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Wednesday, May 17, 2023

This Makes Me Furious! 6'3" Transgender "Woman" Allowed to Terrorize Sorority Girls!

Transgender "Women" are more and more a mafor threat to biological females! Men pretending to be women have raped women in women's jails. (Check
here and here.) They can oggle and assault women and little girls in women's restrooms, pool  facilities, and department store dressing rooms. (Check here and here.) And now a group of sorority sisters describes their fear since they were forced to allow a huge man pretending to be a woman to join Kappa Kappa Gamma and have the run of the sorority house.

He "watches the girls" and has been seen with an erection during sorority functions. It's time for this lunacy to end. One thing everyone can do is refuse to use the "proper" pronouns or use a girlie name for an obvious guy. Call the dude by his last name if you have to for the sake of your job, but don't let the insane gatekeepers of the woke culture make you play their X-rated games. 

Read this article to see what's going down next. Women's sports are all but defunct. Will sororities be next? Who would want to join KKG at the University of Wyoming? What parent would want them to (except maybe the sick dude's). It's time to fight. Every parent with daughters at that school should be protesting. The next bad thing is already happening. A CATHOLIC school, University of St. Thomas, is assigning girls transgender biological male roommates without their knowledge or consent. 

This is all part of the devil's final battle. Lucia of Fatima warned that it would attack the family. Who is the heart of the family? Women: wives and mothers. Pray the rosary to end the insanity, especially in this month decicated to 

Our Lady. Mary, Queen of the Most Holy Rosary, pray for us.  

St. Joseph, Pillar of Families, wake up all the dads to fight for their daughters and protect them!


  1. There is way too much sentiment overloading this post. I want to be charitable, and I hope I am being so with my blunt statement.

    Are you furious that the same sorority that is being "terrorized" is likely a cesspit of fornication, contraception, and abortion; that is, if it is anything like almost every sorority on any American campus? Is it not likely a mercy that this perversion of a man dressing as a woman apparently the better to have access to the opposite sex he lusts after, is the chickens coming home to roost? Is it not a good thing to have perversion turning back on itself in self-destruction? It would be a good thing if women feared to participate in these sororities because they feared the sins that are so married to these organizations; but if they fear participating because there are men there dressed as women ogling them, well I'll take that too.

    Are you furious that women have been "cross-dressing" for decades now in hyper-masculine habit in the name of intense competitive sport? Are you not seeing the reasonableness in the perversion coming home to roost upon itself when truly masculine persons by nature, albeit in perverted fashion, find the masculine activity attractive, even though it's been pasted over by name as an activity for women?

    I will be protecting my daughters, yes, but not by insisting they be able to attend dens of fornication but only on terms they themselves are comfortable with; and not by insisting they be able to participate in intense masculine activities without those persons who are masculine by nature.

    1. - quote from ‘John’ -

      “Are you furious that women have been "cross-dressing" for decades now in hyper-masculine habit in the name of intense competitive sport? Are you not seeing the reasonableness in the perversion coming home to roost upon itself when truly masculine persons by nature, albeit in perverted fashion, find the masculine activity attractive, even though it's been pasted over by name as an activity for women?”

      - end quote -

      I actually agree with this, from John. For some reason it is obviously gross to see a dude acting, dressing and living like (and with) the ladies. But for the longest time we (Catholics included) have tacitly accepted ladies dressing up and acting like the fellas. We don’t even really notice THAT problem, likely we find it surprising to think of it as a “problem”. But it is.

      The problem has reached its full fetid flowering stage, but the problem has germinating for some time. Men need to be men again. But, ladies? Time for the women to be ladies again. It’s not popular. But it’s true.

  2. Sororities are whorehouses of rich brats anyway. That's what they get for joining a slut group for future feminist politicians. Haha.

  3. Politicians and judges are not going to make this hell stop. We will. Individuals will. Or we won’t. Whether we do or don’t, this issue of cultural hell is on us, as individuals.

    I read, a while ago, the observation that it was not the Declaration of Independence that gained America freedom from tyranny. Men with guns and bayonets willing to shoot their enemy in the face in close combat were what gained us liberty and our Constitutional system of government.

