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Thursday, July 23, 2020

Need a Part-Time Job? This Looks Like Fun!

I got an email the other day with a picture of St. Lucy of Fatima that intrigued me. So I went to the link and watched the video.

Here's the email from July 1st. They may have hired as many folks as they want/need, but if you live near Chantilly and think this looks intriguing, why not give them a call. 

I am looking to hire Crusaders for the Family at my work,  I am happy to train and take anyone that has the crusading spirit, from 15years of age and up, as long as you want to help fight the good fight in this final battle for the family, you'll do great!   If you don't have a lot of time, but want to just put in a day in or so, or if you would like to do something in the battle on the family, or if you know someone that is looking for a good Summer job while not in school, or if you just want to help out once-in-awhile please feel free to share this with them.  Please see the ad below and feel free to respond to this email or the contact info below.

WANTED- Catholics to work for a Pro-life, Pro-Family Organization!

Public Advocate of the U.S., a conservative pro-life and pro-family organization, is hiring in Chantilly, Va.!  We are looking for good Catholic Pro-lifers for our Office Assistant position and part-time singers.  Some of the duties include: social media, database maintenance, donor relations, some research.  Singing is a BONUS.
Hours are flexible. Required: must want to be a promoter of pro-family values to fight the good fight for the family against the homosexual agenda.  $15 hourly rate.  Apply with your resume and with a few times/dates that work for you for a Zoom interview. Write or call 703-845-1808.  

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