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Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Is History Repeating Itself? A Commentary on the Vendee and Church Militant

Omigosh, She has the "SSPX banner" on her house! Duh...It's not the "SSPX banner!"
Ignorance reigns on Christine Niles' Facebook page. 

Today is the feast of St. Lawrence, my husband's patron saint. It's also the anniversary of the day Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette were arrested. The monarchy in France ended. 

The sins of the fathers are visited on the children and thus it was with Louis XVI whose ancestor, Louis XIV failed to obey Our Lord's instruction, through St. Margaret Mary, to dedicate France to the. Sacred Heart of Jesus. One hundred years later, France was inflicted with the butchery of the French Revolution inspired by masonic hatred of the Church. The royal family was imprisoned and ultimately executed.

The cataclysm of the French Revolution didn't begin with the arrest of the royal family. The movement of diabolical disorientation was in the works for centuries. Does anyone think the diabolical disorientation of our own time only began on election day when our  modern, atheistic revolutionaries took possession of the White House?

History is repeating itself and those who are ignorant of history will be blind to the realities we face. The year 2029 will mark the 100th anniversary of our Blessed Mother appearing to Lucia of Fatima to say the time had come for the consecration of Russia. To this day Mary's request has never been fulfilled. Partial and incomplete consecrations have taken place which resulted in historical moments like the tearing down of the Berlin wall. But as 2029 nears, Mary continues to be ignored. We are in the throes of cataclysmic events. What will the 100th anniversary of shame give us? Will it mirror what happened to the monarchy in France. Will our constitutional republic finally be totally crushed and replaced with an atheistic tyranny?

Which brings me to a somewhat related issue. 

A friend sent me a thread from Church Militant "investigator" Christine Niles' Facebook page which I wouldn't have seen otherwise. Christine tags me, but I usually ignore her. This thread involved a number of insults and epithets including the accusation that I'm a liar, a hypocrite, and "beyond gross." Thank you, Lord, for insults; may they keep me humble. I'm having a mass said for these folks in thanksgiving for their comments.

But one comment involved so much ignorance that I laughed. It showed a photo of my house (the one above) with two Trump flags on either side of a flag that Kurt Chione, whoever he is, called the "SSPX banner."

May be an image of outdoors and text that says '5:52 57% P TRU 202 A Mary Ann Kreitzer SEP7 2020 22 3 Comments Share'
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  • Kurt Chione
    Anastasia Marie she has the gall to put the SSPX banner next to the Trump one when SSPX has criticized the republican party for years and have even told people not to vote in national elections

Here's your history lesson for the day, Kurt, and all your other ignorant friends. The flag on my porch, which I put up six months before the SSPX was even on my radar screen, is not the "SSPX banner." It's a combination of several provinces in France. The middle symbol is the Flag of the Vendee. 

Has Kurt ever heard of the Vendee? That was the province in France that, like the Cristeros in Mexico, rose up to defend the Church and protect her priests during the French Revolution. They were peasants with pitchforks who faced the well-armed butchers of the revolutionary army. The colorful border around the Vendee flag represents two other regions of France that, if I'm correct, supported the Vendee uprising.

In the end the inhabitants of the Vendee, who became a real threat by some military successes, were murdered in a horrifying genocide. After the assault, the revolutionary general, Joseph Westermann, sent this missive to Robespierre’s Committee of Public Safety: 

There is no more Vendee … according to the orders you gave me, I crushed the children under the feet of horses, massacred the women … I have exterminated everyone … Mercy is not a revolutionary sentiment.

That's for sure! Among their other atrocities they stripped priests naked and tied them together with naked women before throwing them into the river to drown. The Loire ran with blood and bodies.

No one corrected Chione's error, so I presume Christine's followers have no idea what the flag really represented. They just wanted another stick to beat on one of Christine's "pedo-enablers." Charity is not Church Militant's strong point.