    The enemy is within and they have brazenly taken everything. They look at us now with hate and don’t care about our sads. They took it. “So?!”

    Well … it’s all their’s now, unless we’re willing (personally) to defend our hearth and home from the barbarians.

  4. Wow! Plenty of rash judgment here. I know nothing about that particular sorority, but I've had friends who belonged to service sororities that had all kinds of projects like tutoring underprivileged kids, etc. Obviously neither of you bothered to watch the video. The sorority house has stricter rules than the dorms about men on the living floor. And that makes this particular situation particularly abominable!

  5. This is nothing personal to any of the girls whom I know next to nothing about and who could for all I know be well on the path to saints. It was a comment about sororities in general and the hyper masculinity on display by women who participate in intensely masculine activities like sports. The latter in particular contributed greatly to a slow erosion against masculinity proper to men. We are seeing a hot and quick result in the perversion of men assuming feminine personas. But it is the same perversion in both cases, just that one tends to be distasteful to sensibilities and the other doesn’t.

  6. As an addendum to my comment above, something odd I’ve noticed: if you see clips of the “pole dances” … it’s usually women in the audience with a child, perhaps a few effeminate men, but mostly women. I have often wondered *WHY!?*! These “mothers” could be any place they chose to be, but they chose THAT place - the pole dance with the freaks. Not by themselves mind you, always with their poor children.

    Again - the problem is extremely bad, but in line with John’s comment above it is the product of many years of moral compromises. To get out of this morass, we are going to have to re-think a lot ifbb be things … assumptions we are not even aware of at this point of decline. The cross-dresser is just the final flower on a long process of the weed rooting and growing.

  7. "women who participate in intensely masculine activities like sports."

    Can you explain what you mean by this, John?" Are you saying it is masculine for girls to play soccer or be on swim teams or play tennis or softball? I certainly don't want to see women boxing or wrestling, but all our kids engaged in sports, both girls and boys and they benefited from the teamwork, friendships, etc.

  8. Mary Ann,
    I hope it’s ok to jump in. I completely agree with your post - 100%. That Sorority is maybe the worst example of legalized, normalized perversity I’ve ever seen. It is insane and disgusting. That being said (if I may) I personally found “John’s” contribution an interesting complement to what you said. I found it interesting to consider that the problem is much deeper and more entrenched than the current moment in time. In fact … Sororities (as one small but relevant example) in their current state are as responsible by their inner ethos for the fellow standing in the hall at shower time. John is referring to base premises (I think) and where they ultimately lead. You look at what these ladies stood for, up until the moment it became personal, and it’s quite natural based on what they profess in their DEI, Woke belief systems for a person just like horny Harold to move in.

    Which is why the ladies are getting no support from college/sorority management. *This* is who they are! Until horny Harold, I’m sure they all agreed.

    You asked John for an example. Mine would come from another facet (they’re everywhere): women in the military. Women are on ships, sharing “foxholes”, flying fighters etc. The “brotherhood” of war is more. What (who) men used to fight for, give their lives for, is now stinking up your tent on deployment in the mountains of Afghanistan. There are many other examples. It is not good. The order of sexes ordained in nature by God has been subverted at every level such that we can’t even imagine a world in which women’s highest achievement is to marry at 18 and raise 12 children for God, family, country - (“but what are you going to ‘do’?”).

    Premises meet consequences.

    Really good posts lately. Been enjoying them a lot.

    1. I don’t think I can improve on what Aqua has said, and I might even diminish it if I say anything, which I don’t want to do. I’ll just mention in the way of sports, a few weeks ago on this website there was published a meme that had five or six young people grueling it out in a foot race. The meme asked “can you spot the trans gender?“ Of course I get it that there was obviously a boy running along with the girls, and pretending to be one of them. But aside from a couple of ridiculous braids in his hair, he alone among the group of kids, most closely matched his nature in both his attire and his actions. An intense and competitive test of physical prowess is not a feminine thing, but a very masculine one. He was in a more natural setting, according to his purpose, and it was more so the girls who were playing the part of “transgender” from my view.

