restore the Papacy.

  2. The 'B&B16' Duo
    The confusion that can be seen in the Roman Catholic church is not a crisis but an epochal breakthrough.
    The last papal decision of Benedict XVI led to the transformation of the Saint Peter's Office into a synodal two-headed hybrid. Actually he dissolved - by virtue of power given to him by Jesus Christ [Matt 16, 19] - the same office on Feb. 28, 2013 at 8 p.m. (CET), so no he may already be a Roman Pontiff neither himself nor anyone else. This decision is irrevocable.
    The dissolution of the papacy does not mean that the gates of hell have overcome the militant Church [Matt 16, 18]. The Church will be reborn with the power of God as it was when the Mosaic religion degenerated into the form of the synagogue of Satan and Jesus Christ appeared to breathe new life into the Church of God and raise her to a higher level thrugh the Holy Sacraments.
    By the act of Feb. 10 (11), 2013, B16 released the keys of the God's Kingdom that Christ entrusted to Saint Peter the Apostle. These Keys are the Apocalyptic Woman and the Paraclete; only now the Church will shine on the whole earth with full splendor.

    The end of the papacy in Rome is precisely described in the Prophecy of Saint Malachi (+ 1148), the archbishop of Armagh:

    'Gloria Olivae' - Benedict XVI; the glory/finial of the Roman Catholic church are two olive trees [Rev. 11, 4], which will blossom only now at the end of times - the Paraclete and the Woman of the Revelation.

    'In persecutione extrema S.R.E. Sedebit' - 'S.R.E [Sancta Romana Ecclesia] is in a period of extreme persecution' - this is the phenomenon of Jorge Bergoglio, the destroyer of the Roman Catholic church (especially of the College of Cardinals, the very top of the Church hierarchy). Bergoglio, aside from the B16's dissolution of the papacy, as an apostate, could not be the vicar of Jesus Christ, and therefore Saint Malachi does not name his name among pontifices but only characterizes the effects of his actions.

    'Petrus Romanus, qui pascet oves in multis tribulationibus: quibus transactis civitas septicollis diruetur & Iudex tremendus iudicabit populum suum. Finis'. (“Peter the Roman will feed his flock in the midst of many persecutions, and when it ceases, the city of seven hills will be torn down and a terrible judge will judge his people”.)
    Saint Peter the Apostle was not a Roman (citizen of Rome). Peter the Roman is a Son of the Roman Catholic church (means a Roman) and is identical to the terrible Judge, the same as the Paraclete.
    The papacy in Rome was abolished definitively and irrevocably. What now? The fulfillment of this request addressed to God the Father for nearly 2,000 years: 'Come Thy Kingdom, thy will be done, as in heaven so also on earth.' The Kingdom of God on the earth, finally!

    An excerpt from
    5 II 1928, Jesus Christ:
    „My very praying to the Celestial Father: 'Let It come- let Your Kingdom come; Your Will be done on eart as It is in Heaven,' meant that with My coming upon earth the Kingdom of My Will was not established in the midst of creatures; otherwise I would have said: 'My Father, let Our Kingdom, that I have already established on earth, be confirmed, and let Our Will dominate and reign.' Instead, I said: 'Let It come.' This meant that It must come, and creatures must await It with that certainty with which they awaited the future Redeemer, because there is My Divine Will, bound and committed, in those words of the 'Our Father'; and when It binds Itself, whatever It promises is more than certain. More so, since everything was prepared by Me; nothing else was needed but the manifestation of My Kingdom – and this I am doing.”