I presume that the SSPX adopted the symbol of the Vendee because their origin is French and they love the Sacred Heart which the patriots of the Vendee sewed on their clothing. In view of their vigorous defense of the faith and the priesthood, the symbol seems appropriate.

I hope everyone reading this will study what happened in the Vendee. All Catholics should imitate those heroes of the faith because we are facing the same evils in America today and the same diabolical spirit that went into overdrive after Vatican II.

One last thought. Kurt Chione used my copyrighted photo without my permission. Should I threaten a lawsuit for the use of my copyrighted photo to attack me? 

Nah...I'll just pray for Chione (and all Niles' followers) that someone does them the favor of the spiritual work of mercy, "to instruct the ignorant."


  1. I can't believe your post today - this very morning I have covered the French Revolution in the book I've been reading, "The Catholic Church Through the Ages, A History." (Chapter VI, The Sixth Age of the Church 1789-Present). You nailed it!

  2. “ … Robespierre’s Committee of Public Safety.”

    Isn’t the chosen name interesting? It reminds me of the “committees” of our day, all with public service sounding names that make them seem so innocuous and helpful. Except …. they come with harassment, imprisonment, fines, guns and compulsion attached to them. And they are directed against us, former citizens of a great Constitutional Republic once known as the United States of America. They come with violence both implied and explicit. Public oriented name. Public terrorizing mission.

    And this fellow, Kurt Chione, has the flavor of that which produces committees like The Committee For Public Safety. From what I know about his pals at CM, I have little doubt they would feel it a public service to impose upon you (and me and all those others of similar religious persuasion) consequences most severe in punishment and as an example to others. I have mentioned before, on your site, my testimony of my Protestant days of the venomous hatred of my fellows toward the Catholic Faith. It was so unreasoning and vile and out of place (no other group on earth inspired such rage) that it made me consider the religion that bothered them so. Their hate, ironically enough, was ultimately behind my future conversion.

    This CM hatred, and the general rage and unreasoning emotion-driven actions of our society which it resembles, is much like the diabolical hysteria of the French Revolution. I do agree with you that this is God’s judgement. Hell is opened up among us and we get a taste of what it’s like in those eternal flames of rage-filled fire.

    It’s funny … I have been an SSPX Parishioner for about a year now, with multiple Priests in multiple locations and regions. SSPX doesn’t talk about anyone outside of themselves. They focus 100% on liturgy, sacraments, teaching, catechism, meeting needs in remote locations and difficult circumstances. They are as calm and reasonable and grounded in Tradition as anyone I’ve ever met. The contrast with those who hate them is a huge source of encouragement in my convictions.

    Best wishes to you and yours - in the love of God and in His Mother Mary. The victory is already won! Christus Rex!

  3. Gigi: Thanks for the book idea. I looked it up. Love the premise - our Faith is built on the backs of giants who came before which include (in their own way) Jews and Romans. Our Faith was not dreamed up on a cocktail napkin by a smart, charismatic fellow. It is ancient and its roots can’t be clearly defined because they are Divine.

    And I also like the premise of keeping our trials and tribulations in perspective. Whether we have it better or worse is for God to judge but we do know that history is His Story. Time and events belong to Almighty God. We are just actors in His play.

    Definitely going to read it.

  4. Wow, I did not realize that today was the day the Royal Family was arrested. I'm actually painting a portrait right now of King Louis XVI so the timing is something else. Personally, I believe that King Louis XVI and his wife were devout, charitable people. The notion that she said "let them eat cake" was one of the biggest slanders in world history. We can't know for sure but I would not be surprised if, because of their martyrdom for the faith, both Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette are saints in Heaven.

    I believe very strongly that we are in the modern day equivalent of the French Revolution right before the reign of terror. I base this on the increased immorality and savagery of the people, the non-stop propaganda from the media, the war against the Catholic Church and especially The Mass and the priesthood. Covidism every day is ratcheting up the hysteria, hatred and the scapegoating.

