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Thursday, December 10, 2020

The Civil War is Coming, Folks. Put on Your Seatbelt and Pray Your Rosary!

 The other day I posted about the Texas lawsuit asking, "Is this what the new Civil War will look like?" I'm convinced now that the answer is a resounding, "YES!" There are millions of "deplorables" in the red states who are fed up to the teeth with immorality and political correctness being stuffed down their throats. This latest initiative demonstrates it!

If Biden is sworn in as president on January 20th, the battle escalates. It will be the true conservatives (clinging to their guns, their bibles and their Constitutional rights) against the corrupt Democrats, their RINO enablers (Romney comes to mind), the fawning MSM, and the rich, elitist puppet masters like Soros and the CEOs of Google, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, and Amazon. 

Is it beyond imagining to think of states banding together and calling for secession? Let me suggest a great book, a work of fiction, called Victoria, a Novel of Fourth Generation War. It will entertain you while calling forth the American fighting spirit! The sleeping giant is awake and isn't snoozing again anytime soon. 

And we can be sure that Donald Trump isn't going to disappear even if he is hounded off the national stage by the liars and cheaters who manipulated this election with the help of China, Iran, Russia, a horde of ballot harvesters and hardware and software developed to help Hugo Chavez never lose an election in Venezuela.

The exposure of the Swalwell scandal this week reveals how Democrats are in bed (literally) with Chinese spies. Are these politicians useful dupes or do they know exactly what they're doing? Note how Democrats always sing the praises of the Chinese Communists (particularly Joe Biden) who HATE America and want to bring her down. 

But never lose hope no matter how dark things look. History teaches that evil never wins forever! When the Roman Republic turned evil, it began to collapse. The Third Reich lasted about a decade. The Soviet Empire fell apart after fewer than 70 years. Remember the dismantling of the Berlin wall? 

Keep your eyes on God and your knees on the floor. We are never doomed! Hard times call for courageous and fearless warriors. As the old saying goes, "Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition." Keep all those little "bullets" on your rosary busy!


A. LaCour said...
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Leo D. Lion said...

Hey! I’m A Catholic Too.

When I was 18 yrs. old, I enlisted in the military in order to “go fight” for our country, and free prople from tyrants, no matter where in the world.

I was part of a force that you did not want to contend with, otherwise we would destroy you.

Silence before the storm.
Sometimes we’d be talking amongst ourselves and someone would ask “what religion are you?”. A Catholic, I would say. Then I hear, everyone else identyfying themselve to various religions and churches.

Then I would hear someone say “Hey, I’m a Catholic too”. I was so refreshing in that moment to hear that. Eventhough we were in a terrible place and our lives “hung on a balance” of how well we fought together.

At that moment we 2 catholics would put down our weapons and shake hands. It was like the universe was at peace.

Now I’m super old. My wife and I arrive for Mass at least 45 minutes before it begins..
Too pray of course, not that i like the last pew.
But mainly I like to talk to Jesus in the Tabernacle ( still located at center of altar).
Yes pray, but also to talk to Him the same way when I heard the ” Hey I’m a Catholic too”..

The Bootom Line:
These Bishops and Cardinals need to unite and “Weed the Garden” of heretical everything…
But I think it is too late, and Heaven needs to directly intervene.