  3. 'The Book of Heaven' answers the dilemmas bothering Sussan and Chriss - I chose a few fragments highlighting not a crisis but a breakthrough in the history of the Church.
    An excerpt from //

    January 29, 1919, Jesus Christ said:
    “My beloved daughter, I want to let you know the order of my Providence.  Every two thousand years I have renewed the world.  In the first two thousand years I renewed it with the Deluge; in the second two thousand I renewed it with my coming upon earth when I manifested my Humanity, from which, as if from many fissures, my Divinity shone forth.  The good ones and the very Saints of the following two thousand years have lived from the fruits of my Humanity and, in drops, they have enjoyed my Divinity.  Now we are around the third two thousand years, and there will be a third renewal.  This is the reason for the general confusion:  it is nothing other than the preparation of the third renewal.  If in the second renewal I manifested what my Humanity did and suffered, and very little of what my Divinity was operating, now, in this third renewal, after the earth will be purged and a great part of the current generation destroyed, I will be even more generous with creatures, and I will accomplish the renewal by manifesting what my Divinity did within my Humanity; how my Divine Will acted with my human will; how everything remained linked within Me; how I did and redid everything, and how even each thought of each creature was redone by Me, and sealed with my Divine Volition."

    Antonio Socchi probably doesn't know 'The Book of Heaven', so despite good intentions he stumbles over his own ideas.


  4. That is a most interesting and challenging perspective on our current situation.

    And yes, I also believe it is most likely true at the macro (judgement, end of days) level and the micro (who is the true Pope; what happened; what is happening?!).

    I thank the blog host for posting the article. And I thank the authors for their work and for their obvious faith.

    Jesus Christ reigns. The Blessed Mother will crush the serpents head. Holy Mother Church is eternal. The Saints are precious in God’s sight. Be at peace. Be of good courage. Be ready to work and to fight for all that is good.

    Much here that is good for the soul. . Many thanks.

  5. Well said.
    My belief is that Bergoglio is automatically excommunicated because of Amoris laetitiae [Council of Trent provisions]
    Was he ever a pope?
    I strongly doubt it.
    Has Benedict resigned the papal office?
    I am almost 100% certain he did not.
    Is the college of catholic cardinals trustworthy?
    Is the college of catholic bishops worldwide trustworthy?
    A tiny proportion only.
    C,est la vie.

  6. Thank you to those who have left comments. It is clear that the appearance of two popes in Rome is a very troubling situation especially when they both continue to exhibit good health, physically AND mentally.

    Susan and I are not alone in believing there must be an explanation for this. An explanation for what Benedict chose to do when he surely knew what the Cardinals would do if he stepped aside and gave them an opportunity to run the Church. Antonio Socci offers an explanation that makes sense, we think.

    Benedict has taken the time he has to live in his own Gethsemane and trusts us and God to straighten out the wickedness left in his absence. It isn't up to a pope all by himself to keep the Ark afloat. The laity and the bishops also have responsibilities.

    There is only so much faithful Catholics are willing to bear with Francis and his mafia. I think we are about to witness a great uprising and a rejection of the corruption we have endured these last few years.

  7. Remarkable essay. Thought provoking and should drive us to confession.

    I have had an attraction to Our Lady of Akita. The simple fact that the the nun is again speaking out and that the apparitions may (I'm not sure) be re-occurring should also drive us back to prayer.

  8. From "The Book of Heaven",
    Jan. 29, 1919, Jesus said: "Now we are around the third two thousand years, and there will be a THIRD RENEWAL. This is the reason for the general confusion: it is nothing other than the preparation of the THIRD RENEWAL. If in the second renewal I manifested what my Humanity did and suffered, and very little of what my Divinity was operating, now, in this THIRD RENEWAL, after the EARTH WILL BE PURGED and a great part of the current generation destroyed, I will be even more generous with creatures..."

    Benedict XVI, the last pope in history, disbanded the Roman papacy, regardless of his intentions. I guess he unwittingly opened the way to God's Kingdom on earth. The last Vicar thus fulfilled the will of his Master Jesus Christ. Papacy and religious hierarchy will not return again.

    "The Book of Heaven",
    April 15, 1919, Jesus said:
    "My daughter, in creating the heavens, first I made the stars as minor spheres, and then I created the Sun as the major sphere, endowing It with so much light as to eclipse all the stars, as though hiding them within Itself, and constituting It king of the stars and of all nature. It is my usual way to do minor things first, as preparation for greater ones - these, being the crowning of the minor things. While being my relater, the Sun also conceals the souls who will form their sanctity in my Will; the Saints who lived in the mirror of my Humanity, as if in the shadow of my Will, will be the stars; the former souls, although coming later in time, will be the Suns*."
    *The Miracle of the Sun at Fatima on October 13, 1917 is a portent of the appearance of such Suns on our earth.

