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Thursday, May 11, 2023

Sometimes I think we're living in the Matrix....

 ...and that everything we're fed by the secular world is a poisonous lie!

In the 1984 world of 2023 everything is upside down and inside out. When you hear something described as a "conspiracy theory" by the mainstream media, you can pretty much know it's probably true. Look at all the evidence coming out about the Kennedy assassination. The powers that be told us it was a one man hit job by Lee Harvey Oswald. Then Oswald's assassination by Jack Ruby, the man with links to the mob, was also a one man hit job. Not so says Robert Kennedy, Jr. whose describing details about the Dallas shooting and his father's belief that the CIA was involved. They claim not, but the evidence is still under wraps. Why? What are they hiding? As more information leaks out, combined with the evidence of government involvement in January 6th....well....draw your own conclusions. 

And then there's the UFO "conspiracy" which is turning out to be true. In 2021 the Pentagon confirmed that UFO video footage from unexplained sitings over the past several years were legitimate and unexplainable. Pilots who saw the flying bodies marveled at their incredible speed and maeuvering. And we all thought the X-files were nonsense. Maybe not.

Then there's the COVID scam with all the lockdowns, useless masking, suppression of effective treatment, etc. The truth about the disease, its origin, and banning of safe drugs, deaths of babies in the womb due to the jab, and dangers across the board to everyone was labeled misinformation and science denial. Hey, we're the government. We're here to help you. Stay indoors and off the beaches. Wear masks when running marathons. Jab your kids even though there level of risk is statistically unmeasurable. 

Go ahead! No problem joining BLM/Antifa riots or going for your abortion, but no church for you and no appointments in that doctor's office. Abortions and alcohol yes, worship of God and Communion? Hell (literally) NO!

Yup, we're all in the matrix when we're watching the mainstream media [msm] and listening to the Left's talking heads. They have absolutely no interest in the truth or the well-being of the average citizen, especially children who can be aborted, molested, and sex trafficked at will according to the perverted desires of the Left's elites. 

Time to wake up and stop charging the battery of lies!

Bill Gates loves kids so much he's pushing vaccinations on them. Meanwhile, exactly how much time did he spend with pedophile Jeffrey Epstein and what did he do on the Lolita Express? Oh, yeah, philanthropy discussions. CIA director William Burns also has ties to Epstein. He claims he was talking finances and didn't know who Epstein was and just wanted advice on transitioning from government to private life. 

Really! You can't make this stuff up. Burns didn't do any checking on the man he was going to for financial advice? Sorry Charlie, the tuna doesn't smell right. I'm not buying or eating it!

If you want to be red-pilled, realize that everything elite Leftists tell you is the opposite of the truth. When I want pure unadulterated truth, I immerse myself in the lives of the saints, the prayers of the traditional Latin Mass, those with a proven record of honesty, and histories written by solid sources... even ethical pagans like Socrates and Aristotle.

When false instruments (There are many robots out there.) tell you down is up, be on guard because a deadly crash is imminent. Pray to the Holy Spirit for the wisdom to know the truth and embrace God's will.  Faith and love of God and the desire for His holy will keep us on target. What the world tells you (Remember who the prince of the world is!) is likely to be false and death-dealing. 

Let's commit ourselves to being truth seekers and truth tellers no matter the cost. Like Solzhenitsyn

Jesus, have mercy on us.

Our Lady, Seat of Wisdom, pray for us.

Angels of God, guard us and lead us to the heavenly Jerusalem.

St. Joseph, Pillar of Families, pray for us


  1. They slandered 1984 by putting 2023 on it. 1984 was actually pretty good.

  2. I am sure that if any verifiable links existed between the CIA and the Kennedy assassination, that they would have been destroyed decades ago.
    I am not saying that they were not involved, but it has always been and will remain a mystery.
    RFK Jr. is not privy to anything special. He is just guessing like you and me.

  3. Baloney. He has had access to his mother whom his father, the brother of JFK, certainly confided in. I don’t know his age at the time of Roberts assassination but he could have had conversations with RFK if his father felt he was old enough to handle the information. Other relatives, friends in high places, etc. He’s got plenty of access to information the public doesn’t have.

  4. Considering RFK jr is part of the family of JFK, and his own father was also assassinated, he might have a little more information and insight than you or I.

  5. Richard W ComerfordMay 11, 2023 at 9:56 PM

    Anonymous posted at May 11, 2023 at 2:48 PM under "matrix"
    Re: "I am sure that if any verifiable links existed between the CIA and the Kennedy assassination, that they would have been destroyed decades ago."

    Diem (The South Vietnam Catholic President who was in secret peace talks with Ho Chin Minh) JFK, RFK and MLK were all populists who were murdered in a relatively short time period under questionable circumstances by parties unknown but to the benefit of the establishment or "Boss Class".

    I am sure that the CIA did not make and keep Memorandums for Records regarding these assassinations. But the players involved in the service of the CIA who participated in said assassinations may have kept "security blankets" (information which if revealed would be highly damaging to the CIA) to protect themselves if the CIA decided said players were too dangerous to keep around. Also foreign intelligence services may have in their possession information linking the CIA to the murders in question.

    We do not know what RFK Jr. knows or does not know. We do know that his uncle Teddy Kennedy (RIP) kept very quiet on these matter of the assassinations of his two brothers. We also know that Teddy was very establishment and never rocked the boat.

    The truth will eventually come out.

    God bless

  6. Okay. We are bringing up the Kennedy assassination. I'll play.

    Question for Cynthia:
    If he has information why doesn't he release it?
    If his own safety was at risk, he could release it through another party.

    Observation to MikeB:

    RFK Jr. was 9 years old at the JFK assassination. Doubtful that a little boy was entrusted with secret information about the crime of the century.

    Uncle Teddy was, arguably, one of the most powerful people in the U.S. Government for 30 years. He didn't seem interested in following up on any of it.

    1. 30 years in politics? Qui prodest?

  7. I am not suggesting that I have any knowledge about these murders, simply that a member of the family might have an inkling.

  8. Given his willingness to go against the narrative on vaccines, and to risk/endure the resultant slander/attacks on his character and intelligence, RFK has gained at least some credibility. He's clearly not in it for the accolades. One has to ask what opened his eyes?

  9. Not directly on topic, but here is a May 5 interview with SSPX Superior Fr Pagliarani. Perhaps just a refreshing corrective to all the “Agent Smiths” out there stirring up trouble, spreading dissension and lies.

    Just a solid dose of fearless Catholic common sense.