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Thursday, December 24, 2020

JP Sears and I wish you a "A Very Merry Communist Christmas"

I'm having a Communist Christmas! Are you? One part of the family just cancelled Christmas Eve dinner because of Covid fears, another is having just me over because of Covid - no cheerful group of friends as in the past - and another is zooming in for a Christmas get together. So Merry Communist Covid Christmas to one and all!


Evangeline said...

Yes, Happy Communist Christmas! I am with my husband in quarantine, because even after being careful with masks and social distancing since March 2020, all it took was one young relative's visit, and stupid us sat near to our loved one with no masks, and woops, 24 hours later the call came, he has Covid. So thanks China, we've got to say this, when you manufacture a virus, you really pull out all the stops and make a miserable one, but don't worry, Americans won't hold it against you as our grandparents held it against Germany or Japan. We're woke and we know it's super important to be "nice".

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

I hope you aren't sick, Evangeline. My sister tested positive in her nursing home and was moved to the Covid unit for two weeks. She never had any symptoms and moved back to her room today. I've had her taking Vitamin D3 and Vitamin C since this all started and, despite having COPD, diabetes and being obese she is doing okay. She had pneumonia three times in 2018 so she is definitely high risk. After they put her on full time oxygen, (after the third hospitalization) she's done much better. We pray things stay that way. Most of the people who have died were seriously deficient in Vitamin D. Interesting that Fauci and gang have never once given information on how to protect ourselves by boosting our immune systems and taking other common sense measures. I think they thrive on death. As for the Chinese Communist Party, they would happily kill their own citizens if it means they can increase their power over the rest of the world. They wanted Trump gone big time!