      On the question of whether women and girls should ever participate in any sports, I can’t say I have a well formulated conclusion on that. Certainly nothing to say in absolute terms. It is clear to me, however, that for many many years, a line has been crossed by women’s participation in the masculine endeavor that is sports (along with a long list of many other masculine activities that Aqua mentioned). The breezy acceptance of women’s encroachment in the masculine domain, hasn’t been as painful on the eyes, or the sensibilities, as seeing a boy in feminine attire, endeavoring to meld in with the opposite sex as one of them. But the damage to masculine and feminine nature is done in both cases, even if in the one it is in the long-term, and in the other, it is sudden and quickly upon us.

      Allow me also to mention that, with Aqua, I also appreciate your website. In anything I say, I certainly don’t intend any personal attacks, but only intend to discuss and address ideas. Thank you for holding a platform where this discussion can occur.

  9. I was reading this, this morning, and it seemed to relate to the topic as a possible explanation as to where we are in the current moment. Question: “Why not; why shouldn’t horny Harold be admitted as a girl to Sorority House”? Answer: “In our current state of unredeemed atheism, there really is no good reason - where everyone does whatever they please in the reality they have created for themselves”

    From my reading …

    “Indifferentism is atheism minus the name”. (Pope Leo XIII)

    Indifferentism def: “That which denies that it is the duty of man to worship God by believing and practicing the one true religion.”

    “Whatever you believe is true, is true for you. (My prescient college sociology professor from 40 years ago)

    This is The New Law - there is no law.

    - Quote from “They Have Uncrowned Him (Arbp LeFebvre … some abridging for brevity)

    “The State is nothing else than the multitude that us master and governor of itself. Individuals are the source of all law and power. The State has no obligation toward God; professes no religion; is not bound to search for and identify that which is true; to prefer one to another; all are afforded equality before the law. Therefor all individuals are free to judge religious questions and follow what they will. From this necessarily follows *freedom of conscience without restraint*; license to think, publish and act one’s thoughts and beliefs without limitation”.

    Is this not also the premise of Dignitatis Humanae - VII Constitution on Religious Liberty; that for which Arbp LeFebvre was disciplined for not accepting as being counter to the Magisterium? The Catholic Church, Divine leaven to the world, has now become *of* the world.

    And what follows from this? The primordial temptation: “Did God really say?” and “for God doth know that in the day ye eat thereof, then your eyes shall be opened, and ye shall be as gods, knowing good and evil.” (Gen 3:5)

    It seems to me that the fundamental problem is far more comprehensive than simply hornytoad Harold walking the halls of the Sorority. He is the fruit of a world in which the VII NuChurch has replaced the Catholic Church of Sacred Tradition, aligned itself with the Indifferentist (atheist) world of the revolutionary Protestantized atheist Republics and the whole world is now without God, God’s Law, God’s sovereignty at the level of souls and of nations. The problem is so vast in scope we can’t even grasp how big it is.

    The answer? Return to God; return to Sacred Tradition; reject the rebellion within the Church and outside of it. Repent. Return. Start at home and begin the slow steady restoration of the Kingdom if God.

  10. I want to respond to Mary Ann's comment that "her kids all played sports and they benefitted from the team work, friendships, etc.."

    I don't doubt the friendship part, but how did we come to the conclusion that girls needed to know "teamwork." Where in their future as wives and mothers would this new skill fit in whereas mothers and wives for centuries had done perfectly well without understanding "teamwork."

    We learned it from communism that believes all should work and the work you do will be with others on a team, in a department, in a group effort, that puts the task over the individual. Men have always done this to accomplish big things, large architectural feats, sailing ships, fighting wars, etc. , because these things cannot be done by individuals. But women have traditionally "done things together" out of love and caring, such as babysitting for a sick friend or sitting together around a quilting frame, or helping friends prepare and preserve food.

    When we began telling girls, our own daughters, you can be whatever you want to be if you work hard, we accepted the notion they would "benefit" from the experience of "teamwork" before being thrown into the workforce which would be very very different from their life as a homemaker.

    The next leap in the direction of hell was allowing our kids to believe then that a family can't survive on one income. Mother HAS TO work. And with all these women then in the "workforce" it was not long before they were crowding men out of the positions they needed to support their families and men were told to like it or else because SHE may be your boss one day soon. And they were.

