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Sunday, August 15, 2021

Sunday Meditation: Are You Ready for the Persecution?

If you are among the "unvaccinated" get ready for persecution bigtime. Before recent doctors' appointments with my family doctor and my neurologist, I thought about how I would respond to the pressure to get the vax, because I knew it was coming. 

I could have mentioned safety, but I didn't want to get into an argument about "the science." The person in the lab coat has an advantage over a layman, even if she gets her scientific education from the pharmaceutical salesman. (Both my docs are women.)

So I decided to go for the moral issue, which is the one that really matters anyway. I've spent most of my adult life fighting to save little babies in the womb from being dismembered, scalded to death, and dragged feet first out of the womb to be stabbed in the neck before having their brains sucked out. If that graphic description bothers you, it should! "Vaccines" made with cannibalized baby parts are evil. Bishop Athanasius Schneider makes a powerful case, but I didn't need his opinion to reach my own moral decision. No way will I cooperate!

So I told my doctors I will not take a "vaccine" that was developed or tested by cannibalizing babies. Guess what....there's no argument. The only comment I got was my neurologist asking if there were any "vaccines" that didn't use fetal stem cell lines. "As far as I know," I answered, "none approved for use in the United States."

Franz Jägerstätter
I don't expect conscientious objection to protect anyone from persecution. It didn't save Franz Jägerstätter from the Nazis, although he managed to avoid punishment for awhile. Tyrants will force you or eliminate you. We haven't reached that stage of genocide yet, but, short of a miraculous intervention (Pray the rosary every day!), who knows? The CDC has a document about "shielding" that talks about the advantages and disadvantages of developing "camps" for high risks individuals. While the document includes pros and cons, the fact that such a document even exists is troubling. The one place it would make sense is at the border, but instead of isolating those who actually have COVID, they are being dispersed all over the country.

As for persecution of the unvaccinated. Do you live in a Democrat-controlled state that's implementing Wuhan mandates? Get ready to be deprived of the right to travel, buy and sell, eat at restaurants, get your hair cut, go to a theatre or museum, etc. It's already happening all over the world. 

In many places, like Australia, millions of citizens are essentially on house arrest with police and the army patrolling the streets to make sure everyone stays home and locked up. The country has gone from the carrot to the stick. The Prime Minister says there will be "special rules" and more freedom for the vaccinated.

With the help of FrancisChurch even Catholics will find themselves denied the right to go to Church or school unless they sit in the back of the school bus (with weekly testing, social distancing, and masks) and attend Mass in the "balcony" with a sign in the main church reading, "For vaccinated only." Thanks, Pope Francis.

Catholic schools are mandating the vax. 

Mount St. Mary’s university mandates COVID vaccine for all seminarians and students

Sr. Mary Haddad, RSM
Jebbie Loyola of Chicago backed down and allowed an exemption for 11 students who sued because of the vax's connections to abortion. Let's pray other Catholic students follow their example.

Loyola University backs down on COVID-19 vaccine requirement after lawsuit

Even Catholic schools who don't mandate the jab, recommend it, like  Catholic University in D.C. 

And then there's the pretty-in-pink permed Sr. Mary Haddad RSM, head of the Catholic Health Association. She's a Sister of Mercy (Who would guess the woman is a nun?), an order well-known these days for dissent. Take a look at their eco-friendly, BLM-friendly websiteHaddad wants to mandate the vaccines and is frustrated with the big, bad bishops who allow religious exemptions. She describes how it takes the "death of a loved one" from the virus to open some people's eyes, but says not a word about those who've died or been permanently injured by the vax. She's promoting requirements for employees at Catholic hospitals to take the jab and some are requiring it. 

I find that interesting because when I was with my husband who was having surgery two weeks ago at Winchester Medical Center, his nurse told us she was leaving in two days because the Valley Health System is requiring the vax for all its employees. She's got a new job in a doctor's office. As a result of their policy, Valley Health is advertising for hundreds of positions. Many health care workers are among the "vaccine hesitant." Hmmm....they would rather leave their jobs than be coerced into being guinea pigs for an experimental gene therapy. How many nurses like that dear lady are out there? 

We are living in challenging times. A chastisement is clearly upon us. We need to be on our knees praying every day and offering these sufferings up for our families and our country. Let me recommend an ejaculation that I repeat dozens of times every day. 

Lord Jesus, I offer this for love of you, the conversion of sinners, and in reparation for sins against the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

My Jesus, I trust in You.


Siobhan7 said...

I had COVID back in February of 2021 and was sick for the whole month. I recently had another checkup with my Doctor and she order COVID antibody testing. The results were very good. I tested positive for two tests when most people test positive for only one. This points to natural immunity. It also exposes the lie that "the antibodies are only good for 90 days so you still need the deathvaxx". The reason why I'm sharing this is because I work for a Catholic Parish in New York and I'm still treated like I'm "Typhoid Mary". The Pastor at this parish believes everything the CDC and Fauci says! One of my co-workers actually told me not the use the bathroom that she uses. It's just unbelievable what's going on. I pray that the Lord and His Holy Mother continue to give me the strength to resist.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Sounds like my experience. I was actively sick for about two weeks, but spent another month regaining my strength. I have a silly troll who comments on almost every COVID post that I said I'd never get the virus. I never said that. He/she would be hard-pressed to show anywhere that I said that. What I said was we should all be building up our immune system, so we could fight off the virus and do better if we caught it.

I fully expect everybody to get it and the gene therapy is proving to be pretty ineffective at protecting people. They engineered the virus to be easily transmittable and they will use the fact that the vaccinated get it to demand we all get jabs periodically because the virus is "mutating." I'm glad to have the natural immunity. I'll be praying for you, Siobhan.

Evangeline said...

It seems like people who are getting sick now may be demonstrating ADE. That seems likely with vaccinated people, they aren't just getting Covid, but ADE as a result of the shot. Still, we are not hearing about elevated mortality rates, which I think are low, thanks be to God. We all need to let others know that natural immunity is BEST. Having natural immunity after a virus is how it's always been, how can this not be known? Even if antibodies faded, people still have T-cell memory and B-cell memory. If people were exposed to Sars-Cov1, they are immune to Sars-Cov-2, that's how well memory cells retain the ability to recognize Covid. Viruses mutate, it's what they do, typically becoming more contagious but less lethal. It's how they survive. But if people who are vaccinated now are getting very sick, that may be ADE.
Fauci admitted the other day there is no way to force people to take the shot. They may now realize it is not Trump voters that hesitate, it is black and hispanic Americans AND people who have PhD's. Interesting.