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Monday, April 19, 2021

General Franco, President Trump, Archbishop Lefebvre - What do these three men have in common?

 All three were hated and forever vilified by the Left.

This man
saved Spain from Communism.
General Francisco Franco (1892-1975), the "good guy" in the 1936-1939 Spanish Civil War, was pitted against the Communists who fought to turn Spain into another totalitarian atheist God-hating country like they did Russia in 1917.

Franco won the Spanish Civil War against the Communist Left who have forever viciously attacked him and his memory, even to the point where Cancel Culture decided that Franco must not lie in peace - his dead body had to be dug up and laid to rest somewhere else out of the memory of the Spanish people whom "he saved from the worst fate that could befall any nation in the 20th century - conquest by Communism" and all its evil horrors.

"We must divest ourselves of the vilifying lies of the Left and their political poison. Franco was not a tyrant, not an oppressor, and certainly no totalitarian. He may have been too severe toward his enemies, but he never enslaved his own people. He had a cool head, great intelligence and formidable reserves of courage and will, a lion's heart and a cold-steel backbone. He thought war was a hateful business, was never a fascist nor had the smallest belief in any kind of Utopia or system." - Dr Warren Carroll, The Last Crusade

The 2 sides of the Spanish Civil War were the same as the French Revolution. The "bad guys" were the Communist left known as the Republicans or revolutionaries and consisted of the Spanish government, unions, Communists, anarchists, workers and peasants (and Communist leaning Leftist Ernest Hemmingway and his For Whom the Bell Tolls). The "good guys" were the Nationalists or traditionalists which consisted of the bourgeoise, the landlords, the middle and upper classes (along with many peasants) and the Catholic Church.

The Communist Republicans martyred Catholics in the most brutal and cruel ways, murdering 6,832 priests and an incalculable number of lay persons and 20,000 churches and chapels were destroyed - most all of which happened in 1936 and "which is irrefutable proof that the Spanish crusade of 1936 was justified and that the dominant elements in the Spanish Republic were the most profound, thoroughgoing and vicious of enemies that the Catholic Faith has ever met anywhere in all its history."

General Franco went to daily Mass, prayed the Rosary with his wife and at the end of the war in Madrid at a Te Deum service in the Church of Santa Barbara in Madrid offered this prayer: Lord, benevolently accept the effort of this people, which was always Thine, with me and in Thy name, has vanquished with heroism the enemy of truth in this century. Then he laid his sword before the high altar, with the solemn promise to God never to draw it again save in defense of his country against invasion. He kept his promise (Spain did not enter WWII - after three years of bloodshed, the last thing Spain needed was another war) and Spain knew peace and the full freedom of her people to practice their Catholic faith. 

In his last will and testament he said he wished to live and die as a Catholic. Now, 46 years after Franco's death in 1975, Spain has fallen under the grips of Communism and today the Catholic Church is once again under persecution. 

For a complete eye-opening history of the Spanish Civil War and General Franco, read Dr Warren Carroll's The Last Crusade. Dr Carroll was a convert to the Catholic Faith, a well-known historian and the founder of Christendom College in Front Royal, Virginia.

This man
tried to save America from Communism.
President Donald Trump, among his various other political triumphs, was America's most pro-life President. The more he defunded Planned Parenthood, the more the media foamed at the mouth, much like they had rabies, and viciously tore into him. 

I don't need to tell anyone reading this how day after day for four years the media made his life a living hell. The more President Trump outwitted the Left, the more they loathed him, shrieking and howling like crazed long-tongued banshees ready to devour him. 

Since the Democrats could not beat him at the polls they resorted to massive cheating and we now have the embarrassingly senile Joe Biden standing before cameras pretending he's the leader of the free world when everyone knows this is Obama's third term. As such, Americans will now be funding Planned Parenthood's continued slaughter of American children as well as overseas abortions - the killing of the world's future - because Satan must have his blood sacrifices.

When the media hates a person, that person is more than likely to be good. When the media loves a person, that person is more than likely to be evil. The criteria of the media's approval consists of bowing down in submission to the Left's agenda of disorder and the destruction of all that is good and holy. Since Donald Trump would not kiss the boots of the Left he was viciously vilified every day, all day long and into the night. The haughty Left: "Worship us or we will destroy you, forever smear your name in the slime and make you as hated in memory as we hate you now."

This beautiful man saved
the Ancient Mass from the Communists.
Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre (1905-1991) is probably one of the greatest saints of all time. Of course the Church has not declared him as such since her hierarchy is still vilifying him for saving the priesthood and the Mass of the Ages.

Imagine this good and holy archbishop not wanting to have altar girls, legs crossed, swinging their feet and looking at their fingernails while serving Mass. Or not wanting to throw off his chasuble and sit in the front pew while a lay person gives the homily. Can you imagine Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre secretly hosting Leftist Communist groups or letting Fr James Martin, SJ so much as step into his diocese? Put a Pachamama in his Cathedral? Use a paper plate bowl as a ciborium and then throw it in the trash? (Even as a missionary living in the bushlands of Gabon, Marcel Lefebvre always carried his mass kit with him so as to celebrate Mass worthily.)

