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Sunday, August 1, 2021

Investigation of Church Militant's Hate-On for the SSPX

Is Church Militant (CM) a reliable source of trusted investigation? At this point, the answer is a clear and resounding "NO!" They use innuendo, half truths, hearsay, and outright falsehoods to advance their agenda. They've done it to many liberal bishops in the U.S. who certainly deserve criticism, but even liberal bishops deserve to be treated fairly. 

But with the SSPX, CM engages in a scorched earth policy. Take no survivors!

CM obviously doesn't care about fairness whether they are talking about "Church of Nice" bishops or the SSPX. Their bias has become increasingly obvious over the past decade and spreads like kudzu over just about anything and anybody with whom they disagree and on whom they report. At this point, everything they allege needs to be independently verified because they, to put it charitably, stretch the truth to the breaking point.

So let's talk about investigation and whether CM is a reputable voice whose integrity is unquestionable and whose "investigations" can be trusted.

Every investigation involves searching for information, taking into account what's relevant and dismissing what is unnecessary or extraneous. The true investigator is unbiased and open-minded as he examines the evidence, because ultimately investigation is about searching for the truth. He may make a hypothesis but he doesn't manipulate the data to make sure he confirms it. He presents everything relevant, not just what proves his point. If there is evidence that casts doubt on the testimony of a witness, a reputable investigator presents it in order to give a fair and accurate picture.

Sad to say some who consider themselves investigators don't engage in open-minded research at all. They only look for information to confirm their biases. How many scientific studies are withdrawn because the data was manipulated? Injustice is often the end result of such "investigations."

We live in an age filled with people of the lie. CNN, MSNBC, NPR, etc. lie to the public daily, not only by their false narratives, but by failing to report inconvenient truths. You can lie by presenting false evidence, but also by suppressing evidence that tends to mitigate or exonerate.

What happens when the same bias, so evident in the liberal secular press, invades the Catholic press, when an outlet claiming to care about the good of the Church uses half truths, innuendo, and outright lies in their reporting to spin the news according to their particular biases?

That seems to be what has happened to Church Militant (CM). 

If you want to find the truth, you'll need a machete to clear
the kudzu of innuendo, half truths and falsehoods spread by CM.

It wasn't always that way. I was contacted in the early days of Real Catholic TV by Mike Voris when they were seeking support to make themselves better known and I was president of the Catholic Media Coalition. I added their daily Vortex feed to our website and said yes a few years later when they asked me to write for their site, which still (at least for now) carries some of my articles.

Around 2015 or 2016, though, I became so concerned about their direction that I asked our webmaster to remove the Vortex and stopped visiting the site as often as previously. As one blogger put it, the group that constantly criticized the "Church of Nice" had become the "Church of Nasty." I don't think they have any rivals today in that department, but I think they've also become the "Church of Deceit."

While CM trashes others on a daily basis, they frequently take umbrage and pounce on a few insulting comments from those who disagree with them as Voris did earlier this month on Twitter, a platform I left about a year ago. Using two comments, TWO COMMENTS, Voris trashed tens of thousands who attend SSPX chapels as "spiritually diseased" and "cult members." 

That is the bias that erupts every time Mike Voris or Christine Niles mention the SSPX. It's like molten lava flowing from the mouth of a volcano to destroy everything in its path. They absolutely hate the SSPX despite claiming neutrality.

Voris, who has absolutely no authority to do so, has declared the SSPX "schismatic" and outside the Church, a charge refuted by both Bishop Athanasius Schneider and Archbishop Vigano, bishops lauded by CM. How embarrassing for CM! Question: have the bishops excommunicated themselves?

"Church of Nasty" hardly comes close to describing what CM has become. They lack integrity and don't mind twisting the truth if it serves their agenda. 

Mike Church interviewed Matt Gaspers of Catholic Family News on The Mike Church Show in April 2020 after CM ran another hit piece on the SSPX that targeted Fr. Pierre Duverger among others. Here's a bit of the conversation:
Church: I don't know what's driving this [CM's hate-on for the SSPX], but I suspect that there must be some [unfinished sentence]....When we're talking about government corruption, man, what do you do? Look for the money....I don't see why there would be any difference here.