    I wear my Vendee Sacred Heart patch every time I go out. I am proud to tell those who ask what it was and what it represents. Death to freemasonry, Dieu le Roi!

    As a side note, I highly recommend the book "Madame Royale" by Elena Maria Vidal. Mrs. Vidal has written this historical novel about the only surviving member of the immediate French Royal Family (Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette's daughter) from extensive research. It is a captivating, well-written book about a woman who survived the most heinous atrocities and never lost her Catholic Faith nor her common sense.

  5. I have Hilaire Belloc's biography of Marie Antoinette, but I haven't read it yet. I'll have to put it on the top of the reading list. I also have a memoir of a woman who lived through the French Revolution and survived the massacre in the Vendee. I've started that and it's fascinating. I'm afraid we might get the chance to see what's it like to live in such times. God help us!

  6. Hi Mary Ann. If I may ask, who is the woman you mentioned who lived through the revolution and the Vendee massacre? If her memoir is available in a book for purchase, I'd love to read it. Thank you and thank you and Susan for the great work you're doing here on this website.

  7. It's called A Family of Brigands in 1793 by Marie de Sainte-Hermine published by Angelus Press. I've only read the first 35 pages, but it reads like a novel.

  8. Dear Mary Ann . Obviously, this is to long to post but you may not know the behind-the-scenes action in Rome to defusing the Cristeros.

    It is from the Martinez bool, Undermining the Church:

    Quelling the Mexicans

    As the drama of Catholic transformation continues,
    bewilderment over Vatican mysteries can only deepen for
    those who see each major event in twentieth century Church
    history as separate in itself. Seen as a consistent line of
    effort meant to push forward a new kind of religion, major
    events can be taken to move in coherent sequence.
    Seen thus, the crushing of l’Action Française was a
    logical gesture. If the Perfect Society was to be superseded
    by a new kind of Christianity, then ardor for the old verities
    would have to be dissipated. Of gravest concern to the
    progressives was l’Action’s advocacy of a Catholic State.
    They remembered with distaste Pius X’s admonition, “It is
    an absolutely false thesis and an extremely dangerous error
    to think that Church and State should be separated. Such a
    thesis is in obvious negation of the supernatural order. It
    limits the action of the State to the sole purpose of public
    welfare in this life and does not occupy itself in any way
    with their more profound welfare, which is eternal
    happiness, that which is prepared for them after this so brief

    Even before the French troubles had been settled the
    Vatican found itself confronted with another upsurge of
    the old faith, this time nine thousand miles from Rome. In
    Mexico the unexpected spelling out and application of
    drastic anti-religious laws, alleged to be contained in the
    Constitution of 1917, exploded into full-scale civil war.
    During the next three years t ens of thous ands of pe a s ant
    f a rme r s , worke r s , townsfolk and students would face
    federal troops to fight and die to the cry, “Viva Cristo
    Rey!” At the height of the conflict the rebels, scornfully
    dubbed “Cristeros” by the government, numbered forty thousand
    men with a corresponding officer corps. There were
    no uniforms, no pay, often no food and thanks to a strict
    embargo on the sale of arms by the United States, few
    weapons to fight with.

  9. It was a layman’s religious war. Not more than seven
    priests are known to have taken an active part. Laymen
    fought in defense of thei r bi shops , even though the
    bishops had closed the churches and fled the country nearly
    to a man. Persuaded that the enactment of the so-called
    Calles Laws would mean the asphyxiation of Catholicism,
    the hierarchy had telegraphed Cardinal Gasparri in Rome
    for permission to close the Churches. Permission came and
    suddenly there were no more Masses, no more sacraments.
    Reaction among the people was immediate. Poor farmers
    left the fields to volunteer, maid servants banded together to defy the water cannon of Mexico City police for the right
    to pray together and women of every social class throughout
    the country formed an underground league dedicated to Joan
    of Arc, enforcing on themselves a remarkable vow of
    secrecy in order to raise money, undertake intelligence,
    collect and serve food to the fighting men, while law
    students, some of them hardly more than adolescents, faced
    government firing squads. It was spontaneous collaboration
    on a national scale not experienced in all of Latin America
    before or since.