Remember St Athanasius (298 - 373), the only bishop to defend the true faith against Arianism? He stood up for the truth of the Catholic Faith against the entire hierarchy and was excommunicated, then reinstated, then excommunicated, then reinstated....three times Athanasius was excommunicated, yet today he's a Saint, Confessor and Doctor of the Church. 

Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre is the modern-day St Athanasius and was the Archbishop Carlo-Maria Vigano of his day; after Vatican II he stood up to the entire liberal hierarchy against their modernization of the Mass - that same modernization that produced countless abominations from hideous clowns to women streaking down the aisle with flowing ribbons, to teenaged girls as altar servers searching their fingernails apparently for some clue as to what they are doing up there.

As a young priest Marcel Lefebvre was a missionary in Gabon, Africa where he built churches, schools, hospitals, traveled for weeks in the bush serving the people whose African language he could speak fluently. He became Bishop then Archbishop of Dakar, Senegal, where he built more churches, schools, and hospitals, ordained priests and invited various congregations of priests and sisters into the country to help Christianize the native people who were surrounded by Islam. 

He was appointed Apostolic Delegate of Africa by Pope Pius XII, then elected Superior General of the Holy Ghost Fathers. He was then Bishop of Tulle, France and was appointed to the Preparatory Commission for Vatican II. Later he founded the Society of St Pius X.

Vatican II basically incorporated the 1789 Declaration of the Rights of Man and Citizen, not against the Church, but into the Church. Archbishop Lefebvre said that "one cannot say generally that the New Mass (Novus Ordo) is invalid or heretical, however it leads slowly to heresy. The number of invalid Masses is on the rise because young priests trained to think of the Mass as a memorial have an intention that is more and more determined by this concept, which is completely different from what was defined at Trent. This is the case even without their being aware of the opposition because they are under the influence of a relativistic and evolutionist conception of dogma....The Novus Ordo is ambivalent and ambiguous because one priest can say it with a totally Catholic faith in the sacrifice and another can say it with a different intention because the words he pronounces and the gestures he makes no longer contradict other intentions." (p 463, The Biography of Marcel Lefebvre by Bernard Tissier de Mallerais, Angelus Press.)

He said that in 1975. Can you imagine what the good archbishop would think today in 2021 to see teddy bears and clowns at Mass? People clapping and laughing during Mass? A priest ripping large pieces off a huge "pita bread host" and stuffing it into a child's mouth as she only received on the tongue? How about a priest talking about his dirty underwear as the subject of his homily? Or Mass (or no Mass at all) in the time of COVID? I think Archbishop Lefebvre would say that the Novus Ordo not only led to heresy, but to wicked evil at the hands of depraved sodomite priests who currently have a choke-hold on the Church in the form of their Leftist Communist Lavender Mafia.

In 1970 Archbishop Lefebvre founded the Society of Pius X in order to preserve the priesthood and the Mass of the Ages....that for which I converted but never truly found until a few months ago at the SSPX parish of St Thomas More in Sanford, Florida. (People travel for miles just to go to Mass at St Thomas More. It's worth every minute of travel and every drop of gas.)

I will always be grateful to the good and holy priests I encountered along the way, but I am so done with the Novus Ordo. It's a wonder I'm still sane after decades of spiritual torture. I can now go to Mass and not rip up my donation check in anger. And not, clearly and on purpose in full view of the priest, loudly sigh and roll my eyes while lifting my arm and looking at my watch signaling that every person in the pews is wondering when the abysmal totally boring homily, having nothing remotely to do with God, will ever end so that at last when it's pronounced, "The Mass is ended", I can loudly say (so that he can hear me), "THANKS BE TO GOD!" 

I don't have to tell the priest that he shouldn't strip his chasuble off in front of everyone and sit in the front pew while a lay person gives the homily. I no longer have to correct a priest on what the Church actually teaches, (Um, Father? In your homily today? What on earth were you thinking? You know that there will never be women priests because a woman can never be an alter Christus.) I once had an eerie experience years ago where a famous visiting priest, clearly possessed by wickedness, cautiously backed away as I corrected him. I was just standing there calmly stating a fact when he began to ease away backwards. You know what he was frightened of? The Miraculous Medal I was wearing! He kept staring at it...never took his eyes off of it...and then cautiously started tip-toeing away as if the Virgin Mary was going to leap out from the medal and get him. Very weird. Then there was the time a huge fat nun, principal of my children's Catholic School, backed me into a corner of her office and got in my face, nose to nose, with her big chest pushing me into the woodwork while hotly threatening me if I ever said anything about what was going on in her school. I thought she was going to squash me to death. This is just the tip of the iceberg, but enough about the horrors. 

I thank God for Archbishop Lefebvre and the Society of St Pius X, for the good and holy SSPX priests, the beauty of the liturgy - so incredibly beautiful that it brings tears to my eyes - with vestments so beautiful it's as if they were personally made by Our Blessed Mother herself. It's so good to be peaceful during Mass and able to concentrate on God. I can listen to the homily and be edified in my faith and soak in all the beauty and glory of the Catholic Church of the Ages. 

