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Thursday, May 25, 2023

They're after the Children, but This Mom is Pushing Back!

This 32 minute video is a goldmine of information about the diabolical gender recruitment of kids that is aided and abetted by schools, woke psychologists, and tech enabling. [Read the transcript at the Daily Signal.] One mom in the comments describes how a 32 year old man was grooming her 14 year old son through an Xbox contact. Read it below.* A psychologist concerned about what's happening also commented.**

Parents, even if you are homeschooling and control media you need to realize that other parents are not and your children are influenced by their peer group. This mom offers some sound advice. She started the group Our Duty to help parents of children sucked into the gender cult. Her testimony needs to be spread far and wide. And, yes, it is your duty to protect your children from the diabolical movements threatening them.

I do have one question for this mom. "Why, after all you've been through, do you still identify as a Democrat, the party that advocates the murder and abuse of our children?" That's a head-scratcher. But I do believe that one key to taking back our society is through parents who truly love their children. God will use that love to open their eyes in many ways. Let us commit to praying for them. Through one truth, they may eventually arrive at Him who is all truth!
* My 14-year-old son (at the time) loved playing Xbox online. I bought him a membership and allowed him to play. Over time, I noticed significant changes in attitude and apparel. When school was back in session, he started getting into trouble. Fast forward several months, he was completely out of hand. After arguing with this child, I finally got the truth out of him. He identified as a “furry” with multiple personalities. He was trying to obtain street drugs, and had suicidal ideations. I yanked him out of school and launched his Xbox and phone out the door. I found out he’d been communication with a 30 year old homosexual man who was grooming him through Xbox live. He had plans on meeting this man!! The horror! Thank God I discovered what was going on before it happened. It took about 2 months of constant communication and patience and love for my son to return to himself. Folks, take your kids devices. Children have no business on the internet. I had to learn the hard way. So did this lady. If the public school system is the cause of issues, pull them out of school and home school them. NOTHING is worth the misery of losing your child to this sick culture. Save them while they’re minors. Don’t wait until they’re adults to act. It’ll be too late.

** I am a California licensed psychologist and am worried and upset by conversations happening in professional psychology associations related to gender affirmative care. I am so impressed by your strength and unconditional love for your child. I am one of those therapists on the west side of Los Angeles coaching private school parents on the exact parenting principles that you naturally discovered with your daughter, but it is a huge uphill battle. Not giving up my stance no matter how many other “therapists” want to bully me and call me unempathic simply, for not jumping to affirm something that could potentially harm children during a crucial period in their emotional development and overall self esteem. I am on the side of the child, but that doesn’t mean blindly accepting their realities as absolute truths, nor does it mean denying their experiences altogether. I want to teach them how to first accept and then love the body they were born into… learn to be uncomfortable feeling different… don’t follow your friendship circles for fear of exclusion… think for yourself, critically… and MOST importantly, embrace your uniqueness without having to alter yourself! That is deep love. Not what today’s medical and psychiatric practitioners are unfortunately spewing about supposed suicide risks. I firmly believe the suicide risk has to do with not accepting themselves as they were made… not because they’re in the wrong body. I will do my best, but sadly, even I am at risk for speaking out, just as Dr. Jordan Peterson is now at risk for standing up to those that have hijacked our field and turned into a reassurance seeking, coddling profession. People trust us to guide them toward truth, not make them feel better.


  1. The Democrats keep a purchase on minds that have been held to the thrall of the "transparty" myth...the idea that Republicans are the white supremacists, when they were *in fact* the abolitionists of slavery. This myth was abetted by democrat infiltrators of the GOP, including president warp speed, who held the bag for (what were in fact *democrat*) confederate statues. Democrats were the slaveholders, confederates, and Jim Crow segregators but you wouldn't know it after Trump repeatedly (and almost hypnotically) declaimed them to be "beautiful".

    The Fauci platformer, quack emergency declarer, roller of helicopter cash out to Democrat! governors to lockdown also holds GOP LGBT parties at MaraLago. As first president post-Obergefell, he *could* have done *something* to stop its momentum. But no, to president rape exceptions, Obergefell was "settled law".


  2. Rohrbachs, then do we just give up -- RDS is no better, likely worse. I understand the downsides of Trump. Are there any upsides with anyone, or do we simply buckle up for the Chastisement?

  3. I would draft Rand Paul, who has a life at conception amendment on the docket.