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Monday, July 13, 2020

Communism is the Plan: Will We Listen to the Warning?

My friend Angie sent this message with the video from the President's recent roundtable in Florida.  

Let me repeat the advice from this Cuban immigrant's father, "If you lose this place (America), you will have no place to go." 
We are losing our country, folks. Will you be among the "useful idiots" being manipulated by the Communists with their "empty promises?" Or will you fight? Begin by obeying Mary's message at Fatima. Pray the rosary daily and embrace the Five First Saturdays Devotion. 

And now here's Angie's letter:

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

Today I was inspired to write a Spiritual Reflection on a particular Gospel; a meditation of that which God is asking of each and every soul during this present global situation. While writing it and before its completion, I received an e-mail from someone who knows about my experience as a child in Cuba. This short video (less than 10 minutes) is a brief testimony of a Cuban gentleman, speaking in a recent meeting with President Trump. He is describing in general that which our family knows well.

Suddenly, I knew that God wanted me to delay sending the Spiritual Reflection, and now share instead this video with all you. As you well know, from the beginning of this global crisis, I have expressed my truthful sentiments about the reality behind this "pandemic"...and all that has followed since and continues to worsen (as I predicted it would). 

During the past four months, I have shared that we, my husband and sisters, as well as any other Cuban we know, have clearly seen Satan's evil plan unfolding, through global government control... Global Atheistic Communism. The fulfillment of the Fatima Prophecy Our Blessed Mother warned us about. 

 We as Cubans, have a sad yet memorable personal lived experience to prove it, not simply based on theoretical or intellectual facts. For many years, those who have heard a condensed version of our journey, have asked me to record or write it; yet perhaps it was not yet the God held it for these times, in order that it would have a greater impact on more souls.

Of all of us in our family who left Cuba, our father died young in 1978 (age 54), then aunts, uncles and grandparents, even our younger brother who died in 2005 (age 52); only our mother had survived, until her death one year ago. Though all of them shared our story with many throughout the years, no one had written or recorded it. My two sisters and I always hoped to have our mom recorded describing the details of their experience as adults (since we were children), but this did not materialize, as she suffered a massive stroke, which left her unable to speak for eight years, until her death. Now, the three of us, as mothers and grandmothers, in the midst of the present reality, truly feel that we need to give witness to the horrors of Communism, which is quickly spreading before our eyes...and YES, also here in the United States. If it is the Divine Will of God, by His Grace, I will probably begin to write our personal testimony soon.

In the meantime, please watch the video, and listen to this man's brief yet moving story. It is my prayerful hope that it shall confirm all that I have tried to transmit from the time this global crisis began. As you recall, I have repeatedly called the virus THE LIE of the evil one...the tool he used to brainwash or indoctrinate humanity; thus making everyone (even the Church) "his slave" to PANIC, out of fear of getting sick or dying, under the seemingly virtuous acts of "obedience" and "charity". 

 As you know, I felt the moral responsibility to call it what it is..."misguided obedience" and "false charity". The devil, and therefore Atheistic Communism, will always use "seemingly good" motives to achieve their evil goals. For months now, Satan has manipulated individuals and families to behave as robots or puppets; wearing masks and keeping distance from one another...all of which is the antithesis of what God created us to be; as it prevents HIS INCARNATIONAL LOVE from being shared, as Jesus taught us. This has weakened the minds and hearts, making them "ready" for all that is yet to come. Only in God, can the deception be overcome. 

Let us pray for one another and everyone throughout the world. Let us be authentic witnesses to our Catholic Faith...BE NOT AFRAID, for He Who is THE WAY, THE TRUTH and THE LIFE, wants to set us FREE.

God bless you and Blessed Mother Mary guard and guide you + + +
Angelica ~ Angie


Susan said...

Anthony Stine of Return to Tradition has this excellent audio on youtube which explains the intentional, methodical process by which this Communist chaos we're seeing today came about. Here's the link:

Osusanna said...

God bless the Italians who are defending Columbus statues, at least in Philly. There are videos on Utube that are heartening. Praying for America.