Do not listen to the lies of the Modernists (like I myself did for years) and be afraid of being excommunicated from going to the SSPX. Fifty years ago the Left vilified Archbishop Lefebvre for his faith and are still doing so today, just like they did to Franco and Trump. It's all lies; we know because of the shameful way the current leftist hierarchy despises the Traditional Mass and any good and holy Novus Ordo priest trying to be truly Catholic is defrocked....or suddenly "dies" during the night. Or is murdered. (That'll keep the rest of them in line!)

The restoration of the Church can be found at the SSPX since, at the end of his life, Archbishop Lefebvre said, "I have handed on what I received" - which is the Catholic Faith, whole and entire.

For more about Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre please read HEREHERE and HERE. For truly Catholic books, Angelus Press is HERE. St Thomas More, Sanford, Florida HERE. SSPX St Thomas Aquinas Seminary HERE.


  1. I think the FSSP and the other Traditional Institutes are also doing a fine job and growing by leaps and bounds. I am in a 'novus ordo' parish but Mass is offered ad orientem according to the rubrics. We have altar boys and lots of them because they want to serve and with no little girls there, they are free to do so. Our priests have beautiful vestments too. Silks and brocades and fiddlebacks too. We do not mask, have holy water and missalettes, and NO sickness. We have a very well attended Sunday TLM to which I attend as it is a slice of heaven. But the daily Masses are well done and we have good and holy priests who truly preach and teach. Yes, this is not the usual 'novus ordo' parish--thanks be to God.

  2. Loved this article. My family is trying to move close to the Priory in Sanford but so far it has been difficult to find a home. So many live north of the Priory in the Debary area?

  3. Thank you Susan for drawing these comparisons. For what it's worth, I have found my participation in the SSPX chapel in my area to be eminently edifying and truly a blessing. I am the VERY last adult member of my extended family to practice the faith, with the exception of my dear father who is absolutely committed to novus ordo Catholicism and adheres to a number of objective heresies. He also happens to the SSPX with a stunning amount of fervor; that its a secret nazi cult, its backwards, regressive, etc. My son and I were visiting him this weekend and he showed us a magnificent old family photo album. Countless pictures of him and his parents and extended family. Church and family were clearly of the utmost centrality to these people, and it had numerous photos of nuns in full habit, priests in cassocks and the laypeople all wearing suits or long dresses. My son exclaimed, "They're all Trads!"

    And indeed they were! We were looking at photos of a long-lost civilization. They may well have been Atlanteans.

    In God's good time though, maybe my descendants will build it once again.

  4. "When the media hates a person, that person is more than likely to be good.". What is to prevent a shrewd left from leveraging this by dressing up one of its own like a conservative and heaping abuse on him so that conservatives will think he must be one of them? I have itemized evidence supporting trojan Trump several articles below but will add here that his world wrestling and other acting experience is consistent. Bottom line: his warp speed (forced) (abortion dependent) vaccine, he claims, is all his.

    As for the others I don't know anything about lefebvre, but I read a very compelling book about the Spanish civil war, "Cypresses believe in God". Highly recommend for its exposure of communism and freemasonry.

  5. rohrbachs - Yes, I have read "The Cypresses Believe in God" by Jose Maria Gironella. All 800 pages of it. It's on my book shelf.

    M. Prodigal - The diocesan Latin Mass in Orlando, as far as I know, has been suspended for months....maybe the last year - because the bishop won't let them receive on the tongue. Also, I went to one FSSP Mass in Ocala two years ago. For some reason there was a disconnect between me and it and I never returned.

    Mburgio - Hope you find a home in the area.

    Andrew - Possibly your father is like my liberal children, although your father does at least go to Mass. Since I'm not a progressive Leftist Commie, my liberal children think I'm a backwards, far-right deplorable. To them that makes me a Nazi. I assure them that I am not...that I am an orthodox Catholic, which makes me neither right nor left.

  6. 100% on target.....thank you for the book recommendation, I need to read the The Last Crusade.

  7. Excellent article. We need more people to be aware of the truth about Franco. May God Bless El Caudillo.

  8. To Mburgio: We drive 1-1/2 hrs (84miles) to Sanford and, if you can do it, we rejoice on the time used, for the Holy Masses there are great Celebrations.

  9. Insightful, these connections.

    And I love the shift in focus from the controversy surrounding SSPX to the Mass of Ages itself and the constant Magisterium that transcends this moment which SSPX and any orthodox Catholic participates in. There can be no controversy over that. That is the straight line that leads to life.

    LeFebvre would be the first to suggest it is not about him but that which is infinitely bigger. These three men are all great (I have some reservations about Trump who first locked us down, took over and shut down the economy (!), pointed the way for the lockdown regime, gave us gene therapy and tort immunity to its makers) because, in their individual ways, they point to that which is bigger than themselves.

  10. Aqua - Thank you for the clarity of your comment about "pointing to something bigger than themselves." Yes, that is true for all three.