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Monday, July 3, 2017

Fr. Tom Sends an Email to a Friend on the Signs of the Times

Path of the August solar eclipse. Will the event
trigger an earthquake and west coast tsunami?
Below is an email Fr. Tom Collins sent to a friend about the possible chastisement coming to the U.S. which could involve a West Coast earthquake and tsunami. Hysterical nonsense? Not hardly. Last summer FEMA and other state and federal agencies conducted a "drill" to prepare for a possible 9.0 magnitude earthquake along the Cascadia subduction zone off the coast of Washington, Oregon. and California. Check out the path of the August solar eclipse. Did that get your attention? Pray the rosary daily for our poor country. Oh...and any of my northern California friends want to come for a visit in August?

Dear Ann,

I hope you are getting some good inspirations and insights from your study of the Book of Revelation. My brother pointed out to me that America may soon be entering into a period of purifying chastisements. First of all, projections of the path of the total eclipse of the sun show that the sun and the moon, and their gravitational fields, will be in direct alignment on August 21st with the New Madrid fault line, the Yellowstone caldera and the Juan De Fuca plate off the coast of Oregon and Washington. This extra “pull” could trigger major earthquakes at all three locations and a tsunami off the west coast. Geological evidence indicates that underwater earthquakes on the Juan De Fuca fault line have generated major tsunamis on the west coast approximately every 250 years over the past 10,000 years. The last major earthquake there was in the mid-1700’s.

In addition, a number of economic trends indicate that there will be a major fiscal implosion hitting our nation by mid-October. The current situation in Illinois, New Jersey and Maine are only harbingers of more serious governmental defaults in the days ahead. Our nation’s ability to borrow money may soon be over, necessitating at least a 25% cut in all federal programs. The Fed may print more money, but it would be as worthless as the Deutschmarks of the early 1930’s. And as secular progressive leaders in government, the media, academia and Hollywood promote the arousal and appeasement of resentments, rather than the resilience and resourcefulness of authentic virtue, social chaos will quickly ensue.

Beg the intercession of Our Lady
of Fatima on our poor country!
It is providentially ironic that all this is happening on the 100th Anniversary of Our Blessed Mother’s largely unheeded warnings at Fatima. Hopefully, a world-wide depression will not lead to World War III. Aside from Our Blessed Mother’s warnings, William Penn warned us many years ago that a people that refuses to be governed by God, will be ruled by tyrants. And those tyrants can be political and/or spiritual (i.e., addictions to drugs, alcohol, entertainment, sexual stimulation, gossip, profanity, etc.).

Revelation 18 dramatically proclaims the destruction of Babylon the Great. Sadly, with the systematic
moral decline of our nation over the past sixty years, it seems that America the Beautiful has assumed
the mantle of Babylon the Great. The smoke of Satan (cf. Pope Paul VI, 6/29/72) has even entered our sanctuaries, as many Church leaders insist that the inviolability of personal conscience (blinded by rationalizations for sin) should prohibit us from decisively admonishing the sinner. We are thus required to allow even those who are known to be in unrepented objectively sinful conditions to desecrate the Holy Eucharist – even politicians who insist that the Eucharistic Christ wants to give them a smiling ”thumbs up” for their pro-active efforts to promote the barbaric butchering of pre-born babies.

Sadly, Christ can be handed over to sinful men not only for thirty pieces of silver, but also for worldly
accolades or for increased donations by those seeking salvation through new excuses for sin, rather than through sincere repentance and the obedience of faith.

In spite of all this, there is still hope. Even now, if we are willing both to humbly and contritely repent
and to obediently entrust ourselves through the Immaculate Heart of Mary to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, we can be infused anew with the wisdom, strength and gratitude, whereby our sufferings may become a fountain of mercy and hope for those wandering in darkness and in the shadow of death. 

After all, if we allow ourselves to set our hopes on this world only, we betray not only ourselves but also all our loved ones. But if we focus our attention on the One, with Whom we have the privilege of suffering for the world’s salvation, even now, this day, we can abide in the joyful consolation of His Holy Spirit.

In the love of Jesus, Mary and Joseph, 

Fr. Tom


  1. I will be very surprised if we see any natural disasters and upheavals as described this coming August through October. In my 6 + decades of life I have never observed such prognostications to be accurate or even close. Financial market problems are possible, but the timing on those predictions are usually incorrect by months or even years. So put me in the extreme skeptic category.

  2. But I don't need warnings of dire future events to goad me to increased prayer and sacrifice. Our country, Church, and world have fallen for such horrible evils that resorting to prayer is all we can do and the best we can do.

  3. I am with Susan on this one. My woman's group leader in Baltimore used to tell me, "Mary Fran, you worry about so many things that will probably never happen." I don't need these dire predictions to add to my other worries. What if this happens, what if that happens? What can I really do anyway if California falls off the west coast into the ocean or if there is a horrific earthquake or volcano that erupts in Yellowstone and destroys half of our country? How can anyone prepare for such an event? Thinking about them only causes me to lose my peace. I don't need to be so concerned about all the things that "might" happen. All I need to do is to continue to strive for holiness and stay close to Jesus. That is the best any of us can do.