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Saturday, December 12, 2020

Get to Know Truth-Teller Tom Woods

I love Tom Woods. He's a historian you can trust. His book, How the Catholic Church Built Western Civilization is loaded with facts that illustrate the Church's impact on medicine, agriculture, education, genetics, astronomy, fact on the entire body of knowledge. 

Did you know that there are dozens of craters on the moon named after Jesuit scientists? Did you know that Catholics, like Dr. Louis Pasteur, were so influential in protecting people from disease that
processes are named after them? ("pasteur-ization") I highly
recommend Tom Woods and if you read this article he sent out
yesterday, you'll know why. You can follow him on MeWe.

And now here's his article:

Did Thanksgiving lead to a spike in hospitalizations?

By now, you may have noticed something: the virus doesn't seem
to act the way the various public health measures recommended
to us assume it does.If it did, Florida should be catastrophic: very old population, lots of travel in and out, completely open with no state-imposed occupancy restrictions. And yet right now it's doing better in terms of hospitalizations per million than California, whose lockdown is downright inhuman.

Georgia was supposed to be catastrophic. Not even close. Sweden
should certainly be in the top five, or top ten, or at least the top 20 worst places for the virus, yet it isn't.

People's mobility, which you'd think would correspond to more deaths, or "cases," or whatever, corresponds to nothing.

There are theories as to why these outcomes occur, but the standard
public-health narrative proceeds as if these mysteries did not exist.


Don't you dare visit people for Thanksgiving, they said.

Thanksgiving was November 26, thirteen days ago. Travel for
Thanksgiving occurred 14 to 17 days ago.

Here are the numbers for weekly changes in national COVID
hospitalizations, courtesy of Alex Berenson. There was already a
spike before Thanksgiving, and it has slowed since:

Nov. 10 - 17: +24%
Nov. 17 - 24: +14%
Nov. 24 - Dec. 1: +12%
Dec. 1 - 8: +6%

As you can see, the most recent week's figure is one-fourth as high
as that for the week of November 10.

If the numbers had been reversed, we'd have been lectured to
nonstop: see what you stupid rubes did by traveling?

Since the numbers once again do not correspond to what the cartoon version of the virus would lead us to expect, Team Apocalypse has simply moved on to something else, not chastened in the slightest.

Meanwhile, check out this graph, showing the massive divergence
in deaths by continent.

Differences of that scale can hardly be attributed to policy differences between continents, much as the "listen to the science" crowd wants us to believe that wise government policy can navigate us through a spreading virus.

Not to mention: there has been wide variation in response among east Asian countries, and yet the same kind of results have been achieved in each. As Jay Bhattacharya of Stanford said on the Tom Woods Show yesterday, "There seems to be some policy invariance in east Asia: no matter what policy you pick, you get a good result.... I think the only explanation must be something like pre-existing immunity."


As I've mentioned previously, I recently moved the private Tom Woods Show Elite group off Facebook, for obvious reasons. It's on MeWe now. Their platform is easy to learn, and very similar to Facebook.

You can become my contact over there:

The group consists of good, smart, friendly folks (including the old man here) who will keep you sane when everyone you know thinks Dr. Fauci is a hero, everyone should keep staying home, and you just want people to die if you prefer to live your life.

(No mention of the deaths by lockdown, ever, from these people.)

If the insanity has reached a point that you've decided you need to be part of my private group, where you'll be surrounded by normal people and be able to stay up on what's actually happening as opposed to panic-mongering lunacy, entry is this way:

Tom Woods


Unknown said...

I read the book by Tom Woods. I never realized the positive impact the One True Church had on western society. It gave me a newfound love of being Catholic.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

I agree. It's amazing. I was particularly intrigued by the fact that several dozen craters on the moon are named after Jesuit astronomers.