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Thursday, April 8, 2021

From High Fashion Melanie To Trash Tacky Jill: Get ready for the Gaudy Groaners!

I thought Jill Biden looked pretty tacky on Election day. She and Kamala seemed to be going for the Easter Egg basket look. And the matching blue gloves -- mmm...not a good choice in my opinion. What's wrong with black leather gloves? They're always in fashion!

But then, who am I to talk? I ditched all my bell bottoms from the 60s and the macrame belts and tie dyed shirts, but otherwise -- If it still fits, I still wear it. And I buy most of my clothes at the thrift store. I'd love to organize a luncheon fashion show some time featuring fabulous finds from the the thrift stores. Dressing up a group of parish youth as a fund raiser would be so much fun! 

I have to say I shook my head over the expense of a lot of Melania's fashion originals, but if you ever watched the movie, Mrs. Arris Goes to Paris, hey -- even a charwoman can dream about owning and wearing a Dior gown. Watch the movie; it's delightful! 

As for fashion at the White House. Well...Don't expect much. Jill is no Melania and Jen Psaki is no Kayleigh Mcenany! I just wish she'd stop fooling with her hair!

Having said all that...please stop calling the fishnet stockings a "scandal." It's not. Bad taste?...yes. Laughably tacky?...yes. But a scandal? Let's keep a little balance here. 


Susan Matthiesen said...

Remember when Trump first became President and the designer who had dressed Michelle Obama in some of her tacky outfits said that she would never design clothing for Melania?... and Trump said they never thought of asking her? Melania would never condescend to dressing in tacky clothing. She had always been dressed by the experts of highest fashion and looked beautiful in everything she wore.

Don't shake your head over the expense. Many of the outfits were probably done at no cost but if not, she could easily afford the price of high fashion. What a great First Lady she was! Made us always proud to have her represent America. I shudder when I look at Jill. She has that look of "trying too hard".

Dymphna said...

Poor woman. She's three decades too old for that.