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Sunday, May 21, 2023

Sunday Meditation: What is Truth?

Do you remember who asked, "What is truth?" A cynical politician who, above all else, was concerned about keeping his position by not rocking the boat and upsetting his tyrant emperor. 

So what did he do? He condemned to death a man he knew to be innocent. What happened after that? He made friends with a corrupt and lascivious king whom he previously disliked. After all, those who commit evil acts want like-minded friends who endorse those evil acts. Misery (and these people are truly miserable) loves company.

This reality is the hallmark of evil. Those immersed in lies and corruption aren't content with just doing evil themselves as in live and let live. They demand everyone around them call their evil good. And if they won't, persecution is in the wings. 

That's exactly where we are in this culture. The demand to conform with to evil culture is growing. Unfortunately, many give in. It's exhausting to constantly be attacked as intolerant or uncompassionate. And for many, refusal means loss of livelihood and even freedom. Easier to go with the flow. Just use the darn pronouns and call Bruce Caitlyn. Don't quote those pesky places in the Bible that condemn sodomy. Maybe then they'll leave us alone.

Don't you get it? That's like pouring gasoline on a fire. It just emboldens them to make the next move. Next they want your children. Remember the people of Sodom demanding the release of the visiting angels for their lust?

We all need to put on the armor of God and hold our ground. Don't let the enemies of God take another inch without fighting by defending the truth!

We will celebrate the feast of Pentecost next Sunday. Let us remember the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit and pray for them: 

  • wisdom to grow in the desire to know God's truth, 
  • understanding to plummet the depth of God's teaching, 
  • counsel to be able to live according to God's law and share God's truth prudently with others, 
  • fortitude to have the courage to persevere despite attacks from the enemy, 
  • knowledge to understand as deeply as possible the mysteries of our faith, 
  • piety to show reverence and worship to God, 
  • and finally, fear of the Lord to stand in awe of God and hope in Him with profound trust.
We need to pray unceasingly for an increase in the gifts. That is one prayer we can be absolutely sure God will answer with a yes. Never stop asking and then use the gifts generously. 

There's a saying that each of us may be the only Bible others read. Let them see God in us and we can help convert a desperately unhappy world sunk in depravity and despair. Behind many smiles is a heart filled with despair. Jesus is the hope of the world and the only antidote for what ails us. As a priest once told me, "Be a friend, make a friend, bring a friend to Christ."

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