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Thursday, April 15, 2021

Be Your Own Health Advocate: Check Out the COVID Cures!

Isn’t it time to stop acting like the Wuhan virus is a death sentence? There are a number of effective protocols that nip the virus in the bud. It’s a sad thing to think that “experts” and the mainstream media deliberately withheld information about Covid treatment because deaths from the disease served the agenda of terrifying the populace into accepting draconian, tyrannical control. If you have another explanation let’s hear it. Dr. Fauci knew in 2005 that HCQ was an effective treatment against corona viruses, so why did we only hear about wearing masks and social distancing? Why not information about strategies to enhance the immune system, like taking Vitamin D? Most of the deaths are occurring in people who are seriously deficient! Let’s face it. The capacity for greedy and evil men (generic term meaning men and women) to willingly sacrifice human life to the BIG agenda fills history books and the Wuhan strategy proved to be incredibly successful at increasing government control by terror! Expect a second wave that mirrors the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security’s pandemic game, SPARS 2025-2028. Since the first “game” worked so well, why would they not try a repeat? 

If you can’t trust the government “experts” there are others out there whom you can trust. Check out these treatments.


  1. The website you link to is too tied to Q and Trumpolatry. It may expose many truths about the bad guys, but both Q and Trump are likely controlled opposition by same. There is no rationalization for why the Bill-Hill front row at his wedding, Kissinger endorsed, Fauci platforming, quack national emergency declaring (which sustained the governor lockdowns), but most of all warp speed-pushing Trump should not be taken for the deep state oeprative he appears to be! Conservatives would NEVER have swallowed the masking/lockdown/economy implosion/suicidal totalitarian year under a Democrat president - it took President Trojan Horse to make them submit. And now we are trapped into the successor he led us to, while faking protest.

    Most of all, he was NEVER going to abolish abortion with the rape exceptions he wanted to push on the GOP platform. For all of his harrumping about 1776, he never countenanced a human life amendment that would do against abortion what the thirteenth amendment did against slavery. Most of his "prolife" initiatives have been easily reversed, and that dubiously prolife SCOTUS will now be diluted. For all of his protests about election fraud, he failed in his four year incumbency to do anything about it proactively, even when he even had Democrats warning him of the potential for fraud.

    It is not true he is the prolife president ever, despite his hot air at the March for Life...Abe Lincoln is, as he rebooted and made real the Declaration of Independence and its words "created equal". Those are the words that speak not only to America's aborted babies but also to the victims of forced abortion in China. They are the words that shame the homosex-friendly priests who starve their flocks of the truth about abortion and thereby keep the 100 million aborted women and men in this country from the confessional. We must have someone who will drag us across the finish line of the birthday of "Created Equal" in 2026 with real abolition. Not Trump the Trojan. The longer we stay stuck on him the longer the enemy chuckles.

  2. Goodness! A little off topic.... Trump is a Trojan, but Lincoln was a savior. We’ve been here before, Rohrbachs and we’ll have to agree to disagree. Your savior was not in favor of equality. He opposed intermarriage between the races and wanted to keep freed slaves out of his own state of Illinois. He didn’t want them to have voting rights either. His solution to slavery was to send them all back to Africa. His experiment with that ended up killing the colonizers who didn’t have the skills to survive. Before the Civil War there were more abolition groups in the South than in the North. Well....I’m done beating that dead horse. As I said, we’ll have to agree to disagree on that. But please stick to the topic when commenting. This was on protocols for treating Covid and urging people to advocate for their own health. I learned that in 1986 when I had cancer.