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August 20, 2020: Repentance: The Royal Road to Spiritual Regeneration

June 4, 2020: On the Behavior of our Catholic Bishops

May 4, 2020: The Politically Incorrect Observations of a Warrior Priest

April 26, 2020: Don't be Detoured from Authentic Spirituality

April 9, 2020: We Proclaim Christ Crucified

April 1, 2020 - The Great Forfeiture

March 26, 2020 - Fr. Tom on COVID-19

Watch Your Language -- Words Mean Something - December 15, 2019

The Virginia Bishops Statements on Born Alive Act: Too Little, Too Late!

Overcome Evil by Embracing Authentic Repentance

Fr. Tom Chimes in on the Red Hen in Lexington and Immigration Debate

Obfuscation of the New Evangelization

Questions Concerning Premises of the New Evangelization

The New Evangelization vs. Sinful Civilization

Pope Francis and Redistribution of Income

Letter to the Editor on the Authentic Nature of Marriage

Challenging the HHS Mandate

Observations on Virginia's 2013 Election Results

Dimensions of Eucharistic Theology Indicated by Pope Francis

What's Wrong with the Mantra of "Who Am I to Judge?"

A Modest Proposal on Immigration

Did Jesus Really Say, "Who Am I to Judge?"

Deliver Us from Evil 

New Evangelization or New Capitulation?

Does "Social Justice" Justify Sin?

Waging War on the Holy Trinity

Have You Been to Confession Lately?

Observations on Democratic Logic

Too Little, Too Late

An Uncertain Trumpet Sound

Do You Celebrate Snowmen or Jesus?

A-Christic Theology that Dethrones Jesus

Fr. Tom Raises Questions about Amoris Laetitia

Fr. Tom Outs the Democrats as the REAL KKK

Election 2017: A New Air of Competence in Washington

The Signs of the Times and the 2017 Solar Eclipse

Sacrilege: It's Real! 

Are You Abiding in One Serious Sin?

It's Okay, We're Democrats!

How Much Evil Comes Through Sacrilegious Communion?

Mary as Co-Redemptrix, Part I

Mary as Co-Redemptrix, Part II

The Demonic Dynamic

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