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Friday, April 14, 2023

Fr. Tom Collins: The Injustice of the World's Secularist Social Justice!

It is worth noting the secularist “social justice” agenda, widely supported by a number of
“faithful Catholics in good standing” includes, among other things:
  • The brutal barbaric butchering of pre-born babies in utero; 
  • The killing of babies who survive an attempted abortion, and newborn babies; 
  • The grooming of innocent children to be more open to various forms of sexual perversion and to chemical or surgical genital mutilation;
  • The promoting and subsidizing of the systematic internecine slaughter of Slavs in Ukraine and the suppression of efforts to promote peace in that region;
  • The promoting and subsidizing of human trafficking, drug smuggling, and the infiltration of criminal gang members and hostile foreign “sleeper cells” through our southern border;
  • Forcing citizens to be injected with dangerous experimental mRNA serums;
  • Suppressing religious services, free speech, and freedom of the press when their exercise is deemed by government leaders to go against their official narratives and agendas;
  • Denying parents the right to participate in the development and implementation of the education curricula for their children;
  • Impositing of perverted sexual agendas and practices in Third World nations;
  • Using vaccines to furtively inject sterilizing agents into girls in Third World nations;
  • Declaring carbon dioxide, which is essential for sustaining life in plants, as a poisonous gas, which must be completely eliminated from our atmosphere;
  • Killing migratory birds by multiplying wind turbines and solar array panels;
  • Polluting our environment with various dangerous elements employed by chemtrail dispersions;
  • Enhancing the toxicity and lethality of pathogens, such as COVID-19 and monkey pox through gain-of-function research and development;
  • Robbing citizens of the value of their savings through inflation and punitive taxes;
  • Weaponizing government agencies to target any who dare to question or oppose the perverted leftist narratives or agendas promoted by Deep State bureaucrats, the MSM, “too-big-to-fail” banks and corporations, liberal clergy, etc.;
  • Imposing debt slavery on our posterity through an ever increasing 31 trillion dollarnational debt and trillions of dollars of unfunded mandates;
  • Supporting the slander, racism, hatred, obscenity, vulgarity and blasphemy promoted by BLM, the SPLC, Antifa, and proponents of the New World Order;
  • Promoting governmental monitoring and control of all the personal, medical, financial and social interactions of its citizens through exclusively digital currency; 
  • and desecrating the Holy Eucharist, so as to assert divine and ecclesiastical approval of allthese practices.
It is sad to note how all this has been developing since “social justice”, rather than the righteousness of God, has been embraced as the guiding paradigm of our nation and of many Catholic leaders.

God save us!

Fr. Thomas Collins

Hot Springs, VA

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