Gaspers: There are some disturbing accusations made in this report.... I don't have the inside information....I'm just like anyone else reading this. It has to be independently confirmed and verified. They quote from people they claim to be eyewitnesses and have eye-witness testimony of things. Maybe it's true and I certainly don't want to discount anyone who has actually suffered abuse or know someone who has, but because of their lack of integrity, I think that's the only way to say it, their lack of integrity in the can't just take them at face value any more. All of this stuff that they've presented is going to have to be independently verified through unbiased sources.

Church: [After saying his show will never defend pederasts, whether they're wearing roman collars or not, Church continues the discussion.] It's not a source if it's anonymous. If you cannot tell me what the source is and you say it's anonymous then, by definition, Matt, it's not a source.

Gaspers: Let me give you something similar to that. They do name the sources, but they didn't actually publish the physical evidence...,what they're quoting, what actually transpired. One of the bombshells in the article, they publish internal communications within the Society of St. Pius X....[reads from the article which claims the emails prove the Society is strategizing to protect the institution] She [Niles] proceeds to provide some juicy quotes from that correspondence....The problem is we don't have the full transcript of these emails. We don't know everything that was said in context. It could be totally proof text quoting to make them look evil...and we know that they hate the Society to begin with, so how are we supposed to believe that they are being impartial and just, quote unquote, wanting the truth....If they want us to believe that this correspondence is legit, they need to publish copies of the entire transcript so we can see it.... 

Church:  The whole thing [what CM is doing] is creepy and it stinks.

Gaspers: One other thing that I really have to bring up.... In my opinion, one of the worst aspects of the article is that it actually pretty clearly implies that Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre himself was complicit in creating a culture in the Society of perversion and coverup. This is absolutely disgusting.....[He was] probably the most prolific missionary bishop in the 20th century in Africa.
Niles implies that Archbihsop Lefebvre is one of the "perverts" in her article. She describes the archbishop as "enamored" of a young priest whom he travelled to the U.S. to ordain.

Church: Right, over a million baptisms and conversions in Africa under Archbishop Lefebvre....It's an outrage, that claim is outrageous.

Gaspers: What's sad about it, Mike, is that they can't even get some of the basic facts straight in this article. [Church and Gaspers go on to discuss Niles implying that Archbishop Lefebvre had a same-sex attraction toward a young priest by saying, "He was so enamored of the young priest...." that he went to the U.S. to ordain him. This is the kind of innuendo and slander so common to CM. Who else was supposed to ordain the priest given that it was 1980 and Archbishop Lefebvre didn't ordain the other bishops until 1988? He was the only one who COULD ordain the priest. The lack of integrity here spotlights CM's biased, sloppy, and slanderous reporting.] .... The long and short of it...[is] the allegations need to be thoroughly investigated...and independently verified....In my opinion...The real story is that CM hates the SSPX for some reason. They claim that they're schismatic and that's the motive where they're coming from. And they use whatever they can to malign the Society, so that's why everything has to be independently verified because they have a motive...and they reveal what they're trying to do with this article....They're trying to demonstrate that the Society is just as filthy and corruption-ridden as the rest of the mainstream Church and, therefore, no one should have anything to do with them.

Watch the entire video if you want to experience how grown-ups deal with serious issues. Their discussion about CM's hate for the SSPX is fact-based and without rancor. As they push their agenda to destroy-the-SSPX (Good luck with that), CM spins facts with fantasy to paint the SSPX as the empire of Mordor. In the process, they have lost credibility and any reputation they once had for integrity and honesty!

Stay tuned. Next time I open this can of worms, it will be to discuss rules of evidence. 


Mick Jagger Gathers No Mosque said...

Dear Mary Ann. Kudos. Looking forward to more of your analysis.

O, and if you want CMTV on your side, buy Mr. Voris a building...

ProLIFEmommy said...

BOOM! You speak clearly what I’ve been thinking for a long time now! No wonder our mutual friend, Jack Ames, always speaks so highly of you every time we have a chance to talk. Keep fighting the good fight! Hope to meet you in person someday!