    November 27, 1917, Jesus said:
    ".... And then, churches are few and many will be destroyed. Many times I do not find Priests to consecrate Me; other times they allow unworthy souls to receive Me, and worthy souls not to receive Me; other souls are unable to receive Me, therefore my Love finds Itself hindered. This is why I want to make the Sanctity of living in my Will. In It, I will no longer need Priests to be consecrated, nor churches*, tabernacles or hosts. These souls will be everything altogether: Priests, churches, tabernacles and hosts. My Love will be more free. Anytime I want to consecrate Myself, I will be able to do it - in every moment, during the day, at night, in any place where they might be. Oh, how my Love will have Its complete outpouring!
    Ah! my daughter, the present generation deserved to be destroyed completely; and if I will allow a little something to be left of it, it is to form these Suns of the Sanctity of living in my Will, who, through my example, will repay Me for all that other creatures, past, present and future, owed me. Then will the earth give Me true glory, and my "FIAT VOLUNTAS TUA, on earth as it is in Heaven" will have its completion and fulfillment."
    * This corresponds to the surprise of John the Evangelist [Rev 21, 22] "And I saw no temple therein. For the Lord God Almighty is the temple thereof, and the Lamb."
    There will be no repair of the Church as we have known so far - Ecclesia Dei is on the threshold of God's Kingdom. This is a dramatic transition, like all the great breakthroughs in salvation history. Are you aware of this, Mary Ann, Susanne, Chriss, Aqua, every Anonymous?
    [ be continued]

  9. [continued...]
    Finally one more excerpt from "The Book of Heaven":
    November 20, 1917, Jesus said:
    "Oh, the beautiful living in my Will! I like it so much that I will make disappear all other sanctities under any aspect of virtue in the future generations, and I will make the sanctity of living in my Will reappear, which are and will be not human sanctities, but Divine. Their sanctity will be so high that, like suns, they will eclipse the most beautiful stars of the saints of the past generations. This is why I want to purge the earth: it is unworthy of these portents of Sanctity."
    This is a completely unknown perspective, deeply shocking the human being. Jesus Christ is completely incomprehensible in his intentions towards his own Ecclesia Dei.

  10. Myron, a blog comment is really no place to leave a dissertation or try to quote large portions from a book. I appreciate your enthusiasm for Luisa Piccaretta and the Divine Will movement, but I doubt if many readers wade through all this. A short comment with a brief quote is more likely to be read -- even by me.

  11. Chriss and Susan, thank you for this excellent article and review of Socci’s book! As you both mentioned, we do seem to be living in a “God-willed state of exception,” where I do believe Benedict is suffering for the Chruch. Dr Kwasniewski points out that we can’t even call this a “conspiracy theory,” since we have Benedict’s and Archbishop Gaenswein’s own words on record, as well as the remarks from non-traditionalist canon lawyers who have said that the resignation lacks some of the conditions for validity. And of course add to that, the unusual nature that since Benedict’s resignation in 2013 he has remained in the enclosure of the Vatican, still dresses as the pope, still signs his name Benedict XVI, and still uses the papal seal.

    We may never know all of the details, but as you all have pointed out we are engaged in a battle between good and evil. Archbishop Fulton Sheen said that it is going to be up to the laity to save the Chruch, and you all nailed it when you called for us to repent and believe in the Gospel! Now we have to pray and fast like never before.

  12. I’m sorry, but if Pope Emeritus Benedict is ACTUALLY THE REAL POPE....then the whole Church is doomed and hell's gates have prevailed against her....She cannot be indefectible any longer if Benedict is actually the true Pope...

