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Friday, December 11, 2020

Ivermectin Is Another Cheap Drug That's Showing Effectiveness Againt the Wuhan Virus

Dr. Pierre Kory's heartfelt plea needs to be heard by everyone committed to saving lives threatened by COVID19!

 Do the FDA, NIH, WHO, etc. really want to end the Wuhan virus or are they all part of the problem looking to Big Pharma and expensive drugs that line the pockets of special interests? (Keep in mind that the FDA has had a revolving door with drug executives for years.) 

Ivermectin is another drug like hydroxychloroquine that's been used safely (and cheaply) for decades to deal with parasites. 

Think about it! 

Africa has had fewer deaths than every other continent! Maybe a major reason is common use of hydroxychloroquine (for malaria) and ivermectin (for parasites). Has anyone looked at that as a possible explanation? 

Or do they really not want to know? 


Susan said...

I keep notes on these Covid treatments and drugs. What I have on Ivermectin is that, unlike HCQ which is effective only in the early stages of Covid, IT IS EFFECTIVE throughout all stages of the disease. I don't have a reference for that, because these are notes I keep for my own benefit. HCQ is significantly less expensive but must be administered soon after symptom onset or prophylactically.

Saint Joan of Arc said...

I am suspicious of everything right now. Does anyone know if Ivermectin was either made or tested with aborted fetal cells? Thanks. I googled it but couldn't find out anything.