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Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Wuhan Virus Censorship: We're Living in the Goebbels Propaganda State....And It's Killing People!

UPDATE: The American Frontline Doctors website has been taken down by their provider. If you click on the link at the end of this post, you will get a message that the website expired. Baloney! The censors will do everything to make sure you only hear the "approved" narrative! It's the Goebbels machine on steroids!

Our censors are the mainstream media and giant corporations who make sure we only get the news they want us to get. Yesterday they all conspired together to remove a viral video that had tens of millions of views and shares within the eight hours it was up. What was so controversial about the video? It was a group of medical doctors with real patients (unlike Dr. Fauci) who disagree with the attack on hydroxychloroquine a medicine that is "safer than aspirin."

The video is back up, but no thanks to the Goebbels clones at Google YouTube, Twitter, etc. 

The doctors advise "get out of the cycle of fear!" 

Here are a few out-takes from the press conference. It's clear that the move against HCQ is POLITICAL! 

Send the kids back to school. "We need to normalize the life of our children....We need to not act out of fear; we need to act out of science....The barriers will not be science...(but) the (teachers' unions)."

"NOBODY NEEDS TO DIE!...I'm upset....None (of my patients) die....This virus has a cure: hydroxychloroqhine, zinc, and azithromycin....America, there is a cure for Covid....It's time for the grassroots to wake up!"

Here's the link to the press conference.

Facebook, Google/YouTube, Twitter Censor Viral Video of Doctors’ Capitol Hill Coronavirus Press Conference

Watch at least the first ten minutes of this video, especially the black doctor whose impassioned witness points out that many people die unnecessarily. Restricting hydroxychloroquine is killing people! "We don't like to watch patients die!"

The doctors in this video want to "bring more light" to the discussion about the virus. That means "thinking more about tradeoffs...unanticipated consequences....COVID 19 is a challenging, complex issue that we have multiple perspectives on....It's not good for the American people when everyone is hearing one perspective."

Of course the mainstream media and the big corporations don't agree. They want to control the narrative. It's all about politics. The more people die, the worse the country's situation, the more likely they can defeat Trump in November. Since the ends, in their philosophy, justifies the means, hundreds of thousands of deaths, whether from the virus or from violent riots in the cities are just collateral damage in the political war. 

Wake up, America! If we surrender to the cultural Marxists, there will be no place to run. 


Aqua said...

We are censoring ourselves. We don't have to let them. Other don't.

These are my people from the Faith I was born into - the Protestant evangelical faith. I visited this Church once. Read many of his books. Heard many of his sermons. And so ... after the Catholic Church went dark - except for the brave SSPX.

I tip my cap in admiration to these my former tribe. May they all repent and convert and become Catholic one day and bring this spirit of single-minded devotion to the Triune God to the One True Roman Catholic Faith.

Susan said...

The full (over 2 hours long) video of the press conference of these doctors done indoors, which is truly excellent, can be found at the link below, which I hope gets through. God bless these brave doctors! They're risking both their professional and personal lives by coming forward to expose the lies and corruption suppressing THE CURE for Covid.

Osusanna said...

commenter on Breitbart says these platforms should be sued for practicing medicine without a license. Good idea. Thanks.

rohrbachs said...

The only problem I have seen with these doctors is the very sketchy website of Dr Stella Immanuel. Wish it could be explained.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

I agree rohrbachs. She has some pretty weird ideas. But think of all the doctors whose weird ideas include killing their patients in the womb or if their old and useless. I'll take a doctor who believes in aliens but cares for her patients and wants to cure them any day over the Dr. Mengele's among us. And most of those doctors are people I wish I were going to. The Atlanta doctor in the second conference seemed like a really kind and compassionate man.