    ...because if that were, in fact, true, that would mean the ACTUAL Vicar of Christ on Earth (Benedict XVI, per some) has perpetrated a deception upon the entire Bride of Christ around the world so heinous that the very foundations of heaven would be shaken. It would mean that the living, breathing, authentic Pope has bound the whole Church to a diabolical lie...and it would be the greatest lie any true Pontiff could ever bind the Church to – the lie that says: "he, himself, is NOT the real Bishop of Rome, NOT the reigning Supreme Pontiff with the divinely bestowed Keys of Christ's own Authority to Bind and Loose on earth and in heaven...but that another man is actually Pope, another man is the true Successor of Saint Peter and now rules from his Throne." It would mean this, of course, because......


    This is what he has repeatedly stated, and he, himself, has acknowledged and affirmed the supremacy of another man as Supreme Ruler of the Church, submitting himself unto the obedience of Francis as his legitimate, God-sanctioned Superior. He consistently and exclusively recognizes and acclaims Francis as Pope, the only Pope. And in so doing, he has led the universal Church to do the same, and to accept and believe what he, himself, has said and has contended, and continues to say and contend unto this very day.

    So, if Benedict is the TRUE, ONE and ONLY Pope, then he has cursed the whole Church with an egregious, monstrous lie. A hideous, atrocious lie that he built and maintains to this moment...a damnable, soul-destroying lie that has the WHOLE CHURCH honoring, obeying and submitting to a FALSE SHEPHERD - with Benedict’s express knowledge and active participation - a lie that has the REAL Pope submitting to, and claiming that another man is, in fact, Pope. It would be an unspeakable deception perpetrated upon the Faithful so abominable, so heinous, so horrifying that there is nothing in the entire history of the Church that could even begin to compare with it.

    It would ALSO mean that Benedict is, himself a FALSE SHEPHERD, a satanic Deceiver and Destroyer of the Flock, with a betrayal far worse than anything the apostate heretic Luther or freemasons could ever have done. If he could so wound and wreck the entire Church by causing her to accept a false Pope while he, as the true Holy Father, yet breathed and lived among us, then he, himself, would have necessarily also lost the Faith and could no longer claim the immutability of the Papal Office and Charism. Thus, the Rock has disintegrated, the Throne of Saint Peter stands irreparably vacant, hell is triumphant, and both Christ and His Blessed Mother lied.

    But we know any such scenario is utterly preposterous. Because we know it would be beyond impossible for the Church to fail and be led into, and bound to, such a lie from a living, reigning, authentic Vicar of Christ on Earth; nor would it be possible for a true Pope to bind the whole Church to such a demonic lie. Thus, we know then, that Benedict IS NOT POPE just as he genuine Chief Shepherd could lie to the Church like that, and cause the entire global hierocracy and universal government of the Church, along with all of Christendom, to believe and accept that another man - a man he knows is NOT the true Pope - IS Pope, and bow before that man as Supreme Pontiff. No man who was actually the real Pope could do such a thing - not and still BE Pope...because if he did, he would no longer be Pope.

    Therefore....BENEDICT IS NOT POPE...Francis is.

    Whether we like it or not, Francis is Peter.

  13. Dear Bring Back St. Pope Pius V,

    I can tell you have thought about this a lot. Believe me, we have all searched for truth. We want somehow for all this to just make sense.

    I believe Antonio Socci is saying what I sometimes recommend which is: To solve the problem, you have to stop looking at "the problem" and begin to imagine the possibilities.

    For instance, did Pope Benedict remain in Rome for a reason? Maybe when we have the ears to hear and the eyes to see it will be clear to us what that means.

    Put your faith in God alone.

  14. Pope Francis blatantly contradicts Evangelium Vitae by Pope John II. Here are his public and published words and the link to his heresy published on the Vatican website. Please notice that he admits teaching this heresy as a priest throughout his career and now as Pope.

    ‘Many times in my life as a priest, I have heard objections. “Tell me, why, for example, does the Church oppose abortion? Is it a religious problem?” — “No, no. It’s not a religious problem”

    A heretic cannot be Pope and Francis is not Pope. God save the unborn!

