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Thursday, July 16, 2020

Is Fauci Auditioning for Stand-Up Comic?

Playing to the crowd
Put a curly red wig and a false nose on Anthony Fauci (Well, maybe he doesn't need the nose.) and you'll recognize him for the clown he is. He's stirred Wuhan virus panic since the beginning and most of his advice has been bad. He rides a seesaw from one interview to the next with his changing advice, but consistently sounds like Chicken Little on steroids.

If Trump had listened to Fauci's advice not to ban travel from China, the spread of the virus would likely be worse. As for the constant hand-wringing and gloom and doom, how exactly does that help?

Also, can we trust the data that's driving all this? Florida, for example, is a state showing a large surge in the virus. Is the data accurate? Well...not likely. As of July 14th, many labs were showing a 100% rate of positive tests. Everybody knows that's wrong but those are the numbers being reported. Hospitalizations and death rates tell more, but with the politicalization of the disease even that's questionable. It seemed in NYC that every death was attributed to the virus. What are the real statistics? Who knows?

Meanwhile, Fauci, who hasn't practiced hands-on medicine for 20 years has been at the forefront of pooh-poohing the doctors on the front lines who testify to the efficacy of treatments like the Zelenko protocol and the use of the nebulizer treatment with Budesonide (Source):
The protocol’s success comes from treating on clinical suspicion, which means not waiting for test results. If a high-risk person presents with symptoms, start the protocol right away so the infection doesn’t have time to get a strong foothold. 
And what is the protocol? It’s a low-cost (usually $20) prescription.
  • Hydroxychloroquine 200mg 2x/daily for 5 days 
  • Zinc sulfate 220mg 1x/daily for 5 days 
  • Azithromycin 500mg 1x/daily for 5 days
Another tool gaining attention is using a nebulizer for inhaling the corticosteroid Budesonide. Normally used for treating asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, Budesonide inhaled through a nebulizer combined with zinc has produced a 100% Covid recovery rate for patients of Dr. Richard Bartlett of Midland, Texas. At least one hospital has cleared its ICU of Covid patients by using Bartlett’s protocol.
Bartlett wrote that he chose Budesonide over other corticosteroids because “it appears to block most of the cytokine storm inflammatory chemicals that Covid-19 triggers.” He also says, “100% of [his] patients appear to be symptom-free following a course of inhaled Budesonide therapy.” Bartlett has published a Case Study Report for people to review.
What got me laughing about Fauci was his assurance to all of us that, "You can trust me." Medpage Today reported his saying yesterday,  "For the most part ... you can trust respected medical authorities. I believe I'm one of them. So, I think you can trust me."


This from a man who debunks the doctors on the front lines who are actually saving the lives of patients who come down with the virus. He obviously doesn't consider them "respected medical authorities" because they don't echo his siren song that these things are harmful or don't work.

Sorry, Dr. Fauci. I give you the same level of trust I'd give to any other stand up comic offering me medical advice! Quack, quack!


Steve Cherry said...

I just finished listening to Debbie Georgatos' second interview with Dr. Bartlett today. Love her show. She is getting the word out about all these other possibilities for the virus treatment. More doctors are paying attention.

This is Mary Fran, not Steve

JMJT said...

New Related video by Dr. Mike Hansen, Internal Medicine, Pulmonary specialist, ICU M.D.

The TRUTH about how COVID-19 Spreads (and how to prevent getting it):

Osusanna said...

"trust me baby" says the guy who 3 years ago said a virus would break out.
What ______. St. Francis said pride dies 10 minutes after we do.

Aqua said...

Science in our day is *not* merely the experimental method that imparts useful knowledge *tools* for use by godly leadership to use in their pursuit of wise outcomes for the common good in service to God; science, an obscure but handy field of practice by a small segment of society.

Science has *now* become the new religion, an end in itself; its Doctors and scientists are its high priests; government and business thought and funding leaders are its Bishops; George Soros its Pope. It pursues knowledge itself as its highest aspiration. Knowledge is controlled and dispensed by the elites to the uninitisted who go to their multi-media "Church" to find out what paths they should take, choices they should make. Self fulfillment and personal pleasure as this "Church's" ultimate goal.

Dr. Fauci is not so much a scientist as an Oracle. And like the OT false prophets, his advice and guidance is bad because God is not in it; has indeed been displaced by this infamous poseur of a "Doctor".

We are urged by the Church to pursue Wisdom, not knowledge. In fact knowledge may perhaps be one of the most dangerous conduits through which the pride of the Devil can lead us AWAY from the most worthy of all pursuits - seeking and finding Lady Wisdom who helps us in our pursuit and Love of Almighty God.

But we pursue knowledge instead, and God is not in pure knowledge without first the guiding hand of Lady Wisdom.

I don't listen to Fauci, never have. He and his scientist pals have little that interests me. And, yes, they are usually wrong in the questions that matter most. Those questions, I pursue Wisdom to help me find answers,