  10. From the very beginning of the Mexican troubles two
    contrasting signals were coming from the Vatican. There was
    the sympathetic emotional reaction of Pius XI. After
    listening in private audience to the tragic a c count s of the
    Bi shops of Du r ango , Leon and Tamaulipas, he sat down to
    write the encyclical Iniquis Afflictisquae. Clearly overcome by
    what he had heard of the deaths by firing squad he wrote,
    “With rosary in hand and the cry ‘Viva Cristo Rey!’ on their
    lips, these young students are going voluntarily to their
    deaths. What a spectacle of holiness for the whole world!”
    Feeling was considerably more restrained at the office of
    the Vatican Secretary of State. After a lengthy expos i t ion of
    event s in Mexi co, Msgr . Gonz a l e z Valencia of Durango,
    one of the few Mexican bishops who stood up publicly for the
    Cristeros, was astounded to hear Cardinal Gasparri express
    skepticism about the seriousness of the rebel movement. The
    Mexican could only retort, “Eminence, some people are
    refusing to give us aid because they doubt the seriousness of
    our cause and others say our movement is not serious because
    we get no aid. This is a vicious circle that must be
    broken.” He pleaded in vain The French Charge d’Af fai res in Mexico Ci ty wrote
    confidentially to Foreign Minister Briand at the Quai
    d’Orsay,” Gasparri is exhausted by a stream of Mexican
    prelates with their strident orthodoxy and their
    fulminating anathemas. He continuously urges them to
    come to some agreement with their government, to
    compromise with President Calles.”

    Indeed, pitting Italian subtlety against Spanish
    intransigence, Cardinal Gasparri worked assiduously to
    dampen the Cristero fire. He advised members of the
    Mexican hierarchy to refuse encouragement to the fighters.
    He alerted the bishops of the United States to refuse all
    appeals for economic aid. The student leader, René
    Capistrán Garza, has left a pathetic account of his attempt
    to raise funds among Catholics of the United States.
    In an open second-hand Studebaker in the dead of
    winter he and a bilingual companion made their way to Texas
    armed with letters of recommendation to bishops and
    regional commanders of the Knights of Columbus.
    Stopping first in Corpus Christi, they stood waiting for the
    bishop to read their credentials. Then they told their story.
    Concluding, they heard words they could scarcely believe,
    “Nothing doing, sorry.” In Galveston the bishop took a ten
    dollar bill out of his pocket and handed it to them.
    Houston, Dallas, Little Rock brought hardly enough to
    pay for their gasoline at 1926 prices. Then in the
    prosperous German diocese of St. Louis the bishop gave
    them one hundred dol lar s of hi s own. But at that point
    the Studebaker broke down and in order to repair it the
    youths had to pawn an heirloom gold watch and a new pistol.
    Meeting constant rejection, they drove through sleet and
    snow to Indianapolis, Dayton, Pittsburgh and finally to the
    great diocese of Boston, already famed for its covey of Irish
    Catholic millionaires.

  11. Sorry, Just remember the book is online

  12. I just blocked Christine Niles from my Facebook page. She messaged me last night. I didn't read it. She's tagged me several times; I didn't snap at her bait. For my peace of mind, I'm done with any contacts with Church Militant on social media. I think they are poison. Some of what they post is true, but it's generally framed in the most uncharitable way possible, often vicious in fact, like their describing Michael Matt's "Unite the Clans" project as "self-serving and self-promoting garbage." Much of their content is just click bait in my opinion for their own "self-serving and self-promoting garbage."

  13. Mary Ann You should be concerned - How do they know where you live? Make sure they didn't put a tracking device on your car etc.

