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Tuesday, May 23, 2023

We Can't Hide In the Bunker! We are Called to Serve.

There's an interesting article at OnePeterFive today by a mom of six children. She grew up with the underground Traditional Latin Mass and describes her grandmother as a staunch defender of the TLM, but one who never ran from a fight or stopped trying to influence the culture and community she lived in.

Should Trads Withdraw from the World?

As a mother she fully recognizes the need to protect the innocence of children, but also the need to respond to God's admonition to "convert all nations." How can we do that if we're hiding in the root cellar in the backwoods of Montana or Wisconsin? 

Frankly, hiding appeals to me -- under the bed with a teddy and sucking my thumb. Diabolical evil is oppressive and without abundant grace can be terrifying.

I watched the trailer for Jim Caviezel's new film, Sound of Freedom, about sex trafficking of children. It's based on a true story and opens July 4th. Do I want to see it? No! But I will, because I want to help raise the least by blogging about it. Abortion kills the body, but sex trafficking kills innocence and can destroy the soul. How many islands are there run by rich sex traffickers who operate multiple versions of the "Lolita express" to take perverted millionaires to an X-rated Candyland? How many children have been snatched to be meat and pastries for monsters in three-piece suits? How many Ghislaines help groom the little ones for the trade?

Jesus didn't ascend into heaven telling His followers to go worship in hiding. He sent them out to change the world. Sometimes they did worship in the catacombs during brutal persecutions, but even then, their days were spent above ground influencing the community by their lives. "See these Christians how they love one another."

Let us worship in wisdom and truth. Pray for those who work to bring evil men and women to justice. Pray for lawyers and judges. So many are corrupt and operate the system like a revolving door for criminals. How many have greased palms like the Clinton and Biden crime families? 

We live in challenging times. Our first duty is to God. Our next duty is to protect and defend our families. Right now, a group of parents and grandparents in Front Royal, many of whom are traditional Catholics, are fighting and trying to purge the immoral books in the library advancing sex and gender confusion to children. Make no mistake, those books groom kids for the sex trade. And the American Library Association is up to its neck in it joining with the Southern Poverty Law Center to shove drag queen story hours down our throats. Make them own it! They are enablers of the traffickers!

Expose those who have joined the porn trade to promote sexualizing children in the general population. It's not relegated only to the XXX Lion's Den stores anymore. It's on the shelves of the children's section. God help them when they face the throne of justice on Judgment Day. There won't be a millstone big enough for what they deserve!


Cynthia said...
The UN/ WHO are making a last ditch effort to destroy childhood once and for all, as well as normalize pedophilia

Cynthia said...
Video on topic of sexual agenda against children

P. O'Brien said...

"... sex trafficking kills innocence and can destroy the soul." And to its shame the Church tolerated something very similar for generations, at least. Look at the Bishops' Accountability website, and you will find that of the hundreds and hundreds of priests accused of abuse, about half were ordained before (that horrible) Vatican II.

Cynthia said...

According to Bella Dodd, 1000-1200 communists infiltrated the seminaries during the 1930s. That fits the timeline about right for the infiltration of the upper echelons of the Church just in time to bring forth Vatican II and the Novus Ordo Nu Church.

P. O'Brien said...

Cynthia, I have heard this statement by Bella Dodd many times, and she said that she herself recruited these thousand Communists for American seminaries, in about ten years -- that's about two per week. I find that incredible. And a seminarian who entered in 1935 would not have been ordained until the early 40s, at the earliest. He would not have been old enough to be consecrated a bishop by the time the Council started. And how many American clerics, bishops or theologians, in their 40s, had any influence at Vatican II?

Anonymous said...

Isn't an underground TLM a TLM said by a layman?

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

I presume you're joking, Anonymous. I think that would be an underground Novus Ordo. Actually some of the women's ordination folks thought they could say the Mass -- but not the TLM.

Cynthia said...

My point was, if this was happening in the US,which is at a distance from the then Soviet Union, how much more infiltration was happening in Europe, likely earlier, as well.