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Wednesday, March 29, 2023

"The Gathering Storm" and Fr. Tom Collins' Reaction to It

Summer Squall, Winslow Homer 1904

Editor's note: Check out the LifeSiteNews article linked below and Fr. Tom's commentary on it that follows. Both the secular and Catholic world are in serious crisis. We need to pray like everything depends on God and work like everything depends on us. Let us defend the faith, speak the truth, and pray for our enemies and all those who hate us. God is faithful, so don't be anxious. Foster peace of mind! Twelve apostles changed the world. Can Catholics today not hasten the reign of Christ the King through prayer and sacrifice?

The gathering storm endangering Ukraine, America and the world

This is an excellent objective analysis of the current (tragic) geopolitical situation, given to us - courtesy of the Biden Administration. Note that Biden, with the help of Deep State bureaucrats, universities, leftist Democrats, RINO’s, too-big-to fail bankers, media giants and “social justice” clergy, has, among other things:
  •  accelerated the printing of money and the raising the national debt ceiling so as to decrease the value of the dollar and IRA bank accounts by 20%;
  •  bailed out too-big-to-fail banks, which neglected to follow sound fiscal policies;
  • arranged for the degradation of the petrodollar in international commerce; depleted over 50% of our Strategic Oil Reserve; 
  • depleted our non-nuclear weapons stockpile to the point where we do not have enough weaponry to confront a major adversary; 
  • made us more dependent on China for pharmaceuticals, medical supplies, strategic materials and various manufactured goods;
  • Promoted WOKE agendas (including the grooming of children to be more open to sexual experimentation, mutilation, and exploitation) over STEM curricula in our educational system;
  • Weaponized intelligence agencies to collude with media giants and social media to suppress freedom of speech, freedom of press, freedom of media and the right to informed consent and grant such media giants and social media legal immunity for slandering and suppressing any who present facts that do not conform to the leftist agenda;
  • Degraded the stamina of our military personnel by forced injections of experimental gene-altering mRNA serums, by promoting WOKE agendas over military preparedness, and by perpetuating costly wars, rather than promoting diplomatic resolutions to international disagreements;
  • Arranged to abort attempts at a peaceful diplomatic resolution of the Ukraine crisis so as to waste over $100,000,000,000 and the lives of hundreds of thousands of Slavs in order to push NATO forces and nuclear weapons to the very border of Russia;
  • Weaponized federal agencies to protect criminals while targeting law-abiding citizens (e.g., Trump supporters, traditional Catholics, fundamentalist Protestants, and parents who oppose the sexual grooming and abuse of their children by public school and child protective services agents); 
  • and promoted the illegal infiltration of our nation by criminal gangs, human traffickers, drug smugglers and sleeper cells of combatants from hostile nations.
Sadly, it looks like many Americans will only realize that they have been deceived, seduced and violated only after it is too late to reverse Biden’s juggernaut of perversion.

God save us!

Fr. Tom


  1. Bp. Sanborn had this to say in 2017. Interesting, 15 sec snippet.

  2. Thank you, Fr. Tom. I pray that our country, and our Church, will come to the realization that we need serious prayer to combat the 'rising storm', but it may be too late. I hope not.