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Wednesday, May 10, 2023


My new neighbor

The current state of everything trickles down to our individual lives on a daily basis. It happens to all of us now. This is my life in the past week:

1)  An old racing friend called aghast about the 7 horses that died at Churchill Downs "during the Kentucky Derby". I had to calm her down with the actual facts of the situation. Seven horses did not die during the Derby. No horses died during the Derby, but 2 horses did die on Derby Day in races before the Derby. The other five horses died in the week following up to the Derby, two of which were suspicious deaths reported by a single trainer (trying to collect insurance money?) who has since been suspended. One other horse's death happened during training, not in a race. Misinformation spreads from erroneous MSM headlines and intentionally confusing articles bent on misleading the public with innuendo and lies. PETA will be on the warpath (actually they have been for years) trying to shut down horse racing merely from believing MSM headlines intentionally written to obfuscate facts.

2)  The MSM reported that the Allen Mall shooter was a neo-Nazi white supremacist...but how can that be bad when Biden has sent Ukrainian neo-Nazi white supremacists $75 billion dollars in guns and ammo, weapons and tanks? Reality is that the Allen Mall shooter, Mauricio Garcia, was Hispanic and whose parents in Dallas don't speak English. The police had to get an interpreter in order to talk to them. 

In a show of counterfeit concern, the MSM said they were trying to identify the shooter's motive and religion. Perhaps since Garcia was Hispanic they assumed he was Catholic and sought to pin the motive on his Catholic upbringing. Since they touted Garcia as a white supremacist, they were more than likely hoping to find that he was a lifelong Traditional Latin Mass Catholic so that the FBI would have motive to arrest all of us. However their dreams were dashed to bits when, upon closer inspection, the MSM suddenly admitted what they knew all along which is that Garcia had no religion at all.

3)  This past week at work an Hispanic man about age 30 appeared before me grinning. He was grinning and saying, "Yes, yes" while pointing to his baseball cap which had the name of a construction company on it. I said, "Excuse me?" because I thought he was trying to ask a question. He shoved money across the counter while continuing to grin, point to his hat and say yes, yes until I understood he was trying to pay for something which he finally put on the counter. 

He could not speak a word of English except "yes". Was he an illegal immigrant recently arrived from Mexico via the Dry Tortugas?  I have no idea but wherever he came from was not starving him since he was fairly chubby. Where does he live? Where will he find a job? Is the baseball cap's construction company employing him illegally? If they are, that means the illegal immigrant is taking a job from a legal Latino person born here...speaking perfect English...with a family to support.

4)  This following incident struck me as being highly dangerous, that is, dangerous to my person from rabid far left liberals.

A new neighbor, whom I had never even met, sent me an email asking what I thought of the recent assessment of our condo association. I replied that I'd have to take out a home equity loan then pay interest on it until I sold the house to pay off the loan. She laughed and said she and her husband were in the same situation. 

All of us were asked to email our opinions to the board so I did, naively thinking my opinion would be sincerely weighed along with the others. Immediately I received a message from the new neighbor excoriating me for my opinion. In addition, she called other people crude names. I replied that since other people worked hard and were successful was no reason to call them an obscene name since obviously her husband had worked hard all his life and was likewise successful.

She said "Touché" then doubled down on her ugly name-calling saying hard working people that were successful were all Republicans and that she hated them. She said this thinking I was a liberal and would agree with her. When I confessed that I was a Catholic going to the TLM and voted Republican since it more adhered to Christ's moral law of not killing innocent babies in the womb she got angry.

She replied that she sadly considered me as "seriously irrelevant". To her I am nothing. Zero. A cipher, a ghost.

Two days later there was an association meeting. As I was showing my younger daughter's wedding photo to an older woman who had known my daughter since she was 8 years old, the rabid liberal (obviously terribly paranoid) came rushing over, stuck her finger in my face and declared that I had "better not be sharing what she had said in her emails!" I looked at her and said, "What is the matter with you? I'm showing Miss Betty my daughter's wedding picture. Furthermore, I don't take orders from you." 

The next day I got a nasty email from the liberal's equally liberal husband saying I had better leave his wife alone and not contact her anymore. I replied that she was the one who had initiated contact and I was merely replying.

He then said that his wife "is a good and caring person who can't stand bullies and tries to separate her life from their tactics She therefore does not ascribe her time on this earth to bantering with those who hate. Leave her alone." 

(Well, I would leave her alone if she'd stop emailing insults to me!)

He told me that he wanted nothing to do with me. (Huh? I've never even met the man.) Then he said...and I quote: "You scare me, frankly. If I end up dead, the police will have this email thread to piece things together."

That line is straight out of the current liberal playbook. By his use of words such as hate, bully, scared, dead, police he intimates that I'm a highly dangerous person. Normally liberals say that Mary Ann and I need to die and they'd be happy to help accomplish that. Once a nun wrote to a few priests that I should die and go to hell because I'm so evil...but now suddenly liberals have turned the tables and pretend to be frightened of little old ladies. They're so pathetic.

I emailed the man back, "Haha. Wow. Typical pretense of fear of a little old lady!"

What I really would like to do is sneak over there one night and place a "TRUMP 2024" sign in their front yard, however no doubt they have cameras all over the outside of their house. I long for the old pre-camera days.


  1. Team Anti-reality are true believers. It's a mental illness. Forget the Trump sign... go buy a dozen "Hate has no home here" signs for them.

  2. Whoa....if you are taking flak, you are over the target. Be careful, be strong. Jesus, I trust in You! Love your site

  3. I also have liberal neighbors. The ones next door are from India. They imm8grated here 50 yrs ago. They keep all their blinds shut and curtains drawn because "this is such a dangerous country and there are guns everywhere and the Republicans won't do anything about it."

    I'm the first Republican they have ever actually known and spoken to in person. I behave toward them like a Catholic, because I am a Catholic before anything else. The wife told me a couple of days ago they could see in my house and they see lights on in different rooms. I told her I have nothing to hide. I do not do things I am ashamed of so I could care less if they can see in my window.

    The fact is I have a life and all they have is poor health, loneliness, hatred, and fear.