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Saturday, April 17, 2021

Do You Think You Are Your Own Master?

 You’re not! St. Paul reminds us that, “None of us lives as his own master and none of us dies as his own master....Both in life and death we are the Lord’s.”

If you want to lead a happy life love God and His commandments. Sin is the cause of all unhappiness. Anyone who lives with the Lord as Master recognize that nothing “just happens.” Everything, both joy and sorrow are gifts that offer us an opportunity to grow in holiness. Are you sick? What an invitation to grow in patience and in love of neighbor by offering your sufferings for others. Are you healthy? What an opportunity to use your good health to serve and perform the duties of your state in life with energy! Are you treated with contempt? What an opportunity to unite your humiliations with Christ on the cross. Are you honored? What an opportunity to express your gratitude to Jesus Christ publicly and attribute all your success to HIm.

As St. Paul says, “Both in life and death we are the Lord’s. That is why Christ died and came to life again that he might be Lord of both the dead and the living.” Have faith and trust in the Lord and His love for you. “Perfect love casts out fear,” even fear of a virus that 99.8% of people survive. Death is inevitable and even that sad prospect is an opportunity to serve to the very end. 

My Jesus, I trust in you.


Susan said...

Excellent! Thanks so much!

Ramanie said...

Thank you for this wonderful text. Short and excellent. God bless you.