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Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Michael Matt Pegs It: How Many Time in HIstory Has One Man Stood Against the Crowd...

 ...and changed history? As Michael Matt puts it, "One Man with God's help can make sleeping giants wake." 

In Biblical history we see it again and again:

  • Noah, obeying God -- heaven's "great reset";
  • Abraham becoming the Father of the Chosen People;
  • Moses leading the Israelites out of Egypt from slavery to freedom; 
  • King David, a man after God's own heart defeating the pagan nations and raising his voice to give glory to God;
  • Peter, the lowly fisherman who became the rock;
  • Paul, the persecutor, who became Apostle to the Gentiles
And then there are the unlikely instruments of God:
  • Cyrus, a pagan, who returns the Israelites to Jerusalem from captivity and aids them in rebuilding the temple;

  • Augustus Caesar who fulfills GOD'S purpose to bring the WORD MADE FLESH to birth in Bethlehem;
And the great historic figures who left an amazing imprint on the world:
  • Constantine who initiated tolerance for Christianity and was the first Roman emperor to convert, although late in life;
  • Charlemagne who established the Holy Roman Empire;
  • St. Athanasius contra mundum who fought relentlessly against the Arian heresy;
  • Many, many saints who fought heresies, were great missionaries, established hospitals and universities, introduced devotions, impacted science and the law -- too many to name individually;
  • Don John of Austria who led the forces at Lepanto and saved the West from Islam;
  • George Washington, the Father of our country;
I could go on and on. 

We fight in the Church Militant. It is our duty to walk in the footsteps of giants under the standard of Christ the King. May we never falter in promoting the true, the good, and the beautiful! Wake up, Catholics, every one of us can be a catalyst who changes the world at least in our little corner of it. Viva Cristo Rey!


Susan said...

Is there a link to a video or article by Michael Matt on this topic?

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Couldn't you see the video? I posted it. Here's the link -- one at YouTube and one at The Remnant.

Susan Matthiesen said...

Great video. Have you ever noticed the difference in the faces of, say, Michael Matt and Jeffrey Sachs? Look at the deep crevices in Sachs' face. Michael Matt? Not a line on his face. Andrew Cuomo? Deep crevices. Archbishop Vigano? Not a line on his face. The Holy Spirit shows through. Likewise, the evil one shows through.