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Friday, July 31, 2020

A Question for Black Lives Matter? Did Bernell Trammell's Execution-Style Murder Matter?

Bernell Trammell was sitting in a lawn chair minding his own business outside his Milwaukee shop at lunchtime on July 23rd when he was shot execution style by an unknown assailant. Friends and neighbors are asking why. Many considered the 60-year-old a mentor and friend ready to help anyone in need. 

Why was he killed? No one knows...yet. He had eclectic political views supporting Democrat state senator Lena Taylor's mayoral campaign at the same time he urged the reelection of Donald Trump. He also supported Black Lives Matter. Well known for religious proselytizing, Trammell often engaged folks on the street about his views and raised his Bible and his voice calling on people to "REPENT!" He ran a publishing company called eXpressions Journal where he posted videos of his street preaching.

Did Bernell Trammell's black life matter? Are leaders of the group he supported urging a vigorous investigation to find his killer? 

Not that I've noticed.

A street artist decorates the sidewalk outside Bernell Trammell's shop.
Where are the candlelight vigils and the press conferences by black "leaders" like Al Sharpton? Where are the plans for a gold-plated funeral with national speakers doing the eulogies?

Below is a photo of the murder suspect released by Milwaukee police. Sure doesn't look like a cop does it? Maybe that explains the indifference toward Trammell's killing, the same indifference about the murders of blacks in big cities all over the country. Who cares when a baby or an eight-year-old is caught in the crossfire between rival black gangs? How can that be used to political advantage?

One of five photos of murder suspect released by Milwaukee police
Maybe BLM should change its name to SBLM -- Some Black Lives Matter. You know, the black lives that can be used as political footballs by the left.

Please pray for the repose of all the souls of those who die by violence whatever their color. There will be more and more of them if the neo-revolutionaries of BLM and Antifa get their way. What's one of their mottoes? Make the guillotine red again! Remember how that went. They started by killing the aristocracy. They ended by murdering anybody who disagreed with their political agenda and even some who supported it!

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