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Sunday, May 7, 2023

insurrectionists at the White House? Francis Stamp Featuring Ukrainian Flag? What the...? Anyone? Anyone?

Will the real insurrectionists please stand up!

Biden invites ‘Tennessee Three’ Democrats who faced expulsion over gun violence protest to White House

Let's talk about insurrection. We're in the middle of it that's for sure. And the leaders of the insurrection are in the White House and on Capitol Hill. They also build their empires in the federal bureaucracies robbing the taxpayers while they accept bribes and kickbacks and insider trading tips from their supporters.

The Clinton, Biden, and Obama families channel Lenin, Stalin, and Mao using class envy and communist tactics to advance the Left's agenda with the help of their puppet masters at the World Economic Forum, the Trilateral Commission, the U.N., etc.

The White House has no problem with insurrections as long as the insurrectionists stand for the right thing. Three Tennessee state legislators stormed the state capitol March 30th and led a mob to penetrate the legislative chamber and prevent a vote to protect 2nd amendment rights. Biden and company were ecstatic. Hey, the thugs were welcome to interfere with the legislative process and bring the capitol to a standstill. What was the result of their insurrection?

Brain damaged leader invited them to the White House to be coddled and encouraged. Why? Let's speculate!

When you endorse and reward things you get more of them. Hmm....Now what is it the Left wants?

Easy to see....

The Left wants more protests including violent protests against their opponents: protests against gun rights, protests against parents' rights, protests to endorse child mutilation, protests to invite escalation of the border invasion, protests for unlimited murder of unwanted preborn babies even after birth, violent threats against Supreme Court justices who vote the wrong way, etc. 

Omigosh! How can I possibly accuse the warm-hearted, loving Left of endorsing violence?

Think about the real insurrectionists: the BLM and Antifa mobs who rioted for months in 2019. They murdered police officers and blinded them with lasers. They staged bricks and frozen water bottles to use as weapons. They killed civilians. They destroyed federal property, burned and bashed police cars, police stations, state and federal buildings, and private businesses. They looted stores, tore down monuments, and vandalized everywhere.

And since then, the violence against police officers has escalated. Hey, they deserve it! Remember, we've been told police are all racist pigs and white supremacists -- even when they're black. In 2020, there were over 60,000 assaults on police officers. Dozens were killed and over a third sustained injuries. 

The Left's message? Hey, folks, defund the police and attack the ones who don't quit!

Every time there's a tragedy involving a death from a police officer, no matter how justified, the Left immediately uses it to try to disarm law-abiding citizens. And when there's a tragedy like the Nashville shooting, they double down on their gun-grabbing agenda. Notice, the White House didn't invite victims' families to the White House!

How many BLM/Antifa thugs are in jail like the January 6ers? Can you think of a single one? They were bailed out during the riots with the help of Kamala Harris to continue their work as the army of socialist extremists favored by the Left. They could be depended on to commit violence and wreak havoc. Chaos serves the Left!

Meanwhile, the Left continues to claim police officers were killed on January 6th when the only two murder victims were Trump supporters killed by capitol police. Unarmed veteran Ashley Babbitt was shot point blank trying to enter a hallway through a window. Roseanne Boyland was unconscious and on the ground when she was bludgeoned continually by a black female officer. Both white women were killed by black capitol police officers. But hey! That's not racism! And the officers were praised and rewarded. Killing unarmed women was a patriotic act!

This is Barack Obama and Joe Biden's legacy: racial hatred, demonization of all whites as racist, white supremacists, and a country where big cities are crime infested public latrines with druggies shooting up on public sidewalks and using drug pipes provided by the Feds. Oh, and they pitch their tents in public parks and next to schools where families can no longer bring their children. This is 21st century Amerika. 

This morning's homily was on the virtue of hope. And no matter what happens, I refuse to lose hope. Empires come and go, but the faith goes on. There are always movements to preserve and protect. God raised the monasteries during the barbarian invasions. Persecution and martyrdom are the seedbed of the faith. We are called to rejoice in all things. And I will pray every day for the conversion of those who have committed their lives to Satan's lies. Evil can never defeat good. One tiny candle dispels the dark! 

But, to be honest, I'm glad my husband and I "fled the city" after 9/11. We nurture a little bit of heaven here in the Shenandoah Valley. And, frankly, I'm glad we've found refuge at the SSPX chapel here in Linden. 

Can anyone explain what the Vatican is doing issuing a stamp with a political message? 


God help us! He will!


  1. I am always amused how they prop up this doddering old fool to look like that he knows what is going on.
    Why does he have a plate of muffins set out for people who are on a monitor?

  2. A friend of mine noted that Lumen Gentium and Gaudium et spes redefined the episcopate from an Apostolic office with the threefold role of defending the Faith, teaching the Faith, and preserving the Sacraments to an officer in an NGO, concerned with politics, economics, and other worldly affairs. He also noted that thr change is reflected in the new Rite of consecration. In short. You get what you pray for. Thus, we get Fr. Pflegor, Card. Cupich, etc. We DON'T get Archbishop Lefebvre or Cardinal Ottaviani. Heck, we can't even get a Pope Alexander VII (a notoriously profligate sinner, but who upheld the Faith).

  3. With a million poised to invade the southern border...not sure how long anything is going to stay peaceful for long.