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Thursday, March 7, 2019

Fr. Tom Collins: The Virginia Bishops' Statement on the Born Alive Act is Too Little Too Late!

Editor's Comment: Fr. Collins isn't the only one to weigh in on this pathetic statement by the Virginia bishops. Complicit Clergy has an article titled Sorry Boys, We are WAY Past the Point of Press Releases. As a member of the Diocese of Arlington, I'm angry! When Trump tried to implement a ban on people from terrorist countries threatening our security, Bishop Burbidge didn't just issue a press release. He went out to Dulles Airport to support the protestors many of whom carried anti-Trump signs showing exactly where they fall on the political spectrum. 

So when Fr. Tom says "...our bishops for decades have allowed Democrats to assert that any disagreement with their 'social justice' agenda is 'racist'", I'm nodding my head and holding my nose. Our bishops didn't just enable the atrocity of child sex abuse; many also enable child murder, same-sex marriage, the destruction of our children through sex education, and other intrinsic evils. The faithful are in free fall without parachutes because our bishops do nothing to protect us by disciplining diabolical politicians like Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, Tim Kaine, Andrew Cuomo, etc. ad nauseum. 

How many Catholic Congressmen and Senators live in the diocese of Arlington who vote all week to kill babies, undermine parental rights, advance the LGBTQ agenda and then approach the altar for Communion on Sunday blaspheming Our Lord by sacrilege. 

Bishops, do you care about their souls? Do you care about your own? Do you care about your flocks?
Lord Jesus, Word of God and Splendor of the Father, have mercy on us.
 St. Joseph, patron of the universal Church, pray for us. 
St. Athanasius, defender against heresy, pray for us!
Our Blessed Lady, Queen of Heaven and earth, pray for us.

Virginia Bishops' Joint Statement on U.S. Senate’s Failure to Pass 

The communique tends to elide (i.e., leaves out important facts). It was the concerted effort of
Democrat Senators that aborted this bill, not the Senate as a whole. Meanwhile, our Bishop and the USCCB seem to be in alliance with those same Democrats, who for decades have slandered those who support the sacredness of all human life as “racists”. The use of the word “slander” is conveniently and conspicuously omitted in both pastoral letters on racism.

Thus, if I disagree with Margaret Sanger’s stated agenda “to exterminate the Negro population” I am to be considered a “racist”. And if I disagree with Obama assertion that an African-American woman who conceive a baby our-of-wedlock is in danger of being “punished with a child”, I am a “racist”. Likewise, “social justice” and the rejection of racism requires me to agree with Obama that the 70% of African-American babies, who are born our-of-wedlock, are actually punishments on their mothers. And Obama’s support for denying care for babies who survive and abortion means that agreeing with the attached statement of our bishops makes me a “racist”, for our bishops for decades have allowed Democrats to assert that any disagreement with their “social justice” agenda is “racist”.

By omission, our bishops, in their pastoral letters, seem to be implying that the charge of “racism” is always valid, and thus can never be used in a slanderous manner. Note also the fact that Catholic promoters of the Culture of Desecration and Death are allowed by our bishops to receive Holy Communion implies that the Eucharistic Christ wills to ratify the legitimacy of their agenda with His Precious Body and Blood. Dismembering babies born alive so that their organs can be harvested and sold seems to have become a new dimension of the “social justice” agenda of the Democrats and their allies in the hierarchy.

All this seems to indicate that our bishops are gradually being led to agree with pro-actively pro-abortion Catholic Democrat leaders that Jesus is actually Moloch, the Old Testament god appeased by the ongoing sacrifice of babies. With so many bishops for decades allowing those promoting the barbaric butchering of babies to assert that the Eucharistic Christ wills to support their efforts, how can our bishops now state that this agenda is wrong?

The statement, sadly, is merely lip service to the truth. And since its assertions are not being incarnated by any real discipline, it is rather reminiscent of the lip service given to Jesus by the apostle Judas in the Garden of Gethsemene.

God save us!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fr. Tom Collins

Hot Springs, VA


Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

And in Chicago a Catholic school hired as a long-term sub a woman who brags in a letter to parents that she is a volunteer for Planned Parenthood, the biggest killer of children (who will never go to school) in the country. She also supports contraception. Do you think Cardinal Cupich will do anything about this atrocity? Don't hold your breath. After all, he's with Pope Francis and no doubt has more important things to think climate change and immigration.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

And here's another scandal in Tennessee with an openly gay priest scandalizing his parish. What are you going to do about it, Bishop Spalding?

Dad29 said...

Pictures above make me think that the road to Hell will be well-paved.