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Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Monstrous Ellen G White and Seventh-day Adventists' anti-Catholic prophecy seminars

Muhammad's nasty twin sister, Ellen G White.
Twins, because both had Satanic visions.
The monstrous Ellen G White (1827-1915) co-founder and female pope of the Seventh-day Adventist (SDA) apostate religion had visions which were obviously from the devil, but which she said were from God, telling her that the devil resided in the Papacy of the Roman Catholic Church. Instead of Christ and the Church that He founded being the one true religion, Ellen G White made herself the founder of the "one true religion" of Seventh-day Adventist apostates, complete with their own papacy - the infallible papacy of Pope Ellen. SDAs are perpetually miffed because Saturday is no longer the sabbath, hence their name.

Pope Ellen had over 200 visions where she would shout "Glory!", be filled with superhuman strength, not breathe during the entire vision no doubt because she was living off the life-force of Lucifer, and, upon coming out of a vision and taking her first natural breath, Pope Ellen would exclaim in a long drawn out sigh, "D-a-r-k". 

The following are a few snippets from Pope Ellen G White's 720 page Great Controversy - her evil book of hatred for and lies about the Catholic Church which she received from Satan during her visions. The woman's vile wickedness and ignorance knows no bounds - obviously, since every word she wrote was dictated to her by Lucifer - the same scenario in which Muhammad received the Quran from Lucifer during his visions of "Gabriel" in the cave at Hira. White says:  "the Catholic Church's claim to the right to pardon (sins through Confession) causes the Romanist to feel at liberty to sin"; "the scriptural ordinance of the Lord's supper had been supplanted by the idolatrous sacrifice of the mass where papist priests pretend, by their senseless mummery, to convert the simple bread and wine into the actual body and blood of Christ"; "Rome presumed to expunge from the law of God the second commandment, forbidding image worship, and to divide the tenth commandment in order to preserve the number"; "Christ gives no example in his life for men and women to shut themselves in monasteries in order to become fitted for Heaven"; "the worship of images and relics, the invocation of saints, and the exaltation of the pope, are devices of Satan to attract the minds of the people from God and His Son" (which Seventh-day Adventists know well since the exaltation of their pope, Ellen G White and her papacy, is a device of Satan to attract their minds away from God and toward Satan's territory of lies and falsehood).

The above hate quotes from the SDA papacy of their female founder are but a minuscule tidbit of the abominations advanced to her from the Father of Lies, who therefore, just like Islam, is indirectly the founder of the Seventh-day Adventist apostate religion. Seventh-day Adventists don't believe in Jesus Christ and the Bible as much as in Ellen G White and her demonic writings. They have deified her! She is their goddess....just like in paganism.

Now we come to the SDA's prophecy seminars given across the planet to spew hatred for Catholics and the Catholic Church. Yes, yes...we all know nice SDAs. But they are people who have not honestly looked any further than Pope Ellen because... ??... they are also prejudiced against Catholics and the Catholic Church and cannot fathom crossing the Tiber. They're terrified of the truth because they fear being sucked into the vortex of Satan and being whooshed out at the other end and spit into hell ... where they already are! They can't see truth for the lies - the lies of Ellen G White.

I have been to an SDA prophecy seminar before where a local SDA pastor, Bill Hughes, lied about what happened there. His screed is here on his Lies Triumphant website. He wrote it after I wrote this. Yep - there I am described with "cruel anger and hate" and "burning anger in my eyes" hahah. I never stood up and yelled as he said. Either the person who called him lied, or Hughes himself is lying to enhance his position (note that he clearly admits SDA's hatred of the Catholic Church). In addition, here is another lie he states: when I  engaged him in discussion in the post office, he DID respond (he lies that he did not) and by the time the brief conversation ended he was profusely sweating. The devil hates to be confronted. I never yell. But maybe the truth reverberates in their mind, echoing off the caverns of Hell so it sounds loud to them. Who knows.

From July 3-11, the Seventh-day Adventist Church of Umatilla, FL, about 10 miles away, is holding an 8 day prophecy seminar. On the 5th or 6th night of these seminars the Roman Catholic Church is unveiled as the Beast of the Apocalypse and the Whore of Babylon, with the papacy being the Antichrist and most evil force in the universe. (We won't go into Bergoglio here because the SDAs would not understand.)

Seventh-day Adventist creed.
This SDA church mailed flyers to every household and post office box in the area as well as placing an ad in the local newspaper. I have a few boxes of the Educated Catholic; Forever Catholic that the Orlando Truth published so decided to go to the opening night and hand out books to people going into the seminar.

The week before, I had gone to the Umatilla police station to let them know my plans. I asked where private church property ends and where I could legally stand, then questioned what they would do if the SDA church called to report me. They said that if I were peacefully protesting and they got a call, they would come out and just ask me to leave... even though that would be illegal, wouldn't it? I have the right to protest. After all I wasn't planning to loot and burn the church to the ground.

On their opening night, Friday, July 3rd, I drove into the parking lot to assess the situation. As I was turning around, the pastor drove in and parked next to me. I got out of my car, introduced myself, told him what I was going to do and that I had already checked with the police, then handed him a copy of the book. 

I told him that what he was doing was anti-Catholic. He wanted to argue and tell me that the seminar was "all biblical". I told him it was not and that I knew - since I had been to an SDA seminar before - that about night 6 they unveil the Catholic Church as the greatest evil of all time. 

