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Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Breaking News: Cuomo Resigns! Sometimes You Get to See Justice Done!

Gov. Cuomo Announces He Will Resign in Wake of Sexual Harassment Allegations

Let's not gloat, but it's really tempting when Democrats get caught up in their own mesh of lies and stung by the vipers with whom they share a nest. The Democrat rats  have abandoned Cuomo's sinking ship and turned on him. Here's a bit from the article that I found sadly amusing that brought to mind the saying, "There's no honor among thieves," or loyalty either. The chickens rats have come home to roost nest. Poor Andy is getting the treatment he's often given to others:

As a defiant Cuomo clung to office, state lawmakers launched an impeachment investigation, and nearly the entire Democratic establishment in New York deserted him — not only over the accusations, but also because of the discovery that his administration had concealed thousands of COVID-19 deaths among nursing home patients.

The harassment investigation ordered up by the attorney general and conducted by two outside lawyers corroborated the women’s accounts and added lurid new ones. The release of the report left the governor more isolated than ever, with some of his most loyal supporters abandoning him and President Joe Biden joining those calling on him to resign.
I'm praying for Cuomo today. He was baptized Catholic and maybe this will shake him into repentance and a return to the faith of our fathers. I don't want anyone to go to hell. Please join me in praying the Chaplet of Divine Mercy for him today.


  1. No justice until he is tried for homicide and sex assault

  2. Right on. He and Fauci and Biden all need to be in the dock for crimes against humanity.

  3. I join my humble prayers to yours; It's sad to see how humanity abandon us when we have fallen. Just like you said, I hope that in these terrible moments of solitude he'll turn back to Jesus his and our Savior.