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Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Medical Tyranny is Killing Our Kids and Robbing Us of Our Freedom

The chart above shows the risk to young people of the virus. It is statistically unmeasurable for children under age nine. Young people from age 10-39, have a 99.8% chance of recovery. Forced gene therapy vaccines for that age group is criminal! Check out the video in the first link below. And then pray for our country as we are taken over by medical tyranny. Freedom is rapidly disappearing. 


Heart problems are exploding among young athletes who take the gene therapy. There have been thousands of cases of myocarditis among young people, even athletes. The CDC has confirmed the problem with myocarditis, but, despite the low risk youth have from the disease, continue to recommend the vaccine for youth 12 and over. 

Young people are dying from the vaccine, but the CDC continues to make light of the condition saying the risk/benefit analysis is in favor of the vaccine for youngsters. What a joke! The statistical risk of young people dying from COVID is 0-.2%. And the death rate is no doubt being unreported because they are all being treated as "possible" but unverifiable. 

Northwestern University student appears to have died from heart inflammation linked to COVID vaccine

‘Healthy’ boy, 13, dies suddenly in his sleep three days after getting second dose of Pfizer vaccine


  1. It’s hard to change our thinking about the world we live in, the nation we live in, because as long as we’ve been alive we’ve been citizens of a Constitutional Republic, greatest nation on earth, whose greatness derives from the Rule Of Law, justly applied equally to all regardless of power, privilege, rank.

    That is not the world we live in now. This world is different. Our nation is different. Evil people have sapped the walls (*) and entered our nation while we were comfortably asleep or just smelling the flowers. They have taken our nation unawares while we were comfortably sleeping. We just woke up and don’t recognize the result in our once fine, just, walled city.

    The people who rule us now are quantifiably evil. Our default position should be that their policy is designed to harm, not help. Look at this evil man, when asked about deadly restrictions on his fellow citizens, specifically the helpless aged - “should we withhold Social Security pension payments (earned over a lifetime, btw) from the aged for the unvaxxed?” Bill Gates not only agrees … he finds the idea absolutely delicious. It makes him happy … suffering old people.

    The face of evil, dressed in a blue cardigan sweater and an oh, so sincere demeanor. The devil does not expose his horns or produce sulfurous odor - not yet. He is an “Angel of Light”, spewing nonsense that makes no sense once you get past the power, privilege … and the non-threatening cardigan sweater costume; the oh, so sincere hand gestures and looks of empathy.

    Every now and then, the mask slips and you see the devil inside, like this eugenicist named Bill Gates. He wants us dead. We have to understand that for anything else to make sense. And ….. if we wish to protect ourselves, our families and to live.

    The vaxes for the young are designed to harem otherwise healthy, innocent children. It is by design. We must start from that premise.

  2. I forgot to add the definition above

    (*): Sap the walls (V): s a term used in siege operations to describe the digging of a covered trench (a "sap") to approach a besieged place without danger from the enemy's fire. ... Prior to the invention of large pieces of siege artillery, miners could start to tunnel from the head of a sap to undermine the walls.

  3. Interesting comments, Aqua. I've never heard the expression, "sap the walls" before. Thank you for the definition because when I read the first comment I thought it was a typo. Our enemies are certainly involved in undermining everything about our beloved country these days. May God thwart all their efforts through the intercession of our Blessed Mother, patroness of America.

  4. Unfortunatly, folks are just walking in to the chopper blades hand in hand. And, dragging the rest of us with them.

    I have found that daily journaling has helped me many times better sort out what is going on for me. The one word that keeps coming up for me is "Oppressed". At times feeling pressed down.

    It's difficult time for all of us and I tell my wife we're just trying to live day by day.
    I dont have any faith in the earthly Church after the covid lock down and the lack of support ie signing of medical exemptions for her employment.