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

I'd love to meet you too, ProLifeMommy. Look me up on Facebook. Hold your nose while you do it. LOL!

Don Juan said...

Boom. Boom.

Andrew Dunn said...

Hi Mary Ann and Susan. This is my first post here and I want to start off by saying I really enjoy your website. May God Bless you both and your intentions. People like you and a few others (and I do mean a few) are the real Church Militant. You love our Holy Mother Church and you stand up for Her no matter what types of threats you receive from scoundrels like those associated with that organization that dares to ape the name Church Militant. Those forces of evil are not the Church Militant, they are whether they realize it or not, doing the work of the devil.

The Society of St. Piux X is in all likelihood going to emerge soon as the real Church Remnant. Things are really shaking out now thanks to antipope Bergoglio (no, I don't believe he's the pope). I think Pope Benedict, regardless of what he did in the past with Vatican II, knew what he was doing when he fake-resigned and that this is all part of what has to happen to expose the anti-church and restore the True Church. That's a topic unto itself but for the sake of this subject matter, I will say this...

Since the start of this whole covidism B.S. the SSPX has worked overtime to keep the Mass and Sacraments going while the Church Effeminate (the novus ordo world) caved to the freemasonic state. The martyred priests of the Vendée in Heaven must be shaking their heads at the cowardly actions that took place and are still taking place here in this Valley of Tears. Yesterday I had lunch after Mass with some friends and one of them told me years ago that when her daughter was on her deathbed (she survived praise God), it was a priest from the SSPX who drove across two states in snow and ice to minister to her and provide the Last Rites. The local diocesan priests wouldn't do it.

What kind of "Catholic" organization literally foams at the mouth, obsessed with rage at a Society of priests who have kept the Mass and the Sacraments available since the disasters of the Second Vatican Council and more recently, covisism?

Imagine you have led a heinous life as a sinner and are on your deathbed. Who's going to sincerely go out of their way to try and convince you of God's Mercy and absolve you of your sins - the priests of the SSPX or a couple of haughty, tabloid-style journalists who operate their "ministry" out of a town in Michigan populated by a bunch of alphabet soup people with a government known for progressive policies?

If anyone reading this post are still following the Voris and Niles show, please stop. Don't follow them on social media and don't look at their website. They are the equivalent of pornography and aren't worth your time. And, if you're donating to them, for the love of God, please stop. Shift your prayers and your donations over to the SSPX - especially their seminaries. Things are getting really bad, really fast and we are going to need good, holy priests. It's only a matter of time before the FSSP and ICK are shut down I'm afraid. I don't like that thought one bit but I'm also a realist.

Death to freemasonry. Chris the King now and forever!

Restore-DC-Catholicism said...

You too know Jack Ames? I have written for his newsletter for quite some time now. Are you local to MD/VA?

Debbie said...

Andrew, great first post.

The argument that pushed me to firmly believe that BXVI did not resign validly and that Bergoglio was and is an antipope was how believing an antipope to be the true Vicar of Christ destroys the papacy. Who, exactly decides what of his "teaching" can be resisted? R&R is just another Protestant "denomination".

As to Voris and company, I was driving through Ferndale the other day and was disgusted by all the pro homo flags and propaganda in the little cafes and businesses there. At the time I did not know CM's office was there (never followed them) the argument that he CHOSE to set up camp in the midst of the alphabet community is compelling. Oh, and Milo. Somethin ain't right with those boys.

Praying for Divine intervention for the ICK and FSSP, as I'm a member of St. Joseph's Shrine run by the good canons of ICK.....but have my eye on SSPX which is about the same distance from me (and not in the city of Detroit).

Lasserre deVillier said...

E. Michael Jones nailed it exactly when he said that Michael Voris has never fully healed from the narcissistic childhood wounds that led him into the homosexual lifestyle to begin with. Voris needs to cease the Church Militant apostolate, before he injures more innocent people and his own soul. Dom Cheutard in his famous book "Soul of the Apostolate" warned that Catholics should not enter into an apostolate without being fully prepared spiritually, with a strong interior life.