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Wednesday, November 2, 2022

Fr. Tom on the Synod on Synodality

These images are praised by the Synod organizers. Note the woman priest's vestments and the pride shirt on the person (man? woman?) in yellow. The "listening Church" is promoting things that would destroy her as Cardinal Mueller warns, calling the Synod a "hostile takeover of the Church!"

Editor's Comment: The next phase of the Synod on Synodality already has its assault team lined up and ready to tear down more Church doctrine. According to LifeSiteNews the 45 page document "to guide the next stage of the Synod on Synodality...calls for more inclusion of the divorced and 're-married,' LGBT groups, and proposes a 'female diaconate.'” Are we surprised that Rome is moving forward with more Church-wrecking schemes? In view of all this, Fr. Collins' article has particular relevance. We need to pray for priests and laity to push back against these assaults on the faith. Let us all consecrate ourselves to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. He is the head of the Church. The pope is only His vicar on earth. When he plays the role of Judas he cannot be obeyed! When will our bishops make a concerted effort to defend the faith and rights of the flock to receive the unadulterated truth rather than a hodgepodge of heresy and dissent?

The Synod on Synodality continues to be used to seduce souls into thinking that it is legitimate to view Jesus Christ not as being the same – yesterday, today and forever (Heb 13:8), but rather as ever-evolving in order to become more adept at adapting to and adopting the premises, perspective and priorities of secular elitists.

Sadly, this seduction is manifested in the politicization of Church leaders. Whereas the traditional view of the sacred teachings entrusted to the Church is that these teachings are always and everywhere the same, current praxis in the Church in this age of instant communication is not to promptly condemn heretical teachings and sacrilegious practices, but rather to tolerate them so as to allow them to metastasize for decades, with only token opposition by a few faithful bishops permitted by the ecclesiastical bureaucracy.

Meanwhile, those advocating for such perversions of doctrine and morality are extolled for promoting the leftist “social justice” agenda and its politically correct narratives, rather than the righteousness of God. And now, we have the papal presentation of synodality as a new paradigm (excuse) for renouncing fidelity and accountability to the whole truth of God.

As this perversion of the Faith continues, faithful bishops and priests are tolerated by the powers-that-be in the Vatican and the USCCB, inasmuch as they help to ensure a steady flow of revenue from increasingly demoralized and scandalized faithful Catholics.

However, like expert fishermen playing a fish on a line, the powers-that-be use such faithful (but marginalized) leaders to cunningly manipulate faithful Catholics into a false hope that their concerns are being recognized and addressed, that serious problems are being resolved, and that the Church can escape her current crises without recourse to sincere repentance, prayer and penance.

In this way, they can keep funds from the faithful flowing into Church coffers, even as they acquiesce to having the consciences of innocent children systematically perverted by such evils as amoral “sex education” programs, WOKE agendas, environmentalism, and transgenderism.

However, by the gracious mercy of God and the fidelity of His Holy Spirit, many faithful Catholics are starting to realize that they have not merely been neglected, but betrayed by a number of the successors of the Apostles (It was with good didactic reason that Jesus included Judas among His Twelve Apostles). As was clearly evidenced by the decades of ecclesiastical cover provided to Cdl. McCarrick long after the USCCB promulgated its much-flaunted Dallas Carter for the Protection of Children, many of the faithful are realizing how a number of euphemistically named Church policies have been used to provide cover for systemic evils. Helping human traffickers and promoting the sex trafficking of children is justified as “helping the migrant.” Sending undocumented migrants infected with COVID and other serious untreated contagious diseases in crowded buses and airplanes around the country is called “welcoming the stranger.” Grooming children to become more open to sexual experimentation and exploitation is endorsed under the guise of “family life education”. And sacrilegious liturgical abuses are justified as merely “inculturation” and “outreach to the marginalized”.

As we are called to enter a three year period of Eucharistic renewal, it should be noted that over two decades ago, when addressing the clergy sex abuse scandals, for some reason, the powers-that-be at the USCCB would not call for a month of Masses and Holy Hours of Reparation for the sacrileges committed by perverted predatory priests and prelates, who had offered numerous Masses in a state of unrepented serious sin. They thus left Catholics with the impression (later confirmed by their acquiescence to the contention of secular powers that Mass may be viewed as a “non-essential service”) that there is nothing really important or sacred about either participation in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass or receiving the Eucharistic Christ.

Thus, as the powers-that-be in the hierarchy have allowed political expediency to abort spiritual integrity under the banners of “pastoral solicitude” and “inclusion”, we have been witnessing the incremental degradation of the faith of millions to the point where, de facto, the Catholic Church is now viewed by many Catholics not as the one true Church established by Jesus Christ, but merely as a sacramentally enhanced version of the Unitarian Universalist Church.

I may be wrong. But it does seem that the Synod on synodality is being used as a means to incrementally morph the New Evangelization into merely a new capitulation to the perverted politically correct demands of secular society.

God save us!

Fr. Tom Collins


Andrew Dunn said...

At this point, everyone going to a Diocesan church should be prepared for the day when the Sacrament of Confession is no longer available, followed by the rapid de-Catholicism of what will be (temporarily) called the Catholic Church but in actuality is the antichurch.

Psychopaths with power ALWAYS tell you what they're going to do because they know they can and will get away with it. This vulgar cartoon of a tranny wearing a pride shirt, up-front with a womyn "priest", a couple 1970s looking feminists and an effeminate man wearing, what else, a pink shirt, is the antichurch, spitting in your face and in the Holy Face of Our Lord.

Go to confession now while you can and have a contingency plan ready if you are not in a TLM situation or an Eastern-Rite Catholic Divine Liturgy.

jorge said...

The name itself invalidates it. There is no such thing as "synodality" and pretending there is proves they are stupid and evil both. And if it were renamed to Sybod on Synods that would be a lie because its really a meeting of evil retards to cause destruction. The most accurate name is Synod(ogogue) of Satan.

newguy40 said...

An thought producing comment from Mr Dunn. It's been... maybe 5 years since I've been to a diocesan Mass. The only semi reliable NO that I've been to post covid is from a very small men's religious group. All else is SSPX. I say thoughtful because I almost don't feel like I'm part of the larger "visible" Church.

M. Prodigal said...

I do not and will not belong to a 'sin-nodal church' that is a warmed over worldly protestant thing. The Roman Catholic Church is the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church founded by Jesus Christ and not a 'sin-nodal church' that started in the 1960s with the stealing of the Mass and then the revamping of the Sacraments and which is gathering steam now as it seeks the destruction of Truth. They will not succeed but they will ---those heretics and apostates in high places---lead many souls to hell including their own if they do not repent.

Cynthia said...

I have not entered into a NO church in many years. Today I stopped by at a local one simply to pray for the holy souls and obtain for one of them a plenary indulgence. As I looked around, I almost cried, especially looking at the table of freebies for parishioners to take. One of them was “Green sex” a guide to natural family planning. What does that mean? I will happily return to my tiny cramped SSPX mission chapel that is a made over “ Carpet Den” without looking back.

Anonymous said...

Always with the dreadful cartoon "art". It is repulsive all on it's own. Add in the content, and the ugliness is magnified astronomically.