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Wednesday, April 7, 2021

The windmills of my mind wondering about the future of the priesthood

Alter Christus
Would married priests include same-sex married men since same-sex "marriage" is now legal? In other words, how would they be able to say that the married priesthood is only for men married to women thereby discriminating against men married to men? Or, if women become priests, women married to women?

As for women priests, that would indicate approval for same-sex marriage - lesbianism in this case - because theologically the Bride of Christ is the Church therefore priests, as alter Christus, are married to the Church. If women are priests they would be married to the Church which would indicate lesbianism.

Additionally, married men and women as priests would indicate approval of polygamy since a priest as a married man would be married to his wife and to the Church. And a woman priest married to a man and to the Church, or a woman priest married to another woman and the Church, would indicate approval of poly fidelity.

Furthermore, transgender people would be in an uproar to get equal rights to the Priesthood of Christ. A transgender woman would really be a male priest; a transgender man, who is really a woman, married to a lesbian could be a priest. The result of that would be to remake the Bride of Christ into a gender neutral entity so that no parties would be offended by the Church being cisgender.

In addition, all of this would mean that the laity would likewise be able to participate in such unions.

Wouldn't it be better to leave the Priesthood as Christ founded it?


Dan Simpson said...

My head just exploded. Will you please come over and help me clean up the mess?

what said...

Married heterosexual men as priests has been part of the Christian tradition for as long as celibacy has been part of the monastic tradition.

Homosexuality has never been acceptable in the Christian tradition.

Check your facts.

Check your history.

Susan Matthiesen said...

Check your culture.

what said...

You mean the culture that never seems content to preserve and cultivate itself internally but instead imposes itself by force of arms and economic exploitation on others and then wonders why God withdraws His favor from it? Is that the culture you are talking about?

What you are implying is that Western European Christianity is the only culture on the planet or in history that has a right of self-preservation. You are also pretending that it does not have endemic flaws that have never been addressed.

Do you think Vatican II just came out of nowhere suddenly?? Sorry that is not how reality works.

Unfortunately you cannot hear what I am saying because you think anyone who says what I am saying wants gay rights, women priests, and trans-education.

You need a reality check. The only countries on earth taking steps to reverse their demographic and cultural decline into liberalism are Russia and China. They are the major anti-liberal countries on Earth right now.

Stop living in fantasy land.

Susan Matthiesen said...

Russia, yes, which is more Christian than America now is. But China? The country currently persecuting Christians?

But, yes, the culture you define is the culture I am talking about - that corrupt culture where men want to marry their adult daughters and women want to marry their son and have his baby. That culture...the one where "anything goes" and where, but for one or two, no Catholic bishop or cardinal speaks up for Christ's moral law. There is complete silence from all of them. That culture...where, since no one speaks up, women will become priests and a transgender man will be a priest. It has already happened in the Anglican tradition.

You actually want all that I have said - homosexual priests, women priests, trans people as priests. So, "what", what? LBGTQ priesthood? Drag queen priests to "celebrate Mass?