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Monday, April 19, 2021

The Last.....

 Did you ever see The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch? Professor Pausch taught at Carnegie Mellon University. The “last lecture” is a presentation of what you would want to say if you knew it was your last lecture. But for Pausch it really was. A young husband and father, he was diagnosed with terminal cancer. He wrote a book in the last few months of his life for the benefit of his children. I don’t agree with everything in the book (he was pro contraception, for example), but it’s worth reading. Impending death focuses the mind. 

As we left Texas for home this morning after visiting our son and his family, I wondered. Will this be our last visit? Only God knows. Wouldn’t it be illuminating to ask ourselves often: will this be...the last day of my life? My last birthday, or Christmas, or the last Mass I ever celebrate or rosary I ever pray? Will this be the last book I’ll ever read or the last letter I ever write? Will this be the last time I speak to or hug this grandchild or the last conversation  Will this be the last post I write or the last comment I ever leave. Some day the answer will be yes. Will My guardian angel approve of those lasts? And what will the last moment of life find me doing? Loving Jesus I hope and letting Him love me. May my last words be, “My Jesus I trust in You!”

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