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Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Governor Northam Has Changed the Virginia Logo to "Virginia is for Maskers!"

 I just read a great article by a young woman from Florida who is going to school at Patrick Henry College in Loudoun County. Anyone who lives in Northern Virginia knows that those counties near Washington, D.C. are among the most draconian in the nation (well, outside California, Michigan, Pennsylvania -- oh heck! -- all the Democrat run states). It was refreshing to read that in Florida a church can still hold a potluck supper and people aren't afraid to act like, well, real people. Enjoy the article...

I Moved From Locked-Down Virginia To Open Florida, And Faces Came Back To Life

I love faces! I love smiles -- especially children's smiles. Isn't it time to see them again? Have a Merry unmasked Christmas! I understand if you're afraid to be in crowds without a mask, but how about standing on a deserted street corner without a mask holding a sign that wishes every car passing by a Merry Christmas. What an opportunity to break out your Santa Claus hat and spread some Christmas cheer. And it might cheer you up as well! 

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