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Friday, July 10, 2020

After Five Days of Sanity with St. Ignatius, a Return to Insanity!

Insanity: This white elitist makes big bucks
 pandering to politically correct racist nonsense.
This is what the schools are pushing!
I didn't sleep very well on retreat. Having arrived with a basketful of stressers, like the possibility of my husband needing a replacement of his knee replacement (No longer a possibility, but a surety), the serious illness of a friend (She's back in the hospital), and some other issues (sigh),  I needed to make a serious effort to enter into the meditations. So many distractions!

Since I was coordinating the logistics of the retreat, and about half the women had never been before, I found myself fielding questions and giving directions more than usual throughout the five days. And then an unforeseen situation popped into my viewscreen that had every nerve ending in my body tingling for half a day. The Lord resolved it in the best way possible, but I felt for awhile like I needed to imitate saints who threw themselves into thorn bushes. (I didn't by the way, and, as Father said, he didn't bring any hair shirts or chains. His recommendation was short prayers whenever I was distracted, gently placing myself back into the meditation. "God is pleased with your efforts. Don't let it worry you too much." So I didn't. But it was a difficult retreat.)

Well, I'm home now and exhausted. I need to recover from my retreat, primarily from sleep deprivation. In many ways, even that was gift. I went down to the chapel in the middle of night when no one was there -- just me and Jesus. Since I'm very bad about voluntary penance, the Lord likes to give me involuntary penance, although I can hardly describe kneeling in front of the tabernacle with my Lord as a penance -- more like a gift. And I was well aware that my Mother Mary and my guardian angel were praying for me and with me.

Despite all its difficulties, retreat gave me five days of sanity immersed in the faith and the wisdom and spirituality of St. Ignatius.

And then I came home to bedlam. The insanity on the nightly news is mind-boggling. The constant mantra that being white makes you a racist is abject evil. It stirs up racial hatred. And yes, blacks can be racists. When we were foster parenting a black child a black man in the mall snarled at me, "What are you doing with that black boy." (I was going to buy him a pair of shoes since he arrived at our house without any.) The programs being developed for the public schools to teach white children to hate their ancestors for no other crime than being white is profoundly evil. It's no different than stirring up hatred against Blacks or Jews or Tutsis or Armenians, or Native Americans or any of the other groups targeted for violence and genocide throughout history. 

Were these Armenian Christian children, targeted for genocide, guilty of white privilege?

Is this an example of white privilege? Bodies at Dachau.
How does fomenting racial hatred solve racial hatred? 

Simple -- IT DOESN'T! IT CAN'T! 

So why do it? Because it solidifies powerful elites who use division and hate to accomplish their goals. What's happening is Marxist and it bodes ill for the country. 

If you love your children, parents, pull them out of the public schools that will brainwash them. Minorities, primarily Blacks will be brainwashed to see themselves as perennial victims with no personal responsibility. Such a message will cripple them in their attempts to succeed. Whites will be brainwashed to see their race as guilty for every wrong in the culture and foster hatred for their own ancestors no matter how innocent of any wrong-doing they were. My own parents welcomed children of all colors to our home. Several of my siblings were in the racially diverse Civil Air Patrol. All the families came together to socialize.

The answer to all this is the Judeo-Christian ethic which is being dismantled one statue and one historical record at a time. We should all be celebrating the accomplishments of every great man and woman regardless of their color or creed. George Washington was an amazing leader who deserves great credit for the birth of our nation. George Washington Carver deserves to be celebrated for the amazing agricultural advances. He developed agricultural alternatives to cotton that was depleting the soil on the farms of the south and was one of the most important agricultural scientists of the 19th century -- also an early environmentalist.

Let's stop the message of hate and respect one another. Black Lives Matter is a Marxist group that has nothing to do with racial justice or civil rights. It's a terrorist hate group that uses liberal white guilt to advance an agenda that has nothing to do with protecting black lives. But, hey! It's a great opportunity for the race baiters who make a healthy living off their victim status to parade around and pander. Does anyone really believe Al Sharpton cares two hoots for black lives? Go to Chicago, Al.


Osusanna said...

Just sayin, it's pretty peaceful without tv. I watch "news" once-twice a week. Same stuff, different day.

Saint Joan of Arc said...

Well said!! Now if we could only get some lefti leaning people to step up to the truth, we might make some headway to order and reason, but that isn't their goal. Their goal is to topple America and make it a 3rd world country. I pray for law and order to take over and stop the violence, destruction and the hate. I pray for all the young people being used to topple America. This violence and hate and destruction seem to be their purpose now. Forgive them Lord, they know not what they do. But the ones leading them know exactly what they're doing.