    This is serious business

  14. “ … like their describing Michael Matt's "Unite the Clans" project as "self-serving and self-promoting garbage."

    The essence of Communion is unity: unity of our body and soul with the Body, Soul, Divinity of our Lord.
    The essence of matrimony is unity: one body, one flesh in a mystical, real way.
    The essence of the Holy Trinity is unity: three Persons, one God
    The essence of Holy Mother Church is unity: Saints past, present, future; with the choir of angels, all in adoration of the risen Lord with one voice.
    The essence of the Beatific Vision is unity: one Body in union with Almighty God - we know God just as we are known.
    The final prayer of Jesus before His Passion and Crucifixion was His prayer for unity - unity among the redeemed, no less than the unity within the Holy Trinity Godhead: John 17: 20-23.

    Unity is the essence of Christianity and eternal bliss in God. So who could be against it?

    Actually, I have also been against it as presented by Michael Matt. Why, given what I just said? Because unity is only possible when *properly ordered and constituted*. Christian unity, true unity, is not possible unless it is ordered around the visible Head of the Church which is the Pope. From the Pope through the Bishops to Priests and all Religious Orders. And all, in turn, must be ordered solely, *SOLELY* around Jesus Christ - Christus Rex who leads from here into the Trinity Himself in union with our Blessed Mother, our Queen.

    The Pope. We must have the Pope. Not an antipope. Not a questionable Pope. Not two Popes, or more. Not a heretical Pope who has separated himself from the Church. We must have the Holy Father, universally accepted, who is in union visibly and quantifiably with the Church’s eternal Divine Magisterium, and with it, all the other Pipes who ever lived. The Pope is our visible head, we must have him or we have NOTHING. THAT is how Christ ordered His Bride.

    My personal disagreement with Michael Matt’s prescription is that it passes by that crucial core existential need - the Pope, universally and legally and magisterially and spiritually acclaimed. He gives us “Clans” who all have their individual specialties. HOW ARE WE TO UNITE? Around WHAT are we to unite? For what PURPOSE? I don’t even know what “unite the clans” even means. Unite, with the Pope, with the Bishops, with the Priests, with the Religious, with the Faithful, with all who came before and all who will come after into eternity - all United as one in Jesus Christ, within the Holy Trinity.

    We can’t unite anything without the Pope. Full stop. We are Protestant wandering sheep until the question of the Papacy is resolved. And that is just a simple fact.

  15. Edit last paragraph: NOT “*Protestant* wandering sheep”; rather “*wandering sheep*”.

    We are not Protestant who accept the and demand the Seat of Peter and a Pope, properly and legally consecrated.

    We are Protestant, rather, if we say the Pope is not necessary for the Catholic Faith and his identity doesn’t matter, or that what he says, does and teaches do not matter.

  16. I just ordered A Family of Brigands in 1793 by Marie de Sainte-Hermine from Angelus on your recommendation.

    This sort of stuff if why I changed my blog from "Catholic" to politics. Politics is so much tamer. What the heck is wrong with these people (CM) always looking for someone to hate on? Ever since Voris came out of the closet he's gotten more and more extreme. I think he should slither back into that closet and shut the heck up.

    And now they're picking on Michael Matt (as per your comment)? Good grief! Michael Matt is about the only Catholic I post on my political blog and even all the non-Catholics love him.

  17. Any group, or vicious soul, that would malign and commit the sin of calumny against the SSPX deserves prayers and pity, not dollars. An alleged 'apostolate' built on a sub rosa foundation of a sin that cries to Heaven for vengeance should be defunded, not the police.