    I want to end by saying this. I hate "women's sports." I hate it at any age where a team and competition are part of the formula, because I truly believe it is a road that leads to trouble. I don't object to women playing games. I like games, but when the game requires equipment to avoid injury or the development of muscles that do not flatter the female body, I think a line has been crossed that ultimately harms both women and men.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. I need to apologize to whoever wrote this anonymous comment at 2:16. I referred to them as a troll. That was what I call a “drive-by” assessment, not based on a careful reading. It was wrong.

      I went back and read it more carefully … and it was actually quite good. The writing style was not what I was used to, and the “anonymous” didn’t give me normal perspective as to “who” so my “drive-by” take was inadequate, off target. It was actually well-said.

      Not quite sure what I was thinking with that “hot take”, but to whoever wrote it … I apologize.

  11. One can think of the family as a team working together for a common goal. Dad is the head coach. Mom is the assistant coach but does most of the daily “practice.” She fosters all the thing a team needs: working together toward the goal, fostering friendship, helpfulness, and loyalty. She gets the more experienced team members to help develop the skills of the younger members. She is also the families lead cheerleader. Go Mom; go team.

  12. One more thought to add to the mix.

    Not every woman is married or becomes a nun. So what are unmarried women supposed to do if not work? And what about widows? We have a friend who is the sole provider for her little daughter and she received very little to live on after her husband's death.

    What about married women who are childless, not by their choice but by God's?

    I agree with many of the comments here about masculine roles and the pressure for two incomes to have everything on the planet, but not every woman ends up in a vocation of marriage and motherhood. Sadly, the culture has made that even less likely because of the damage done by feminism and lust. I'm not sure what the solution is, but it certainly is not to demean those women who have no choice but entering the workforce.

  13. I am tired of the bathrooms sororities and women's sports complaints about woman face. It is the *marriageface*of obergefell that must be turn out at the root and all the other fakeries will follow.

    This is what de Santis and trumpkin are (I think deliberately) missing: you can't really be *for* parental rights if you implicitly acknowledge ssm fakers as "parents". It's one reason school choice fails... Nowadays we taxpayers might foot the bill for Harvey milk charter school, or for Adam and Steve's procured child to receive tutoring! But if Adam and Eve dissent from the government in frankentube new world, their children might get ripped away and *placed* with Adam and Steve!

  14. Mary Ann said not every woman is married or becomes a nun. So what are unmarried women supposed to do if not work?

    We should first ask ourselves what % of women actually fit that category. And then, we need to ask what % of those who have no family are willing to embrace their celibacy to caring for aging parents and grandparents who are too often warehoused in nursing homes because no one has time for them.

    Single women used to play a valuable part in society. However much spinsters have been ridiculed, they have often been the ones to allow other family members the freedom to pursue their dreams knowing their sibling would be there for Mom and or Dad. Even when this caregiver role is not needed, "old maids" have in the past been the best nurses and teachers and
    support staff in a number of busines and military situations.


    I just did. And I do not care what modern society thinks about it. We were indeed better off in the eyes of God before women's " liberation."

  15. I agree with much of what you say, Unknown. You obviously agree that unmarried women can be in the workforce, even in support positions in the military.

    But you also presume that someone is supporting the unmarried women while they do the elderly care giving, etc. I have spent much of my life as a volunteer when family responsibilities allowed it, particularly after the children were all in school or on their own. But I was being supported by my husband.

    You also do not address the issue of women supporting a family because they are abandoned (a huge problem) or widowed. Granted, some of the problem of women heading families is due to society's permissive attitude toward fornication, cohabitation, and easy divorce. But the fact of the matter is that they still have to live.

    The solution to every problem is conforming oneself to God's will. We know not everyone will do that. So what do you propose as a solution? Food, clothing, and shelter aren't free (unless you're an illegal migrant).

  16. Male to female trannies are the result of women invading male spaces and destroying male economic opportunity. Female to male trannies is just a continuation of women trying to imitate men and crowd them out and destroy everything male.

  17. I think we have us a member of the “he-man woman haters club”