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Saturday, July 11, 2020

There's Good News about COVID 19...

...but don't expect to hear it from the mainstream media.

Another doctor has good news about treating the Wuhan virus. Dr. Richard Bartlett is curing patients sick with the disease. (See more.)

Have you heard about this from the mainstream media (MSM)? Probably not. Or if you have, it's all negative. There haven't been any studies. Anecdotal evidence is no good. Yadda, yadda, yadda. By that rationale, Pateur's treatment against anthrax and rabies would have been deep-sixed! Hey, his rabies victims are all surviving, but we have no controlled studies!

The MSM wants bad news because their entire agenda is political not medical. They welcome disaster so they can defeat Trump in November. Most of the "reporters" don't report the news, they frame it according to their bias which is mostly liberal.

Think about it.

Because of their constant drum beating, approval of Trump's virus policies is at a new low. Just ask Trump-hating CNBC and check out their poll results.

On the other hand, Andrew Cuomo, who's responsible for killing thousands of vulnerable New Yorkers in long-term care, is polling well. So a man who promoted one of the most effective early treatments for the virus, hydroxychloroquine (It doesn't help when people are at death's door!) gets panned, while a man responsible for thousands of deaths is hailed as a savior.

Go figure!

Cuomo must be very grateful to the lying, liberal mainstream media who prop him up!

Unfortunately, many Americans are lemmings.

I've been talking to the medical people I know, because if I get sick and my doctor won't prescribe either the Budesonide treatment or Hydroxychloroquine (which I'll take with zinc and Vitamin C), I want to find someone who will. My dad used to say they call it the practice of medicine because they're practicing on you. Well...if I'm going to be practiced on, I want to do the research and be involved in my own treatment. It's called self-interest. I think I care more about my health than my doctors do. So when I had cancer I made sure I did the research so I could make informed decisions. I'll do the same with the Wuhan virus and any other illness. To me, that's just plain common sense!


PBCatholic said...

The World Hellth Organisers and their Hegelian minions worldwide, not content with having us avoid each other like we are bubonic plagues incarnate now would have us go around breathing God’s air which he created perfectly suitable for us, through disgusting dirt collecting nose bags which are a threat to our health. World Wide People Control Central right there in New York! Hiding in plain sight. May good and intelligent women everywhere start a campaign against this insanity. Wear the Tee Shirt. Here is the slogan. “DO WEAR IT. DIE SOONER DON’T WEAR IT. DIE LATER” Come on all you Catholic women. Lead the way. Start printing the Tee shirts today. And pray for the conversion to the Catholic faith of the World Population Controllers, especially Paddy the Irishman Ryan and his comrade, what the Be Yesus is his name?

rohrbachs said...

The good news about covid is bad news about trump since he has been so complicit in this kangaroo demic.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

HCQ is effective when used early. Here's a study that supports its effectiveness.