  18. I'm sorry for how you are being treated. Frankly, I stopped checking out CM some time ago. I don't know what has happened to them, but it seems like the gates of hell have opened up and people are possessed. A priest said about a year ago that he felt half of America was possessed, he may have been on to something. I am now older, and have never in my life seen anything like the evil that is surrounding us each day now. God be merciful to us.
    A few months ago, I went to the CM site, and make an innocuous comment, and it was deleted, twice. It was a nothing comment, very benign, and they disallowed it. I appreciate Catholic defenders, and I understand moderating blogs, but I have zero tolerance for censors, given what we are seeing today. There are more fascists around us than we realize.
    Anyway, you are being treated poorly Mary Ann, and as far as I can tell you are nothing but a sincere and devoted Catholic who goes the extra mile and runs a Catholic blog. CM seems off the rails. The less attention given them the better.

  19. Aqua, Protestants loss, our gain.

  20. Could us Catholics have a Pope who has authority over us even if that Pope was in league with the devil?

  21. Is Christine Niles using her Facebook page to dox you? To stalk you? I think a reasonable man would agree that her posting a picture of your house and inviting comment (or invective) would at least constitute online harassment. Do you think Church Militant's legal team should be worried?

  22. I am really touched by everyone's concern. Thank you so much. I would greatly appreciate your prayers, not only for me but for Christine Niles, Mike Voris, and the entire CM team. Their actions certainly don't reflect Christian charity. And their broad-based attack on the Traditional Latin Mass and the entire SSPX community is wrong and damaging to the faith. I presume they have convinced themselves that their attacks on....goodness, who aren't they attacking?...are all justified.

    I spent 25 years sidewalk counseling at abortion facilities where I was screamed at, cursed, given obscene gestures, etc. just for offering women help. People used to ask me if I wasn't afraid since there were probably devils flying everywhere. (I spoke to several women over the years who said they were witches.) Frankly, I never worried about it. I was just trying to do what God wanted and I knew He wanted me there trying to save His babies. And we did save some thanks be to God. I wish we could have saved them all.

    I spent an hour at adoration today reflecting on whether to put up another post I wrote a few days ago. I seemed to be getting an affirmative, but I tested it by sending the post to a lawyer friend. His approval was my confirmation. It will go up in a few days -- the next episode in a sad saga. Let's all pray with Michael Matt to "unite the clans." Somehow I doubt that CM will be among them. They seem to want to be the only kid on the block. That's a pretty lonely place to be in the end.

  23. King Louis XVI and Queen Marie Antoinette will both be canonized.

  24. I finally read the excerpt from the book, ABS. Some things never change, eh? Pope John Paul II didn't consecrate Russia because his politicians told him he couldn't. It's a wonder the Church has survived her worldly bishops. And today we see the betrayal once again. Except the lemmings in the pew, terrified of COVID, went right along with it. Not many Cristeros in 21st century America. Once again I thank God for the SSPX and the handful of priests who cared enough to minister to the flock as our godless government tried to crush the faith. Christ may only find a remnant when he returns, but the remnant will be strong in faith, hope, and love. Viva Cristo Rey!

  25. I am firmly convinced that the diabolical disorientation, anger, confusion, disunity within the RCC, revealed in CM as a current example but by no means limited to them, is caused by our near universal submission to an antipope and to all the Bishops and Priests in union with him. There is *no fixing this*, absent a return to that fateful day in Feb 2013 and regaining firm footing in submission to the true visible head, the only man divinely protected by the Holy Spirit. We cannot “unite the clans” - ie unite the RCC - until we are united under the one, true Pope.

    This ray of truth is gaining traction and spreading through Christendom with increasing insistency, as explained in these excellent summaries from Catholic academics and legal scholars here

    And here

    We need not be surprised at the anger, disunity, implied aggression and potential violence in this article - Catholic against Catholic. Shocking, yes. Surprising, no - IF you understand that the *spirit of Antichrist* is loosed among us because we accept what must be rejected with vigor and ferocity by those who love Christ and His Bride in all her purity and perfection.

  26. Dear Mary Ann. One is justified in thinking it is the Traditional Orders only that will create the Pelayos and El Cids who will one day seize back control of the Church - but one hopes it dens take seven centuries like it did in Spain