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Friday, August 20, 2021

How short is Michael Voris' leash and to whom is it tethered?

Texas Fanboi JTC giving directions
to Michael Voris 
Before we move on to the game of tetherball I'd like to address the (most recent) double standard practiced at Church Militant when they hosted a sedevacantist on their panel of 9 diocesan priests "who have been sidelined in varying capacities for being faithful". (Here)

One of those priests, Fr Stephen Lefort, after being dismissed by his bishop, became a sedevacantist and was conditionally re-ordained by a Thuc-line bishop.

What a double standard for Church Militant! Yet isn't this par for the course in Vorisland? Michael Voris and Christine Niles "constantly state that the SSPX are a bad group of untouchable schismatic victimizers, yet Fr Stephen Lefort, who has actually done schismatic acts and has put himself under a dubious bishop, is treated no differently than the good guys on the panel, nor are any of his schismatic acts disclosed by Church Militant."

Why would anyone believe the frenzied sensationalism and ranting screeds of Voris and Niles? We, as reasonable people, shouldn't believe them and the game of tetherball explains why. Tetherball is a game where two people strike a volleyball suspended from a stationary metal pole by a rope or tether. The pole is usually 10 feet high with the rope connecting the pole and tetherball being 8 feet long. The two players hit the ball clockwise or counterclockwise until one player manages to wind the ball all the way around the pole as far as it will go until it hits the pole. Of course the closer to the pole, the shorter the rope.

Michael Voris and Church Militant are like tetherball. The entity "Church Militant" and all its actions are the pole. Michael Voris is the ball, tethered to the pole. Connecting Church Militant (the pole) and Michael Voris (the ball) is the rope (MONEY). 

Now we arrive at the two players. Who are they? Who has the MONEY to give to Michael Voris in exchange for being their mouthpiece?  And how much MONEY has Voris been "tethered" to? Hint: the more MONEY given to Church Militant, the shorter the rope. POTS OF MONEY means SHORTER ROPE which translates into manipulating Michael into doing what the two players tell him to do and saying what the two players tell him to say. He's a bought man, as tightly wrapped around their little fingers as the winner's tetherball to the pole.

And the two players? The Big MONEY Men? Marc Brammer and Texas Fanboi Terry Carroll of course. Both Opus Dei, both wealthy, both having "donated" MONEY to Church Militant. But in exchange for what? I seriously doubt all that MONEY was freely given out of the kindness of their hearts. No. I bet the MONEY was in exchange for something. How about control. And who's paying them? Will they receive rich rewards from their master - the team owner - who in turn owns them? You betcha.

The following is from A Roaming Catholic blog: 

Well, it was revealed that a Well Heeled Fanboi From Texas, bought the CMTV Facility & donated this to Church @ A STEEP PRICE, which is to totally control what Mr Voris says on the air, control who his Philosophical Compatriots are, Et Cetera.

The Texas Fanboi bought other properties in Metro Detroit.

The Texas Fanboi worships at Tridentine Latin Masses under the Pastorship of the Priestly Society of St Peter, an Order founded by former priests of the Society of St Pius X. And The Texas Fanboi, who patrols blogs who he thinks have ties to The Remnant Newspaper, Catholic Family News, Angelus Press and Any Sympathies for the Society of St Pius X in the Blogsphere, often goes under the initials “JTC”, often posting long, rambling posts with all the Catholic Sense of a “Seinfeld” Episode(NONE).

We now arrive at the crux of the matter - the winner (or loser, as the case very well might be) of the game. The winner of the game isn't in sight standing on the court. No. That would be too obvious. Team owners are just that - owners, not players. Team owners normally sit in their expensive prime box seats or special rooms in which to observe the game. sipping whiskey waiting for the outcome of their players' efforts. Will the MONEY they spent on their players pan out with a win? Or will the MONEY go down the drain with a loss? 

The team owner is, of course, the neo-modernist organization of Opus Dei. It looks as if Opus Dei wants to rule the Church through its media - exclusively, with only its own voice heard - with Church Militant paving the way burning a wide-open path to sole media dictatorship.

Church Militant/Opus Dei want(s) to be - must be - the only Catholic news outlet. They must destroy Remnant News, Angelus Press, Catholic Family News, LifeSite News and everything and everyone else in their path by burning them all to the ground with a scorched earth policy. In addition, if anyone or anything has the least whiff of SSPX they must be totally and completely destroyed down to a cipher. Only the Vatican II modernist Church must survive, led by neo-modernist Opus Dei to show us the way. 

The endgame, the final wanted result of their crazed Grand Tetherball Championship Tournament, is this: all of them - Opus Dei, the Brammerites, Texas Terry Fanboi, Michael Voris, Christine Niles and Church Militant - think if the SSPX withers away into nothing, and all the Novus Ordo sodomites are defrocked then all will be well in the Catholic Church and Francis is definitely pope. However, because Pachamama loving Pope Francis I is anything but orthodox, Opus Dei will maneuver to get one of their neo-modernist prelates elected to the Throne of Saint Peter; he will then obliterate the SSPX and we'll all be forced to live happily ever after with the neo-modernist FSSP.


  1. This is SO long overdue. Thank you Les Femmes for cohesively canvassing such a nasty, underhanded subject and exposing the lies, falsehoods, and financial underpinnings by way of metaphor. My favorite!!!

    I eagerly await the next outraged sputtering of Ms. Niles that has her insisting that CM is 'leading' the narrative because their nefarious, abusive business model exposed.

  2. Sorry for the length.

    I have followed Les Femmes for years and years.

    I have always appreciated the frank and genuine character of its contributions to traddy/conservative Catholic world.

    I myself have been a friend of the SSPX and signed my family up at our local mission chapel on Christ the King 2019. I saw the writing on the wall and have felt relief at finding our shelter.

    I have found the SSPX to have a few issues with fracturing, especially on the fringe.

    But overall, I have not met a single group of men so devoted to God and caring for the souls He created.

    I have been with the FSSP, ICKSP, DioIndult, and have worked as an administrator in Catholic schools (several Dios) for quite some time.

    Let me repeat. I have not met a single group so devoted to God and caring for the souls He created.

    All the pant suit sisters, Bishop’s offices, Diocesan Schools and Schools offices. All the Ecclesia Dei groups I attended and joined.

    None of them, not one group has shown themselves to have both the ability, the desire, and the charity to care for my soul and the soul of my wife and children.

    The SSPX represent what God intended for the lay people. Shepherds and protectors.

    I wanted to extend my thanks to Les Femmes for the recent yeoman’s work of setting the record straight. (Regarding Voris et al)

    Keep up the good work, May God Bless You and continue to prosper you in the defense of good priests.

  3. What dribble. Completely unsubstantiated innuendo.

  4. I agree, Unknown, your comment is nothing but dribble. Thanks for the laugh.

  5. Ask Voris about CM’s former chaplain, Fr. Paul Nicholson. Lotta cover up there.

  6. (Unknown got his games mixed up.) He must be a fan of Church Militant's constant flow of unsubstantiated innuendo.

  7. I was a regular reader/ viewer of CM. But I became very disappointed with thier one side reporting and no longer connect with them. Most people I know have stopped as well. His viewership has had to go down over the past few years