  15. Excerpt from “Apologia Pro Benedicto Sexto Decimo: Why Benedict is Still Pope” by Fr. David Belland

    “The most convincing piece of information concerning the intention of Pope Benedict not to give up the Papacy, that is, his deliberate will to renounce only the Petrine Ministry is an article by Fr. Joseph Schweigl, S.J., a professor at the Gregorian University in Rome, entitled Fatima and the Conversion of Russia. This article was published in 1956 in a journal issuing from the Russicum College in Rome, where the Commission For Russia instituted by Pope Pius XII was operating. Fr. Schweigl was a member of the Commission For Russia and had been granted authorization by Pope Pius XII in 1952 to undertake a mission for interrogating Sr. Lucy concerning the message of Fatima. He had 31 questions which he presented to her and which she addressed candidly and amply. Before he left Portugal, however, he was instructed by the Holy Office through the Chancery at Coimbra, the Diocese where the Carmelite Convent where Sr. Lucy resided was located, that he could not reveal anything of the interview he had had with Sr. Lucia.

    What Fr. Schweigl wrote, however, was definitely connected with the message of Fatima, though probably through paraphrasing or summarizing in his own words what Sr. Lucia said more directly, as others have done with information they have about the 3rd Secret, e.g., Cardinal Ciappi. In any case Fr. Schweigl stated on page 15 of his article: “The Third Secret [of Fatima] deals with a victorious, triumphal decision by the Pope, triumphal, yes, but also difficult and heroic."

    Source: This information comes from tape #4 of an 11 tape recording of a series of talks by Guido Del Rose (RIP) entitled Fatima and the Last Times Apostasy. A former Custodian of the National Pilgrim Statue for the U.S., Mr. Del Rose was attending conferences on Our Lady’s message by Fatima experts in Europe during the ‘60’s & ‘70’s.

    An additional source to Fr. Schweigl’s quote can be found more formally in Vol. 3 of Frere Michel’s excellent trilogy: The Whole Truth About Fatima on page 252 Footnote #39."

  16. Here is another excerpt from Fr. Belland's "Apologia":

    “The Vision of Jacinta

    Since Pope Benedict’s renunciation, I have been greatly disturbed by the almost immediate change of attitude concerning Benedict, especially by those who consider themselves traditional, which continues to this day. While he was Pope, Benedict was commended and praised for the various moves he made to tradition. But with his renunciation, there was a sudden about-face. Benedict was considered a coward, a traitor, a liberal, a modernist among so many other things. I couldn’t help but imagine him to be the one in the scene described by Sr. Lucia in her 3rd Memoir–taking it figuratively and even literally.

    “One day we spent our siesta down by my parents’ well. Jacinta sat on the stone slabs on top of the well. Francisco and I climbed up a steep bank in search of wild honey among the brambles in a nearby thicket. After a little while, Jacinta called out to me:

    “Didn’t you see the Holy Father?’


    “‘I don’t know how it was but I saw the Holy Father in a very big house, kneeling by a table, with his head buried in his hands, and he was weeping. Outside the house, there were many people. Some of them were throwing stones, others were cursing him and using bad language. Poor Holy Father, we must pray very much for him.” …

    There seems to be no situation in the last hundred years which could come even close in reality to what is depicted in the vision–except, except for Benedict’s presence and spiritual ministry in that convent in the Vatican, remodeled to house him.

    Hopefully, what has been provided herein will be sufficient to establish the possibility that Pope Benedict’s renunciation is tied to the 3rd Secret of Fatima. Thus, to say that he did it under duress, out of fear, as a compromise or, as some would insinuate, as a traitor to Christ and His Church and flock would not be in any way accurate, and could even be a defamation of a loyal and courageous Pope of the Church.

    For, those who say or intimate such things offer no concrete evidence to support their charge except the standard parroted charge “He’s a modernist from way back.” Admittedly, there could have been a threat demanding that he cease and desist from his effort to bring back the traditions of the Church. However, that in no way had an influence on what he ultimately did, namely, to retain the Petrine Office, by his renunciation of the Papal Ministry only and keep it (the Papal Office), as will become more and more clear shortly, out of the control of the demonic forces that were determined to destroy the Church. In this way, God is using Benedict as a secondary cause in making good on His promise to be with His Church until the end of time.”