If I had not given him a book and told him that the police said I could stand on county property and hand out books....that is if I had not forewarned him... it might have gone better because no telling what he said inside the church to make people discard the book I gave them. I thought of going inside to sit for awhile, but did not because I cannot stomach the vicious lies at these false prophecy seminars.

The pastor put the book in his car then went into the church and I went to the little side dirt road (county property) and parked my car. I stood in the rain with the books and an umbrella - with the wind blowing and constantly turning the umbrella inside out - on the outside of the turn lane's white line, therefore  on county property and not private church property - and handed out a book to each car driving in. After a few minutes the pastor sent a woman to stand on the little hill behind me with a phone to her ear watching that I did not step onto their property. Then she stopped each car and told them something while pointing to my book which they still held in their hand. 

One kind woman wanted a book but she had already driven onto church property. The SDA spy told me that I could not give the woman a book because I was standing over the line so the woman put her car in park, got out and walked with me to the line. We stepped over it and I gave her a book. She tucked it under her shirt so it wouldn't get wet, then got back in her car and drove off into the parking lot. God bless that woman!

I offered a book to the SDA woman spy so she "would know the truth". Pointing to the SDA church she said, "We have the truth." I said, "No, you do not." 

The SDA apostate church instills hatred and false beliefs of the vile papacy of Ellen G White in poor country folk. Some pastors make a vast fortune from their anti-Catholic hatred (one local SDA pastor, Bill Hughes, a self described apostate from the already apostate SDA religion, lives in a new 4,305 square-foot $500,000 house with 6 bedrooms, 4 full baths and one half bath and a three-car garage. Last I checked he also had over $2,000,000 in local real estate... um... money laundering is a crime) and are largely responsible for anti-Catholic hatred in the world. When an SDA talks to me about the Catholic Church and the papacy I always remind them that they themselves have a pope - a woman who channeled the devil for their infallible SDA teachings - their very own beastly founder, Antichrist Ellen G White, the Whore of Babylon.  


JefZeph said...

This witch's atrocities aren't limited to the spiritual realm. She and the SDA are directly responsible for the poor health and death of countless millions over the last century and a half with their unnatural vegetarian/vegan diet.

They have been behind government manipulation of the public's idea of a "healthy diet" since Kellogg's cereal came on the market. They are the reason the Food Pyramid not only exists, but is very literally upside down. Their highly successful efforts to turn nutrition on its head are the primary cause of heart disease, cancer and type II diabetes - all of which were nearly nonexistent prior to the 20th century.

To "protect the animals", of course.

You are right to call her beastly, and the more deeply you investigate this hellish organization, the more insidious you find them to be. They have caused unspeakable harm to the bodies and souls of untold millions, yet hardly anyone knows the first thing about them.

Then again, most evil is wrought from the shadows, isn't it?

Osusanna said...

We forbid image worship. Except on our Tshirts. Right out of the gate if you are hating on your neighbor (second greatest commandment) you are deceived.

Davis Clancy said...

Have you read Constance Cumbey's writings? She was a SDA who converted to the Baptist faith, and has also written very favorably of Catholics. Pope Benedict actually used some of her research in his 1994 document against the New Age Movement.

The historicist methodology used for interpreting end time events favored by the SDA community has fallen out of favor with Catholics (I'm a Catholic), as many Catholics are de facto dominionist - that is - many Catholics mistakenly believe that they will meet Christ when he returns in a thousand years or so by stepping out of a Trump helicopter after having conquered the world and bathed in riches. This view of most Catholics is just as wrong as the 'rapture' heresy from many evangelicals. Both views ignore the sufferings that Christians must go through.

All that to say, I think the SDA historicist methodology is correct, but their implementation is incorrect. There is some good news here, for if they could say, substitute the 'The United States Eastern Seaboard and NYC' for the 'Catholic Church' as the Whore of Babylon, along with many of their later interpretations of the Trumpet and Vial judgements (ie we are probably in vial judgment 5 right now with the closing of the Beast's cities - the global economic beast run currently by US, but after US is nuked will be run by antiChrist figure from Europe - probably Javier Solana) - if they could make the right substitutions, the SDA community might suddenly and all at once come into the Catholic Church. Do you remember the story of the wicked servant who realizes his master his coming home? What if that is Pope Benedict, and he brings in the Abrahamic faiths and the Protestants to Catholicism all at once, making deals to 'beat the clock' of Christ's return?

Unknown said...

Very interesting. How were you able to attain these books? I do not see them available.

Mary King said...

I babysat for an adventist couple's children a few times as a teenager. The eleven year old girl, their oldest, asked me one night what religion I followed. When I told her I was Catholic, she proceeded to tell me some terrible things her family believed about Catholicism and Catholics in general. I proceeded to gently set her aright. I did not expound the faith in any detail, but gave her the basics which shattered the myth of idolatry.

The following week her parents confronted me and asked if I had been discussing my faith with their daughter. I told them that the child had asked me about my faith, had given me her damnable beliefs and that I was compelled to defend my faith and myself.

No, I did not babysit for them again.

CatholicNI said...

A Catholic does not fulfil Sunday duty by attending mass on Saturday. Better to forget seventh day adventists and deal with the problems in our Vatican back yard. All ministers of the Eucharist, women especially will defend God’s Eucharist with their lives. Or will they?

CatholicNI said...

Maybe you should “go into” Wojtyla kissing the Quran. After all, it is, according to the Vatican sect, the Religion of Peace!!