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Tuesday, May 30, 2023

June Used to Be Devoted to the Sacred Heart of Jesus...

It was also the month of weddings and Father's Day as Robert Knight points out in his column yesterday. What does it stand for now in this age of secular wokism?

Whenever you see the rainbow flag, remember this photo. It is the banner of Satan who revels at the destruction of the human person. God made us, male and female, to complement each other and advance the kingdom of God with many souls for heaven. The demons want the perversion of God's plan to populate hell. And it appears that they are doing a pretty effective job. If you aren't fighting this, first with prayer and fasting, and next by speaking the truth in charity....YOU are part of the problem. 

Robert Knight wrote this which pinpoints the evil of one aspect of the LGBTQ agenda:

A same-sex ceremony borrows the trappings of marriage. And though the partners’ love may well be real, the unspoken vow is this: “I will never repent of my sinful behavior. And I will do everything in my power to keep you from repenting.

That, readers, is a map to hell. 

Christian marriage has as a goal the mutual sanctification of the couple leading to heaven. Satanic marriage has as its goal the mutual degradation of the couple leading to hell.

Recently, kids in Canada tore down the pride flag at their school. The "adults" expressed their disappointment. Who are the real adults? God bless these kids and may their tribe increase. And may we all make June holy again. Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, have mercy on us!


  1. If every Catholic would hang a Sacred Heart flag during the month of June, they would outnumber the rainbow flags. They are available from multiple online vendors, from Etsy, Angelus Press, flag specialty stores, even Amazon and Walmart.We can make a difference. Look at what happened with Anheuser Busch and Target. I have 2 garden flags,one for the backyard and one for the front.

  2. June also was the month of Juno to the Roman Pagans, hence the name, and she is supposedly the goddess of marriage pwr wikipedia, so there's two reasons they want to subvert June.

  3. The rainbow belongs to mom and dad... Read Genesis 7:3 and Genesis 9:16 and commit them "to heart" (Gen 72 916). God had Noah *stock the ark* with mom and dad pairs for a reason!

    The children of IVF, who have been left bereft of the marital embrace, need to know that embrace from the Bridegroom and His Bride, the Church. Christ became man to show us that we are all "created equal".

    Mom and Dad matters! We can take back the rainbow with every signature if we represent the child as an "equals" sign enfolded by two "heart" parentheses (=). Even better, *chalk* this point by making a heart, red on one side and blue on the other. Then make one bar of the "equal" sign red and the other blue. "Created Equal" in all its theological, not to mention scientific glory!

    Happy mom and dad day (halfway between!)

  4. June is also month of father's day, so maybe they have a third reason to subvert it.
    Recently discovered that anti-Christ/anti-Mary/anti-Motherhood Planned Parenthood has declared that “May is month of Sex Ed for All.” @38 “we deserve comprehensive sex ed, that centers on queer and trans people, that prioritizes PLEASURE and consent” (only “consent” appears in the bubble). How old is the child in her “Smart Girls” T-shirt proudly reading this script w/her arm around the adult’s neck: “Parents and adults (like the pedophile/feminist "priest"/"teacher") tell the kids that trust you that they can ASK YOU ANYTHING.” (No limits to what PP “teaches” children.) @59 “no matter who they are, no matter how old they are, everybody deserves access to sex education.” (How long before the slogan becomes: “everybody no matter who (pedophiles) or how old deserves access to sex?”)