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Sunday, December 20, 2020

Start Practicing this Easy Strategy to Increase Your Wuhan Virus Protection!

Getting out in the sun increases your Vitamin D3.
Sheltering in place inside is bad for your health.
You're concerned about the virus right? So am I. So what strategies do you follow? Are you already taking Vitamin D3, Vitamin C, and zinc to build up your immune system and help protect you from the Wuhan virus? The older you get, the less efficient your body is at metabolizing Vitamin D from the sun. Since most casualties from the Wuhan virus have been elderly and deficient in Vitamin D, supplementation is important. If you aren't taking Vitamin D3 watch this video. Really interesting information. (You can sign up for more medical videos at

Maybe you're also trying to lose a few pounds and taking extra steps and practicing some deep breathing exercises. All good.

But there's something else simple you can do to help your body fight off the virus if you're exposed. Gargle twice a day for 30 seconds with an effective mouthwash. The study (discussed in the video below) was small, but the results were impressive. Simply gargling with Listerine or, even better, a betadine mouthwash twice a day for 30 seconds can help eliminate the virus from your mouth and throat. You can also do a sinus rinse for even more protection.

I learned a long time ago, especially when I had cancer at the age of 39, that everyone needs to be his/her own advocate. My curiosity over the virus was piqued by the talking heads like Fauci and Birx who have said absolutely NOTHING about measures Americans can take to increase their resistance to Covid-19 and protect themselves from the worst outcomes by building up their immune systems. In fact, just the opposite. They ridicule information like what's presented in this video. 

Really folks, stop depending on those face rags called masks that are compromised after a few minutes of wear. Take responsibility by boosting your immune system. 


Restore-DC-Catholicism said...

Excellent points! I think we don't hear about these because the implmentation of these measures will not line the pockets of politicians and big pharma.

Leo D. Lion said...

Here's a wonderful connection with God that you can do anytime, anywhere, but mainly at your home and surroundings.

As a Catholic we have several or more Holy Sactements that we received throughout life.

I'll point out mainly Confirmation.

Ok. I realized this fantastic glorious capacity we Catholics have. When my 3 children grew up and at their weddings I said Grace before the wedding dinner.

By saying Grace, I was asking God to Bless the food we were about to eat.
And I'm sure He did.

Intriguing enough I said to myself, if I pray to God in public to Bless food, I also can pray to Him in the same manner but ask God to Bless your house and protect it from COVID. Pray to God to Bless water, food, family members, salt and spread it around the house foundation...

Ahhhhhh, NO we are not ordained to make things HOLY as a Bishop or a priest.

Take a container of water and say the Bleesing prayer aka Grace and drink the water, sprinkle it through out the house, protection from e evil spirits etc..

Try it

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

I agree, Janet. The elitists are all benefitting from the virus panic-demic. Jeff Bezos business is up 40% because people are afraid to shop in person. In my own parish there is now a Mass for maskers who only receive Communion in the hand. Anyone who shows up and isn't masked can stand in the lobby and if they insist on receiving on the tongue they must go to the end of the line. Next, I expect we'll have to ring a bell and call out "Unclean." Maybe next we'll have segregated bathrooms and drinking fountains. I still go to daily Mass at my parish since the draconian policy is not required at daily Mass. Father cleanses his fingers after those who receive on the tongue. He used to do it after family groups. Now, if unrelated parishioners go after one another and receive on the tongue he just cleanses his fingers before the next in-hand communicant. It doesn't bother me, but the message I get is "Hey, if you won't receive in the hand just take your chances, because we don't care if you uncharitable, non-masking, tongue-receiving parishioners die." I'm sure that's not what he means, but my husband and I were joking about it after the last daily Mass we attended on Saturday.

Leo D. Lion said...

Fyi, rumor mill has it, that pope Francis is retiring after Christmas, same-same as pope Benedict did.

Leo D. Lion said...

Prepare yourselves mentally for a long haul, with covid and dont do this and that.... 5 years I predict

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Hmmm...It will be interesting to see if the rumor is true, Leo. And I'm afraid you're right about covid. They have their boots on our necks and won't want to take them off until the Great Reset is well established. I wonder if China will release another germ warfare before things are over. The CCP doesn't care how many of their own citizens they kill.